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  1. The clay tablets represented a certain measure of barley; they were promises to pay. The priesthood of the city state were employees of the treasury. A "unit of account" is necessary, just as a unit of volume, a unit of weight, a unit of length is necessary. In Sumeria the unit of account was a measure of barley. A coin is more suitable than a clay tablet. If silver is the unit, coin can be unit and currency in one. Today a printed note is the unit and currency. What is needed is a priest-king and a faithful priesthood to manage the financial affairs
  2. The fact is: you are afraid of facts. You spread and perpetuate falsehoods.
  3. Once again, to demonstrate your mortal fear of facts ---instead of reading the text of that magic EO--- you run to some conspiracy site who is also afraid look up Kennedy's views on money and silver coins. Not one ye cowards ever entertained the idea that somehow Truman was an opponent of the international money power.
  4. https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/documents/executive-order-11110-amendment-executive-order-no-10289-amended-relating-the-performance https://www.trumanlibrary.gov/library/executive-orders/10289/executive-order-10289 Who was John Kennedy's Secretary of the Treasury ? Clarence Douglas Dillon (Lapowski) (1909-2003) ---the insider of the insiders, the swampiest of the swamp creatures. Really, any of ye ignorant groupies imagine that Mr. Dillon would turn against the powers that be ? Mr. Dillon lived to a ripe old age. Not one of the dimwit charlatans and habitual liars had the courage to look him up and ask him about the working-details-aims of EO 11110. ---please, send some more money to David Icke, that is all you people are good for. http://www.yamaguchy.com/library/fedres/legalTender1965.html
  5. It is no more true than stories about Armstrong and Aldrin frolicking on the Moon. Look for facts, not conspiracist garbage !
  6. Once again, you are displaying your mortal fear of facts. Not a word of what you quoted is true; it is a figment of drug-induced imagination of conspiracists charlatans and professional liars. Work up the courage and read the text executive order 11110 ! But you are a coward, you wouldn't dare. 2) get it through your head: everyone of the links you posted so far is just regurgitations of the same old same-old conspiracist moron.
  7. We have already established that you are in mortal fear of facts and truth. What you copy/pasted here from conspiracist procusts are NOT facts (you just don't know it because you are woefully ignorant) and they have nothing to do with the truth. So what is your motivation in regurgitating inventions, fabrication, lies, falsehoods ? Why is it that you are afraid to read anything factual about the federal reserve act (or the act itself), about Lincoln or the greenbacks; about Kennedy ? Why are you so afraid of learning ? Have you ever had the courage to read the text of Kennedy's executive order 11110 ?
  8. Michael's Journal knows nothing about the real Lincoln. You keep regurgitating the same old ignorance. The Kennedy and Lincoln invented by these ignorant regurgitators did NOT exits. You would learn it in the first day if you ever dared to read the actual history of these two figures. You are afraid of facts. Once again, I double dare you to read about the real Lincoln: http://name789.wordpress.com/ it is a short article on the professional liars who inveted a mythological Lincoln who never existed in real life; and for 150 years led ignorant groupies in circles to nowhere. Conspiracy literature you were fed is filled with fake quotes, fabrications and invented stories.
  9. If Wikipedia is a source to you, you are dumber than you look. Everyone of those sites you listed are irgnorant conspiracist regurgitators who know nothing about greenbacks or the federal reserve (or about Kennedy and EO 11110; the real Kennedy was a friend of bankers; just as the real Lincoln was a friend of bankers). http://name789.wordpress.com/ Read the Record ! But you are afraid to read the Record. Yet ye morons and your charlatan cheer-leaders, have the audacity to regurgitate that the bill was shouded in secrecy.
  10. You were obviously trained up by professional liars like Ed Griffin, Bill Still, Ellen Brown, and hundreds of others. They all lied to you and everyone else about Kennedy (friend of bankers and their system) and Lincoln (a life-time friend of bankers). What reason a banker would have to kill either of them ? How would you know that Kennedy issued no money what so ever ? Unlike you, I know that a publicly traded corporation is not private. You, yourself may purchase shares in a member bank, and become part owner of the federal reserve system. Unlike you, I am able to comprehend what I read. How would you know why representatives of banking groups got together on Jekyl island ? Professional charlatan Griffin did not tell you; because professional charlatans did not know. Shop-lifter Griffin only heard about Jekyll island from Eustace Mullins' book ---from which he copy & pasted much. None of these professional charlatans studied the story of the Fed (or anything else). In 100 years none the charlatans, none of the groupies dared to read the Record. It is available to anyone who is willing to read, but none of ye dares. Everyone of you just regurgitates the garbage that the book-peddlers sold you. How would you know that for twenty (20) years the question of the reorganization of the central bank has been discussed in the United States far and wide, and loud ? How would you know that the Federal reserve system is nothing more than the re-organization and adjustment of the National currency Bank System that was given to ye by Abraham Lincoln ? How would you know that in 1862, anyone with good credit could borrow as much as he wanted (including the government of the United States) ? Ignorant charlatans invented this story about the 30%, and dumb groupies regurgitated it for 150 years. How would you know that "national currency" refers to bank-paper ? How would you know that Abraham Lincoln considered bank-paper, based on government bonds, the best (national) currency the country may have ? How would you know that Abraham Lincoln started the national debt which hasn't been paid off since ? How would you know that Lincoln's bonds paid 6% interest in gold, semi annually ? Once again, I dare (and double dare you) to read actual history, not conspiracist garbage.
  11. Gee Ed, the real creature from Jekyll island, was a professional charlatan. The actual fact IS the ownership of the Fed is very public. Only the member banks may purchase shares. Every member bank MUST purchase shares: 6% of the paid-up capital and surplus. Did you have the courage to click on either of the three links I posted ?
  12. Read about Jekyll island http://www.yamaguchy.com/library/lindbergh/leslies.html Would it surprise you much that Jennings Bryan (now secretary of state) gave his name and whole-hearted support to the federal reserve bill ? Representative Charles Lindbergh voted YES to the bill when it passed in the House ---so did all the progressives. http://www.yamaguchy.com/library/fedres/fedResHistory.html The Jekyll island meeting was for the bankers to sort out the differences between themselves. Otherwise nothing was in secret, it was discussed loudly from one end of the country to the other. The Federal reserve is owned by the 2,900 member banks. Everyone of those banks is a publicly traded company, the sharholders could be known. About 50% of the shares of these banks are held by pension funds. Unionized government employees own more shares than the Rothschilds who own none. Did you know that Arthur Vanderlip, of National City Bank of New York, presented a plan to the Senate Committee of a fully government-controlled and wholly citizen-owned central bank. The Rockefeller interests didn't care if the government controleld the central bank, as long as there was a central bank. http://www.yamaguchy.com/library/fedres/van_der_lip.html
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