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  1. If I said to you that the bridge ahead is washed out but you feel like your civil liberties are being infringed and drive on anyways what do you suspect happens next? Just askin' as it's something to think about. That is what Alan D is saying. Trump is about to disclose that it's not just a virus but actually from a lab. It's a bio weapon. He all but said it in an interview earlier.
  2. I did not vote for Trump last time around. I am not sure who I'll vote for next time either. I'll probably write in Crenshaw again like last time.
  3. It's a little intellectually dishonest to say Red Flag laws are just for political opinions. Having to wear a seat belt or a helmet on a motorcycle is unconstitutional also but it's enforced all over. No matter the president they can't be expected to knock out in one term what took many many terms to corrupt. In OK where I live you get pulled over and fined for no seat belt but you can ride your motorcycle all day everyday with no helmet so no one says the gov. makes sense. Rights are violated everyday and in case you all haven't noticed it's the democratic blue states and the governors and their mayors all acting like dictators right now this isn't going on in the red states like mine! I might also remind everyone that the Washington Post a far left leaning news paper is the only paper in history to have to return a Pulitzer, because they fabricated the entire story!!!
  4. He is for the constitution and wants to restore it. I don't think we're on different pages. Just misunderstood. Some of what you write I'm not sure I follow the thought train or have the same context as you is all.
  5. Why not? You apparently want to go on. Define Red Flag law the answer is in the definition. What foreign power are you pledging to? I'm not in school pledging daily to any personally. And isn't that a personal decision up to the individual? I mean who twists their arm to make them pledge to something they don't want to pledge to in your fantasy situation here? The patriot act, AKA proclamation 7463 has been renewed how many times now? Obama and Trump both renewed it and no I never agreed with it then or now. If it was as threatening as you are trying to make it out to be though I think Trump would be out of control far more than he is so it has not really given the situation that much throttle in my opinion. Besides this I don't see what any of these things have to do with Trump or Q they were all in place before they came on the scene. Are you saying they're responsible?
  6. Of course because any idiot with only a 8th grade education could see numerous places where Trump and Q have both defended the constitution, were just as insulted and pissed off as we were when it wasn't adhered to and more! Nice try to limit an answer to yes or no I'll give you that but no where did anyone mention the words MANDATORY or anything of the sort! You all are over the top with this and mostly because you just hate Trump to begin with. Believe me I get that! I think the guy is a slick con man myself but as far as this issue is concerned nothing indicates to me that anyone is leaving the Q/Trump movement in droves. That is pure fantasy thinking on the far wishful end of reality!!
  7. Trump said he would have the military distribute the vaccine but I read nothing about mandatory in it. If you don't want it refuse it. If then they try to force it on you or me, well then we have a problem likely to quickly involve the deposit of some 'precious metals' for the perpetrator of this attack! A momento to take home with them when they leave if you catch my drift. As to if they leave under their own power or carried out is entirely up to them. Trump and Q have never been about violating the constitution but all about protecting it. Where did it say mandatory? I saw nothing in the way of orders everyone had to take it.
  8. Most in the know are already way ahead in the DNA profiles of all those they intend to save or try to. Most scientists on the dark end are aware of the 2040 deadline for all the DUMBs to be finished. (deep underground military bases) and these are for the people the powers intend to save. They are being selected by haplogroups and gene pools of the most healthy on the planet. Those individuals will not even know they have been selected or as the case is now, many of those that will be take are not even born yet. They know the families they intend to keep and the haplogroups and they know the ones they intend to leave behind because of various gene markers and so on with disease, shortened life spans, needing drugs to prolong life and so on. All of the programs being run for DNA study are for this project preparing for the nova of the sun in or around Nov/Dec 2046. This is a repeated cycle true sun scientists know about and discuss because there are two sun sciences. The main and the hidden. The hidden knows the real reasons we went to the moon, to prove what they thought they saw here regarding what the sun once did to the earth! What they discovered put the fear in everyone! The sun will expand out to the kieper belt which is what created the kieper belt in the first place. As it does this it ejects huge amounts of matter out both ends some of which will form into a new planet to take the place of mercury as that closest to the sun. All the other planets get pushed out a little further changing their orbits. So you see the sun science on the hidden or dark side knows that the earth will not always be in this 'band of life' as they call it and that mars once was here in the band of life before in another age. We or something similar to us lived on mars once! When it was pushed out of that band of life we all had to move here! When the earth gets pushed out of this band of life it's atmosphere will begin to die just like mars did and we will eventually have to move from earth to the new planet in the band of life venus! That is how we were all created as hybrids in the first place by the last ones because they hybridized with existing animals to continue on as us. The last homo whatever, hominid was not homo sapiens sapiens like us. It is believed to be Cro-Magnon which is the only one to have RH negative blood type so since that lives on in royals and survivors of the last sun nova 12,068 years ago (on Nov/Dec 2046) it is believed we were all stemmed from them and that the closest to the pure of the survivors is the 13% on the planet that inbreed to be royals. When the sun goes nova again in 2046 the earth and all planet rotations stop and the side of the earth facing the sun bakes completely as does all the planets and the thing on earth that is unique is that just because the planet stops doesn't mean the water does!. The ocean keeps coming at 1000 miles per hour and instantly you have a wall of water 2 miles high coming right at the coast of California and it will wave around the planet four times before it's done and once the planet starts rotating again we will be going the opposite direction, in a new place in the heavens and new planet will have formed once the sun snaps back to norm for the next 12, 068 years.
  9. Yes but even Dissenter was a hacked three days ago and for about 24 hours they were trying to put all their avatars back. Someone got in and they caught it before any more damage could be done there but it was hacked too just three days back
  10. We're on the map officially now. Too much attention on the "Q" thread I suspect. They noticed!
  11. TNT

    Forum not working

    It is a rather unique hack. They hacked and deleted the people with authority to put it all back the way it was. Interesting!
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