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  1. If there are any fence sitters at all, any (and I sure hope there aren't), ask yourself this: Why don't any of these people answer dead obvious posts like this one quoted? Fence sitters? Read this thread, page 1 just closes the whole thing.
  2. H By you. How can the Moon be visible with the same face from opposite sides of the Southern hemisphere (picture on the ceiling - lol) but be inverted when viewed from opposite hemispheres? How far away is the Sun? How far away is the Moon?
  3. So do I, they are very, very, very far away. It's called parallax. Some stars move very slightly. BTW: It is most certainly not a mainstream narrative. Every astronomer on Earth can work this one out. Their telescopes need adjusting as the relative positions move for closer stars, albeit a very tiny amount. These would be people who view the planets all spinning around. Radio hams bounce signals off the Moon - 240,000 miles. How come none of you people ever tell us how far away the Sun and Moon is?
  4. What is this? You are posting a gif showing the light from the sun blooming in multiple images and then deceptively suggesting that the Sun diminishes accordingly. It does not and never has done. My eyes and the eyes of everyone on planet Earth see the same size everywhere, at midday and at sunset and sunrise. How far away is it when closest and how far away is it when it suddenly disappears full size? Same with the Moon. Can you explain how views of the Moon simultaneously from South America and Southern Africa are obviously completely different and in answer to your ridiculous picture on the ceiling claim, can you tell me why they don't both see the Moon different ways up? I eagerly await anyone giving a decipherable answer to this. @zArk, 2d Moon? No phases and then it would be oval shaped as it moves away. Absurd claim.
  5. Is this beauty? Does it always have to be a natural thing for it to count? Shanghai Nanpu Bridge and approach roads -
  6. The flies/mozzies are often small larva that hatches from previously laid eggs. Where do Flies Lay Their Eggs? Fly Egg Laying Facts (orkin.com)
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