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  1. Piers had to be in on this scam. How could he believe this was legit?
  2. I can turn the wifi off in my EE router, you can on most got to go to the router manger page. i,e or similar,to where you set your password, can turn off here. . My last router has a little switch on side you could flick it off. Cant see it in wifi connections so I assume its off, when it says it is.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2021/may/23/bbc-radio-newcastle-presenter-lisa-shaw-dies-aged-44 "short illness?"
  4. a guitar plectrum sticks ridiculously easily to both our arms and I'm taking big thick 2mm and 2.5mm ones :) Your theory may hold some weight ozzy.
  5. gone, but i found this https://www.bitchute.com/video/oaCuf2uNTeJC/
  6. we've asked this in FOI requests, asking what cycles what months PHE etc just get stone walled so far.......
  7. washing your hands god knows how many days with toxic hand sanitizer is surely not going to benefit your immune system?
  8. Do they not realize that digging up Tony Bliar to rally and vaccination push is not a great idea. ?
  9. Walking through the Gateshead INTU metro center last week, me and my gf both unmasked. After 5 mins approached by a policeman who was clearly just looking for unmasked people to harass. He asked us gingerly have you got masks. I said Were both exempt and he just left it at that. 5 mins later to intu employees asked us again, again I said we are both exempt but thanks for the concern. He then tries to offer us “orange disabled stickers “ to wear. I was so shocked I didn’t even read what the sticker said!!!! needless to say it was the most stressful and disgusting experience and ill never set foot in the place again. And will laugh as it shuts s down imo next year. Wankers this was a mid morning Saturday the place was dead should have been thousands shopping only a few hundred masked zombies were there.
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