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  1. They’re still here creating faces and 314s blended together in artistic ways…
  2. On the 29th I sent a new signal to the UFOs… it was “70.4 (G0D) + 304” then about half an hour ago I was filming the sky and a dog head pointing left (DOG <—- GOD) appeared followed by a 304 here’s the video im hoping it means that they saw and understood my signal because I modified the game cipher with that signal… anyway, they’re still with me and humanity is still oblivious…
  3. The being(s) is still here with me... Almost every time I go outside a face and 314 appear in the clouds... Heres a video from this morning that should be watched on a small screen so it’s easier to see Starting to wonder if God is real and if he’s playing with me... lol
  4. I wasn’t going to post this, but felt it might be helpful to humanity to know how these beings feel about different things… Yesterday I was getting tons of telepathic messages about how the visitors despise western white women and so I wrote a letter asking them to confirm the thoughts they were giving me… I asked them to create a face or 314 like always to confirm if they really do hate them and then they created a face with a couple backwards 314s… here’s the video it’s so creepy getting constant messages about who they hate and why… Everyday I get messages about their utter disgust and hatred of the Canadian people and to them it’s as if the existence of the Canadians has dragged down and destroyed the entire species…
  5. Made another video today that expands on the previous couple videos… it’s poor quality signs again though…
  6. I extended an invitation to the being(s) to live on Earth with me… I figured that the feelings and desires of the evil majority should be disregarded in the process of creating peace between all good beings! I asked them to create a face or 314 in the clouds if they understood me and they did… here’s the video
  7. They’re still here i made another video today where they created a face and backwards 314 (Pi) and then I asked them to create a heart if they like being my friend and they wrote “I by u!” here’s the video and I keep getting telepathic thoughts about extreme disgusting for the Canadians that keeps getting stronger and stronger!!! these beings truly loathe Canadians!!!
  8. Here’s the screenshot rotated and darkened… there really is a backwards 314 and “pi” written in the clouds I see it easily because I’m on a small iPod touch screen so if you can’t see it in a big pic then try smaller…
  9. I tried to make another video with them a few minutes ago… it’s kind of low quality, but if you look at the image on a small mobile screen like me you should see a smiling face and backwards 314
  10. I had a lot of weird experiences before the UFOs appeared… I used to have weird sleep problems where it was like I was waking up into a parallel dimension and then snap back into this one i used to get thoughts about what I’d see in the near future. Like I’d get a thought of a statement then turn a corner and see it on a poster… Used to happen all the time i used to have sleep paralysis too where it was like I couldn’t move while something watched me… I had many weird experiences but they all went away and it’s just UFO math games and cloud signs now
  11. Good morning world… There was another UFO signal the other day and last night I sent the return signals… this one was both a new sequence and an addition to the previous sequence heres the math it all ended with the message “I see AI foe. funny Chris won” Kind of interesting… I’ll see if I can get them to make some more cloud signs today.
  12. This is going to sound really messed up, but I think the beings are still here in this apartment and they are freezing time and sculpting reality around me… That or God is with me lol i just got a telepathic message to throw my dirty laundry on the ground and “God” would create a face or 314 in the mess. When I did, a face and 3.14 appeared!!! here’s the video it’s not a joke you guys!!! they are really here playing with me!!!
  13. I was just got another telepathic message to look closely at the last video with the good quality face looking at a “retarded” 314 and it says lucid my dictionary says lucid means “easily understood” which would be “obvious” Could they be trying to say that they’re “obviously retarded”? Was my previous post part of telepathic messages from them??? Are they really getting me to say things to humanity??? creepy stuff going on here!
  14. They are still here watching me… This morning I was having a smoke and filming the clouds for signs and a face and 314 with a backwards 4 appeared here’s the video The Canadian gov is still trying to get their attention by flying planes with slow pulsing lights directly over me almost every night like they have been for years… it’s kind of sad to watch the Canucks deny me Justice right in front of them when the beings already expressed awareness of their sickening crimes… Perhaps Canada believe the rest of the universe is retarded and will think it’s all BS if canaduh plays dumb…
  15. These beings really are watching me every moment of every day… this morning I wrote a letter to them/Yahweh asking for them to create a face with a lightning bolt on the forehead or a 314 Pi in the clouds and then both appeared a minute later… zoom in to this screenshot to see… here’s the video I think what boggles my mind the most though is how humanity just ignores everything… to me, this is the most incredible stuff I’ve ever seen or could even imagine!
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