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  1. She does indeed. Something very disturbing about her.
  2. Agreed,haven't or won't comply in any way.
  3. A firm believer in fasting myself,only eat once a day and occasionally go 7 days without eating. The notion that we need to eat 3 times a day is another scam foisted upon a dumb population. Obviously if you work in a highly intensive physical jobs more calories are required but lets be honest the vast majority sit at a computer all day not burning calories but eat 3 times a day,plus snacking.
  4. Absolutely correct but now folk believe they have got the covid and our blindly panicking,it's programmed into they're minds now. Two years ago a lemsip and loads of vitamin C would have sorted them out in a day or two and they wouldn't have given it a second thought. The fear mongering and propaganda has done its job.
  5. It's pretty simple,it's became a virus of the mind and nothing more than that. Any one showing the majority of symptoms it's all in their heads due to the endless fear mongering from the scum msm and their cohorts. Don't know about anyone else on here but I feel this is my time and grow stronger daily,knowing I've drawn a line in the sand and fuck the consequences.
  6. My thoughts as well,something just not right about him. Has he sold old max a pup,it starting to look that way.
  7. The Scottish natsi party seem to be quite adept at covering up scandals on their watch,seems they're in ruling with an iron fist in they're toy town parliament and Herr sturgeon is enjoying the power trip.
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