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  1. That was not the video I posted. Please address it - how is the Moon viewable from points thousands of miles from each other yet they all see the same face. Draw me a diagram. Tell me also how far away the Moon is and we can do one together. Explain how the radio hams who bounce radios waves off the Moon (I saw this done a while back) are so mistaken. Tell me also what curvature experiment you would be satisfied with and tell me at various altitudes, what curvature you would expect.
  2. The Moon is upside down there as well. The explanation for that is as daft as you can get and no explanation for the counter argument. "We also see the Lunar phases inverted in the Southern hemisphere. This has an "explanation" that is also quite ridiculous. It goes something like this: place a picture of the Moon on the ceiling, look at it from opposite sides of the room. Voila. Sadly, that is just nonsense. Here's a good way to show why: Imagine you are on a track that goes around the Earth at the same speed as the Moon on the same path it follows(on the FE model). Always you view the Moon just rising. At what point does it suddenly flip over! Another thing about the phases shows the sheer impossibility of the FE model. The Sun and Moon doing these great circles and one catching up the other. That's how they "explain" the phase changes. However, this creates a nasty and unavoidable problem. The Moon is visible at any one time across several thousands of miles of night sky. With a fixed position of Sun and Moon at any given time and a simultaneous visibility as stated, the crescent area of the Moon illuminated by the Sun, visible at opposite ends of this wide section, would be significantly different to each other. Clearly they are not!"
  3. International Skeptics Forum - View Single Post - Suddenly, A Flat Earther Appears! Mathematics are the Kryptonite of conspiracy theories. If the sun is 2500 miles above the earth's surface, then from 6000 miles away from the point directly beneath the sun it will appear at 22.62° above the horizon and be 6500 miles distant from the observer. So how big is the sun? The angular size of the sun varies between 0.545° and 0.5267°. Let's take the average of 0.53585° and round it to 0.536°. Now if we are at a position to observe the sun at the local zenith, directly under it, and we have the values of 0.536° for angular size and 2500 for distance, then we can determine that its actual size is 23.4 miles in diameter. But someone standing 6000 miles from the point directly under the sun should see the sun's angular size shrink to 0.206°, a 61% reduction. But, of course, everyone on earth sees the same angular size for the sun at the same time. (Sure, technically someone at the point closest to the sun sees it slightly larger than someone standing at the terminator, but the difference in distance is only about 0.004%.) For the observer 6500 miles from the sun to see it with an angular size of 0.536°, it would have to be 60.8 miles in diameter. The zetetic model just doesn't work. Then there's the problem of the moon. Everyone on earth sees virtually the same face of the moon at the same time. Two people seeing the moon from opposite sides of the earth at the same time will only see a rotational difference of 1.9° between them. But for the moon to be closer to the earth's surface than 2500 miles, let's say 2490 miles, Then the difference in angle for two observers standing 6000 miles apart would be a whopping 67.5°! From the earth, we'd be able to see most of the moon's surface, rather than slightly over half of it. And the moon would still have the same problems as the sun in regard to angular size. And there's still the problem of what compass heading people see the sun at from various locations, and the apparent motion of the stars from the southern hemisphere. Sorry, but the zetetic cosmology is just a gnostic cult for people who can't do basic geometry, but want to think they're among the world's cleverest thinkers.
  4. Someone responding to a flat earther: International Skeptics Forum - View Single Post - Amazing.The Earth is flat after all 1. The vanishing point. If the Earth really is flat, the vanishing point of the observer's point of view is at the observer's eye height above the ground. If the observer is six feet tall, the vanishing point is six feet above ground level. If the observer is on top of a 10,000 foot mountain, the vanishing point is 10,000 feet above ground level. The video shows the sun BELOW his vanishing point (6pm), something that he himself implies is impossible, then he ignores the fact that his diagram shows exactly that. 2. The apparent diameter of the Sun. If the Earth really is flat, and the sun really is 3,000 miles above the surface and travels parallel to the Earth's surface, then it would appear to get smaller as it got further away from the observer. The difference would be dramatic - at twice the distance, the Sun would be half the apparent size it is overhead. By the time the Sun reached the horizon, it would appear little more than a small spot of bright light. 3. Relative angular velocity of the Sun. The Sun tracks across the sky at a rate of 1° every 4 min (15°/hr). This is an undeniable, observable fact. Taking the starting point as the Sun overhead the observer, if the Sun was travelling at a constant speed on a flat Earth, it would appear to get slower and slower as it approached the horizon. The only way to reconcile this with the ob served facts is for the Sun to accelerate as it approaches the horizon.... and it would never get there because in order to do so, it speed would need to reach infinity.
  5. Sure they have. You just deny it with the most ludicrous of all reasoning. Hundreds and thousands of people are all faking space travel. When you take into account all the companies who build satellites, that amounts to millions. Do you ever watch videos debunking flat earth, or are you afraid to be wrong? This thread is absurd, it seems that a few people who have "done some laser stuff" "made some observations" cancels out centuries of science, labelling every physicist, cosmologist, astronomer, radio enthusiasts who bounce things off the Moon - all liars or stupid? Really? We have Bflat posting as @cuboftruth if you are interested, suggesting that density is the reason for gravity with no explanation for weight or direction of fall. We have all of you including @Jikwanposting about no curvature etc. ignoring refraction as though it is some dumb explanation, yet there are seriously in depth papers and explanations on how it works. Go and read these, at least make an effort to disprove your claims - that's what science does, why don't flat earthers? Mirages and other atomospheric optic phenomena (gsu.edu) Advanced Earth Curvature Calculator (bislins.ch) What was that earlier from Jikwan? Where's the evidence for comets and meteorites? meteorite craters - Google Search This video, so simple. It shows quite clearly that viewed from two different points on Earth, the surface of the Moon MUST be different.
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