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  1. Just another video they’re still here doing incredible things! try watching this on a small screen like a mobile
  2. Also… for the past few months my muscle tissue in my pressure ulcer kept rapidly decaying and I couldn’t figure out why i prayed to God to heal me as it got really bad and 5 times I went to bed and woke up with no signs of muscle damage then I got a telepathic message to stop drinking the coffee because it was tainted and the daily decay almost completely stopped. I just need one more miracle healing to undo the last bout of damages and then I should be fine but he’s not healing me yet! I don’t know what was in that coffee but it was rapidly decaying my insides for a couple months i was getting gut cramps, bouts of mental fogginess and my chest was swelling and painful before someone told me it was the problem
  3. They are still here with me this morning they created an “I heart u” and ICU (I see you) above a face that morphed into a face smoking a pipe blended with a “314 pi” I don’t know what to do to move beyond this stuff to an in person contact though… seems like they just want to keep playing messiah and God with me…
  4. I asked them yesterday to create a face with an “IQ” or 314 pi in the clouds if they are testing humanity’s intelligence and they did… so yeah… they’re still here and are probably not planning on leaving anytime soon
  5. Here’s another video I made yesterday where they created a face with a “314 pi” in the clouds
  6. They are still here playing messiah and god with me… today I asked them to create a face beside a 314 pi in the clouds and they did These beings really hate humanity and are apparently still using their tech to misguide humanity into destroying themselves to make fools of them…
  7. They are still here… earlier I was outside filming the clouds and they created another face with a 3.14 (pi) seems like they still want to play messiah and god with me… I can’t imagine anything good happening if they want to be our god…
  8. It’s been a while since I updated so I thought I’d make another video with the visitors today… I asked them to create a face with a heart on the forehead or 314 pi and they created them all blended together like usual they’re still interested in playing God and Messiah with me too…
  9. Just checking in to say that they’re still here… today they made a face with a heart and 3.14 in the clouds
  10. Hey you guys! yesterday the visitors created some cool signs in the clouds a face with a backwards “314 pi” and then a giant face with a cryptic equation it was “A4 love = Hi” that decoded into “God 183 162 (IQ) See?) here’s the video
  11. Here’s a screenshot showing the 314pi pretty brutal imo… we’re really not alone you guys… either these beings are like deity entities or they have awesome tech!
  12. They’re still here earlier today they created another face with “314 pi” in he clouds they’re still playing God and messiah with me…
  13. Hey you guys… about an hour ago I was asking the beings to create signs in the clouds and then a tictac ufo or jet appeared… I checked flight radar and there was a jet way over the mountains on a similar path but I don’t know if it would look over the valley like this ufo did… just thought it was interesting and funny so decided to share :-P
  14. I got some ideas today about them playing God... What if the visitors are playing God and not making contact with everyone (disrespecting) for several reasons like They see themselves as very good and don’t see humanity as equals which means they think humanity is evil and inferior... they are posturing as a way of saying they are opposed to humanity and ready to take a stand against their evil? What do you guys think they might be trying to suggest to us by playing God?
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