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  1. God I wish David Icke or any of the Icke's would get Jerry SADOWITZ on their show for an interview. He absolutely came and destroyed at the Apollo last night, in the best possible sense. Very outspoken against the Scamdemic and as he referred to those responsible for it, the Cabal, rather than what David refers to them as, the cult. He was George Carlinesque in his attack of those responsible, except where Carlin metaphorically used a claw hammer against his targets, SADOWITZ used a sledge hammer. Despite his brutality, SADOWITZ still maintained his poise and cutting edge precision. The man is truly a renegade, if he toned down his act and conformed a bit there is no doubt he would leave what constitutes the best of stand up comedians behind in his wake, the man is truly that talented, but clearly does not want to compromise and it seems is willing to forfeit whatever material success he could have had. I've no doubts unfortunately he, like David ICKE won't be allowed to perform again at most venues.
  2. Would be interesting to hear of people's insights into Yevgeny ZAMYATIN, author of the great novel, "WE" other than understanding his prowess in writing the aforementioned book and that it appears he was the inspiration for HUXLEY's and ORWELL'S subsequent books. I think he's severely underestimated and downplayed in the arena of dystopian/utopian future forecasting. If it was indeed him that wholly or partially gave rise to ORWELL and HUXLEY's great contributions, why isn't he justifiably better known ???
  3. Macnamara, I have thought of doing that, but there would be a very big hurdle to overcome, my dad, he refuses to open his mind to the possibility of what I've said, so it's more than likely he would refuse my mums medical records being opened up to me
  4. My mother died October 28th, 2020, of stage 4 lung cancer, she was only diagnosed as such on the 12th of August 2020. Prior to that diagnosis, she had complained of back pain in the lower left side of her back, for a few months, as she reported it, the pain was not debilitating, however it was mid range painful and discomforting. My mother delayed seeking medical advice for her back pain, until the 1st lockdown, in London, UK ceased, this was largely due to her fear of the perceived killer covid virus and partially because the pain wasn't so painful she wouldn't be prepared to wait for the lockdown to end so she could see her chiropractor to fix her back pain. So the lockdown ceased, she saw her chiropractor, on the 2nd visit, he advised to seek medical attention, a scan, the scan made a incidental discovery, that not only did it reveal my mother had a partial fracture to her lower back, she had lung cancer in both lungs. Despite that death sentence diagnoses, prior to it, she was fully active, driving, tending to her garden, but on the day just after the diagnosis and taken the prescribed medication, my mother went into free fall, physically and never recovered again, she was bed bound until her death. Not only am I angry about the plandemic disuading my mother seeking earlier medical attention, im angry because, whatever the NHS gave her, pushed her into an earlier grave than she may otherwise had to go. No one else in my family circle and wider family circle and friends can compute what I've said on a deeper level and the connection between my mother being introduced to prescribed drugs and her physical condition going into free fall, even though she was given a death sentence stage 4 cancer diagnosis. My mother had her funeral on November 13th, with minimal turn out, due to the covid restrictions, she would have had a massive turn out, had it not been for those restrictions, yet another source of anger and bitterness for me. I dont know what to do with my bitterness, but I know that listening and reading what David Icke has to say, has helped me, during this continuing grieving process, especially when I've got no family or friends that can see what's happening with this monumental scam
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