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  1. Hi Basket Case!
  2. For some reason I thought my membership must be expired - thank goodness some web article sent me to the DI website - so i thought I'd check back in and.... I am alive! LOL
  3. The Psychology of getting you to make the choice regarding the Vaccine. Blame, Judgement and Coercion. The tactics of the bully are being put to trial. Yale University is trialling/testing for the most effective way to 'Message' the populations to comply with taking a Vaccine - and it reveals not one vaccination but 2; 3 months apart. Full article and analysis at CoreysDigs - https://www.coreysdigs.com/health-science/vax-zealots-try-to-put-their-message-in-a-bottle/ EXTRACT: Vax Zealots Try to Put Their Message in A Bottle By James Fitzgerald The clinical
  4. My post was more in line with looking at some of the situations going on there. I'm interested to see where Victoria's Experiment takes the Country - these steps are part of something much bigger (as we know). Even trying to find information on certain things such as the fines took me more time than I wanted to spend on it. I found reading the comment sections in the papers interesting - The comments selected to be published from one news article I see are dividing themselves and communities by postcodes and economic circumstance. Blame and Judgement seem to be high on the
  5. Coronavirus Victoria: Anti-mask protesters still plan on attending Extract from article: https://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/news/coronavirus-victoria-antimask-protesters-still-plan-on-attending/news-story/044f3103eaf7d72a3fdbb805d31ddbb6 The demonstration, dubbed “Freedom Day Rally”, is due to take place on the steps of Victoria’s parliament on Sunday morning. Up to 100 people plan to attend with another 400 interested. “The Australian governments are destroying our country and our people, our families, our businesses and our peace through spreading totally
  6. I'd like a button that basically says "I read your post - thanks for your contribution" - I has nothing to do with if it needs liking or disliking, its just part of the thread and the ongoing conversation. This also helps me to know where I'm up to in reading the thread when I return.
  7. So glad to see this thread back up and running - Thanks @EnigmaticWorld
  8. Nice to be back - and nice to see you and everyone still here - considering whats happened - sheesh! Thanks so much for the info. I'll get right onto it! Cheers!
  9. I've just stumbled back in here - OMG - what in the heck has been going on! I've noticed that Cloud F has also been following me around the net. If you're on Y T keep an eye out for the lock symbol on the address bar - there are times when it will say 'Not secure' randomly. Capt iva is in overdrive also. Im sick of clicking on fire hydrants, trucks and crossings. I wondered what was going on. Any one else experiencing stuff with the ones I mentioned above? Also, whats the best approach now with passwords? Is there another thread for that somewh
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