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  1. Hey guys the beings are still here… today I went to the store and while waiting at the bus stop they created a heart over the sun by “ChrisB” with a face in the clouds… like “love son ChrisB” here’s the video it’s kind of weird… as if they were trying to say they are with me 24/7 and care about me… Just a thought…
  2. Just another update… this morning I went out for tea and fresh air and the beings playing God created another face out of “pi 314” in the clouds i liked it and thought I’d share so you could maybe be amused too
  3. Hey there, it’s been a while since I last updated, but they’re still here with me playing god… yesterday there was finally some contrast in the clouds so they created another face blended with a “3.14 PI” here’s the video they’re manipulating reality all around me every day as they telepathically claim to be God… it’s really brutal stuff… anyway, I’ll update here and there in the future if they continue with this event
  4. Just thought I’d give an update that the beings are still with me… the other day they created a heart above “you” in the clouds then “ie pity” here’s the video after a while they telepathically told me it basically meant “I love you and care about and it bothers me how you’re being treated” they still play games like building upon previous signals, signs and lessons so they can say complex things with just a small signal or couple key words i’ll keep you updated as events unfold!
  5. Hey it’s been a while since I posted and I just thought I’d post and let you know that they are still here playing God… yesterday they made a face out of “pi 314” characters here’s the video it’s really brutal
  6. Made another video with them this morning and they created the usual face and Pi 3.14 in the clouds Still hoping they create a clean and clear “Pi 3.14” instead of messy stuff like this
  7. Yesterday they created a face smoking a pipe that morphed into a winking face and a messy “pi 314” no math game stuff for a while though…
  8. hey you guys! This morning the beings created another face and 314 in the clouds… https://youtu.be/3qVYUaQNHtw and they just created another. Pi 314 https://youtu.be/hkBMe2D9zbg they also keep asking me to get out of the western world to Russia or China asap! apparently they’re still planning on destroying the western civilizations… I can’t get a passport though so I’m stuck in Canada for now They also keep telling me to maintain my stockpile of food as long as I’m here because things will keep getting worse until I finally leave and then it’s apparently the end of the west… I’ll keep you updated as events unfold
  9. Just another update... on the 24th I saw a could formation that was a down pointing triangle and 3 which means round down 3 digits which is the final step of the game cipher. So I assumed that meant to apply the cipher to the time of formation. Then i I noticed a “R1” (181) that morphed into a “R3 IQ” (183 917) so I tried those with the cipher and it created a 1337 (Elite) result and “See Code - We God - Elite” Heres the video Then right after doing my last signal at 3:22am there was another UFO signal that continued it... nothing since then... i’ll update as events unfold!
  10. The visitors are still creating clouds signs... about 30 minutes ago I went outside and another face with “314 Pi” appeared in the clouds It just just blows my mind how humanity is completely ignoring everything... i know the Canadian Gov is aware, but they didn’t do anything except start flying planes around with strange pulsing lights as if to get their attention nobody seems to care...
  11. Saw an interesting cloud sign yesterday… I got some telepathic messages suggesting I make a video saying humanity owes me 125 trillion dollars and then there was a sign that suggested a game cipher change that resulted in 12.5 here’s the video
  12. Sheesh you guys... the being just just asked me to make another video about everyone going to hell... So, I asked them to create a face with a heart on the forehead in the clouds if it’s true and they did!! Here’s the video These beings are constantly telling me to leave to the east ASAP because the west is going down... i don't know if its true or not, but they certainly seem serious about striking the western nations...
  13. I was just outside having my morning smoke and coffee when the beings created another face and 3.14 in the clouds for me… here’s the video and they’re still telepathically telling me how disgusted they are with humanity… every single day I get messages of hate for humanity! Some of it is about how they are being ignored and some of it is about how humanity keeps victimizing others and denying them Justice…
  14. They created another face and 314 in the clouds today… here’s the video this serious stuff you guys… I know the Canadian Govvis aware and watching as they already started flying fighter jets around me during the beginning of the ufo math game when I was posting orb videos online, but I don’t know if Canada told the rest of the world… Nobody seems to give a crap!!! there are beings here playing God!!!! You’d think the gov would be soiling themselves at this point…
  15. They created another low quality face with “314 Pi” in the clouds this morning… here’s the video seems they are only interested in playing god… i guess that means that after studying humanity they decided we are unworthy to be treated as equals…. kind of a creepy thought to imagine aliens coming here and claiming to be our God…
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