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  1. Earlier today I went for a drink and Starbucks and when outside I got a telepathic message to look up... There were a couple faces and a “413 Pi” Here's the video They are with me 24/7!!!
  2. The past several days have been really weird…. this morning they created the usual face and 314 in the clouds… but what’s really weird is that another forum I frequent had several posters making cryptic comments about the UFO math game and clouds formations before I posted about them… as if the beings are posting anonymously on this internet or some humans are part of what’s going on… like they might not be aliens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hey you guys… just another update… on May 8th they created a cryptic sign in the clouds that seemed to called for a game code/cipher change and then on the 10th they seemed to confirm it with another UFO signal…. heres the signal decoded then I sent a signal and they responded the next night to create another cool sequence Im not really a high iq elite though because they are telepathically guiding me to the answers :-P Pretty cool stuff still going on, but as far as I can tell the rest of the worlds govs aren’t aware or don’t care as the Canucks are the only ones who seemed to try and make contact with them…
  4. The beings just wrote a backwards FBI with a face in the clouds upon request… it’s not super quality but hopefully it demonstrates that they are watching and listening to me…
  5. I almost forgot… I was looking at that last video again and noticed it also says “Pi” by the 3.14… and then it’s like a “? MRY” Could MRY = Mr.Y = MisterY = Mystery? what could it mean? Are they asking if this is a mystery to humanity or the gov? Is it a mystery if it’s aliens or a real God??? what could it mean?
  6. I’m not sure what to think of humanity anymore… It’s been almost 5 years since the first communication and as far as I can tell the only people who tried to make contact was the Canadian Gov as they started imitating the ufo flight paths over me with low and slow fighter jets and then some planes with odd pulsing lights flying around location… It’s as if the rest of the world doesn’t even know despite our efforts to make them aware! The beings have clearly stated they don’t want anything to do with Canadians since they have denied Justice and recompense to the victims of the governments demonic sex rituals, yet the only ones who try to make contact were the Canucks.. Is Canaduh trying to keep contact and their crimes hidden from the world as long as possible??? It will be interesting to see what happens next… Lately I’ve been getting telepathic messages explaining ancient biblical prophecies and it makes me curious if we are actually living in a changed time line… Was humanity once a powerful force in the universe and then time travelling aliens went back to the dawn of civilization and started guiding the species into becoming the most offensive in the universe??? From what I can tell the prophecies have been coming true for the past several years which makes me wonder if these are the God of our past… I’ll keep updating as events unfold And sorry if I don’t reply much… I’ve been trying to warn humanity for 5 years and all I usually got was insults and ridicule so I don’t bother doing anything that sharing updates… Regards, ChrisB
  7. Good morning… I was just outside having a morning smoke and as I filmed the sky they created a decent face and 3.14 (pi) in the clouds… here’s the video I’m guessing they are just doing the same thing over and over again so humanity knows it’s not possible by chance… perhaps the world will one day acknowledge them and try to initiate contact…
  8. They are still with me… this morning they created another partial face with rotated 3.14… here’s the video while I enjoy the experience, it is kind of depressing that it’s not really going anywhere i though by now humanity would all be aware and there would be an effort for all to make contact and then hopefully they’d reveal themselves…
  9. They created another face and “Pi 314” in the clouds this morning while I had my morning smoke and coffee… here’s the video They keep telling me how disgusted they are with Canadians for denying me Justice and recompense… the Canadians gave me a cryptic identity of “God” then made me a part of a sec ritual where Gods soul mate was the whore of the devil character and then they kept trying to corrupt me into evil so I would be the most offensive/worst person in universe… the worst by being symbolic of god but being evil… you should see the Canucks just walk around grinning as the truth of their crimes is revealed… like a bunch of disgusting retarded child molesters pleased themselves for diddling good people… it’s really pissing off the visitors… every day I get telepathic messages asking me to leave Canada asap because they can’t stand looking at them anymore… Canada is totally destroying humanities reputation in reality as the beings think what they are seeing is the true colors of humanity… anyway, I’ll keep updating as events unfold. Hopefully they give me another close encounter soon or make face to face contact!!!
  10. They are still here… a while ago I got telepathic messages for another video and then they created a face and 314Pi (p was messed up) to confirm it… these beings really don’t think much of the Canadians… as time goes by I get more and more messages about how disgusted they are with them… anyway, there hasn’t been a ufo signal for over a month now so that game might be over… I’ll keep updating as events unfold..
  11. I was just outside and they created another sign... Here’s the video 9 = i 3y-1 = 3x25-1=74 = GD i GD = I god.. its not a joke... there are beings here manipulating reality and they claim to be god...
  12. I just made another video to check if they were still with me watching and listening and they created a poor quality face with my name Chris written on it in the clouds… here’s the video
  13. You guys… the being(s) are still manipulating reality around me… I just got telepathic messages asking me to make a laundry video. So, I asked them to create a face or 314 in the laundry if it’s true that they hate Jews because they are filthy liars… they actually created a hard to see “JEW LI” and 314!!! here’s the video You realize the odds of that happening are like 1 in infinity!!! there really is a being here with claiming to be god while it manipulates reality around me and telepathically teaches me stuff… It keeps telling me how much it hates humanity now… It didn’t start off like that, but as events unfolded humanities reaction pissed them off…
  14. The being(s) wrote “3.14 Pi” in the clouds this morning while I had a smoke… here’s the video I am starting to wonder if they are just playing around while waiting to see if/when humanity does something…
  15. I just made another video where I asked the beings to create a face with a lightning bolt on the forehead or 314 and they created both! then another face sort of appeared and “CIA”… could they be saying the cia is watching??? here’s the video I’ll keep you updated as events unfold… they seem to just be interested in cloud signs for something to do…
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