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  1. we've asked this in FOI requests, asking what cycles what months PHE etc just get stone walled so far.......
  2. washing your hands god knows how many days with toxic hand sanitizer is surely not going to benefit your immune system?
  3. Walking through the Gateshead INTU metro center last week, me and my gf both unmasked. After 5 mins approached by a policeman who was clearly just looking for unmasked people to harass. He asked us gingerly have you got masks. I said Were both exempt and he just left it at that. 5 mins later to intu employees asked us again, again I said we are both exempt but thanks for the concern. He then tries to offer us “orange disabled stickers “ to wear. I was so shocked I didn’t even read what the sticker said!!!! needless to say it was the most stressful and disgusting experience and ill
  4. what in the name of fuck are you on about lol, I can't make head nor tail of your runny nonsense.
  5. But Shaun attwood doesnt quite sit right with me, ex con drug king pin, could well be compromised to be fair. But hes doing grreat work, so untill I see an obvious red flag I'll still catch the odd show as I like Sonia too.
  6. why shouldn't truthers make some money from it? Its like saying a musician shouldn't be paid for performing writing etc. I've never done a radio show or the like, but as a song writer and producer I know the work that goes into getting your product out there. As long as their truth is pure, I happily support who I trust to help them make more content and not have to work a shitty job.
  7. if David had to wear i mask to get to the zone to speak his truth, so be it. What the hell does it matter.
  8. remember "stress or anxiety" is on the gov list for not wearing one. SO not sure about getting fined up to £2300.we are winning if they have to up the scare tactics i guess..
  9. no mask since june 24th now never had a bad look or question, doesn't make shopping any less depressing though.Many still masked.
  10. Ive been tesco, asda, morrison, spar zero question, zero dirty looks, zero problemo. NOrth UK
  11. done smallish tescos now was quiet 56 people in 4 not in masks (inc me) 50% unmasked ;0 I was at the till she said to the 2 workman can you step back 2 meters,. I was, errr no they are fine where they are no problem. :) We smiled an un-maskless unsocialy smile no words were said. Lady on till unmasked too. 20$ masked in a month I'd say. GAME ON.
  12. only excuse, none of your business. never take it further than this.
  13. dude, i feel exactly the same. its unnerving. NO one actually cares do they only the twits and bots on social media lol.
  14. oki so avoided shops on fridays. Went to big sainsbuys, just strode in, no queue, "queue marshall" gave me a despondent look, but I have to say I didn't receive any dirty looks at all. Was the only one unmasked,I felt liberated and depressed AT THE SAME TIME a very strange new emotion. :) A small act of social disobedience in an insane world. Been to a local spar, chatted with owner, said hes not even gonna ask, I said cool. Also Morrisons, no questions asked on door and no dirty looks at all me and my gf. I'll say one thing. DO NOT EVEN USE THE
  15. its already over. What I'm doing tomorrow is printing this off, walking into shop as if normal. If stopped, show them point in red. It would be also helpful to show this to the sheeped maskers giving you dirty looks, don't shout at people,remember these not the enemy, they are good people,OUR PEOPLE who have been manipulated and scared shitless by .gov. It might be my MUM your shouting at explain calmly the exemption and be friendly always. Hopefully others will follow. DON'T LOSE YOUR RAG IT WILL LOOK BAD ON US.
  16. they may sacrifice Nonce Andrew to save Israeli face. I wonder?
  17. prepare for a gigantic spin away from "Israeli spy ring/brownstone blackmail operation." Everything now is just mind media theatrical control bullshit to keep any discussion away from the masters of the magical money tree in small hats, whom has destroyed lives and engineered the financial collapse of most of the world.
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