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  1. My sleep paralysis began and ended with a relationship. The girl was troubled but it wasn't clear to me at first. Over the duration of us being together I experienced sleep paralysis three times. Each time, I awoke to feel a presence, an intense pressure from my waste up to my neck, was paralyzed except I could move my eyes, and I could not breathe. I attempted to fight it but was helpless. Just when I thought I could no longer take it and that I was going to die it stopped. Easily the most terrifying experience that I've endured.
  2. Your mentioning "spiders" reminds me of one occasion I saw one but initially thought it was a toy. I was inspecting the crawlspace of my house when my flashlight caught something that glowed. It was a perfect shape of a smiley face. I wondered how one of the kids toys ended up down there. As I was going to retrieve it, I shined the light again. I was about ten feet away at that point and could clearly see that it was a spider! Needless, to say I crawled backwards. I have never been fearful of spiders but that creeped me out.
  3. I had a lady bug infestation at the home I had just rented in SE Kentucky. That in and of itself is no big deal, right? What made it weird was that they were literally proliferating from nothing on the interior of the windows. The windows were tight yet literally hundreds of those bugs were appearing. Desperate to get rid of the stinky pests, I grabbed the vacuum cleaner. I went from window to window vacuuming them up. 8 or so windows had enough bugs to fill the vacuum. That was round one of three. Between each round, I would run and dump the canister full of lady bugs in the nearby creek. Altogether that's 8 windows= one full cannister x 3! I have read stories of similar experiences but this was different. The magnitude of these suddenly appearing lady bugs and the fact that I watched them spawn from, by all appearances nothing on the interior of the windows, boggled my mind. Someone told me these bugs can lie flat to go past where a window and window sill meet. I could not slip a piece of paper between the surfaces so that is not the explanation. I know what I saw too, and that was loads of the bugs "appearing" from nothing. I don't know if this means anything in relation to my experience, but the owners mother had died in that house a few years before I moved in. Nothing else weird happened there over the duration of the year I lived there.
  4. Hello, I have had questions about life as we think we know it that are seemingly impossible to get answered convincingly. Having landed on the site yet again doing research, I thought it time to join. I have also had several strange unexplained experiences and one of them is quite unbelievable which I may share at the appropriate time. Good to be here!
  5. I once pulled off the highway up a road that lead to a shale pit so my son could "do a number 1.". He was 7 at the time. I got out of the truck too, just to stretch my legs as we had been on the road awhile driving out in the countryside. He finished his business and we ended up walking around the pit area. Out of nowhere we both heard what sounded like someone talking on a radio. I thought it was a Game Warden inside the woods out of sight. I waved towards the area where I thought the source was coming from and said "hello." There was no response. I motioned my son to go back to the truck as I carefully walked closer to the edge of the shale pit where it meets the woods. A few steps and I hear the sound again. I look back and my son whispered loudly, I heard it too! I thought perhaps there was an old shack out in the woods with electricity and a TV blaring the news. I saw nothing a few steps closer. We heard it once more before leaving. Each time it lasted for approximately 7-10 seconds, we heard an indistinct man's voice such as a newscaster and it was a companies by some static-like background noise somewhat like a TV on in a closed room as stated previously.. Google maps and Google Earth show nothing in the area as far as structures. It was not from the direction of the highway and no other roads within miles.
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