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  1. So let me get this straight. The United States has been invading the Middle East for decades. Way before 9/11 and way after 9/11. We've never needed a crazy reason to do so. Hell, Obama bombed like 6 different countries and nobody even noticed. But on 9/11, because we REALLY wanted to invade the middle east again, we decided to kill about 3000 of our own people by flying planes into our buildings instead of just, I don't know, just blow up one tiny US Embassy in the middle east? We start new wars all of the time, why the heck would we go through those lengths just to start another one? Not only that, but the attack is estimated to have cost the US 2 trillion dollars. So we cost ourselves 2 trillion dollars and killed 3 thousand of our own innocent civilians so we can start "Middle East War Number 50"?
  2. I'm just wondering why a list can't be compiled, even 5-10 examples. The Moderator provided one example, but that's a single one. If you were in a room full of people asking you to PROVE that there's contradictions, what examples would you share? The information is important, and much more effective when compiled rather than spread thin throughout a massive thread where the info is difficult to find.
  3. It would be really nice if someone had a list of them. The COVID thread is massive so it's hard to find the examples. My brother keeps telling me that the contradictions are rare but I feel like this isn't the case. I would like to prove it to him but can't find the examples.
  4. Please list some of the contradictions over the years made by health officials and Government. The only one that I find is Fauci flip-flopping on wearing masks/ What are some of the other ones?
  5. All I ever hear about is how much the Health Officials and Government contradict themselves, but I never find any examples of this. Is there a list somewhere with all the contradictions (or most of them)?
  6. This is what bothers me about the antivax claims - people seize onto some rare occurrence, like one severe reaction out of a million doses given, and point to that as evidence vaccines are terrible. That's about as convincing and useful as personal antidotes and misrepresented science pulled from some random internet post. I really don't know what to do at this point. I can keep trying to refute bad science but all that does is make me look like an asshole because people hate education now. I don't resent those who know more than I do about subjects they've studied for years so I can't get my head around this mindset. I want to hear facts from researchers, not the opinions of people who have never set foot in a lab and not the opinions of the recognized nutters and resentful jerks of the scientific community. Don't even try to show me trash from a conspiracy website and pass it off as facts. I'm not a idiot. What's even more confusing for me is that the right to go unprotected and disrupt attempts to control a novel virus is being painted as an important human rights movement. I'm not a "sheep" who does what she's told. I don't know how many of you have been active in protest movements but I have, and I'm not talking about the recent BLM marches. I've been out there in places where it's only the fringe making noise for disadvantage persons, the environment, distribution of wealth, access to basic needs and animal welfare. To me, human rights worth fighting for involve safe housing, food, the right to vote, educational opportunities, a life without war or famine. Entitled people whining about vaccines - and getting vaxxed is not just about you, it's about safety for society as a whole - piss me off. It's selfish and childish. Learn what real problems are.
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