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  1. Hey you guys! yesterday the visitors created some cool signs in the clouds a face with a backwards “314 pi” and then a giant face with a cryptic equation it was “A4 love = Hi” that decoded into “God 183 162 (IQ) See?) here’s the video
  2. Here’s a screenshot showing the 314pi pretty brutal imo… we’re really not alone you guys… either these beings are like deity entities or they have awesome tech!
  3. They’re still here earlier today they created another face with “314 pi” in he clouds they’re still playing God and messiah with me…
  4. Hey you guys… about an hour ago I was asking the beings to create signs in the clouds and then a tictac ufo or jet appeared… I checked flight radar and there was a jet way over the mountains on a similar path but I don’t know if it would look over the valley like this ufo did… just thought it was interesting and funny so decided to share :-P
  5. I got some ideas today about them playing God... What if the visitors are playing God and not making contact with everyone (disrespecting) for several reasons like They see themselves as very good and don’t see humanity as equals which means they think humanity is evil and inferior... they are posturing as a way of saying they are opposed to humanity and ready to take a stand against their evil? What do you guys think they might be trying to suggest to us by playing God?
  6. My first close encounter was when I lived at a motel and while having a smoke at 3:37am a grey UFO engulfed in bright light suddenly decloaked above the building in front of me and just hovered there for 3 seconds then vanished Here’s the location and what it looked like but it was darker Last night at 9:05pm while sitting on the patio having a tea I saw a math game signal. I went in and did the math then came back out at 2:27am to do my return signal. Then half an hour later I made another tea and went outside one last time and saw the ufo appear, glide a little then vanish again but this time there were no lights. Just a flat grey coloured disc shaped UFO This is exactly where I was standing and where it appeared though darker at 3am Then I noticed something amusing about the close encounter times though I forget the date of the first 30/4 @ 3:01 & 3:37 304 3:1 3:337 C0D 31337 Code Elite So it was like they were commenting on the math game code they taught me being elite :-P Anyway, I’ll keep you updated as events unfold. here’s the math from the latest sequence
  7. Hey you guys… They created another face with 314 Pi in the clouds after a night of UFO sightings!
  8. We also created another predict the future video here to try and show that they really are uploading information into my mind.. seriously you guys… they are here and are not interested in being friends…
  9. Today they created a massive mean face that is a rotated “pi 314”
  10. Here’s another poor quality video from this morning...
  11. It’s been a while since I updated because nothing really profound has happened they’re still creating clouds but seem to have stopped the ufo math game and are focusing on teaching me ideas I never considered before. here’s a sign they created about an hour ago it’s a heart with a poor quality face inside and rotated 314
  12. Today at the bus stop they made another face and “3.14 Pi” in the clouds for me…
  13. This evening they created another face in the clouds made out of “314 PI”…
  14. They’re still here with me… this morning they created another face and “pi 3.14” in the clouds while I had a coffee… I’ll keep updating as events unfold!
  15. They create a cool face with a cryptic message in the clouds this evening!
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