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  1. What I get from what David Icke says is that the intelligence behind the 'distortion' running world affairs is very clever, but not wise. Clever can apply to technical knowledge and how to manipulate and influence others on a colossal scale. Wise refers to what connects everything back into tandem with the source of things, or the ultimate consciousness - the absence of which is disconnection and all the grief that comes with it. Now with regard to the 'moron' comment, this would refer to the elite frontmen - those elites who face society but are not running the show. This would be Andrews from Australia, Biden from the US, and Johnson from the UK for example. To have such people as leaders of nations/states has the added psychological impact of demoralisation to the mass of people who see such people as 'leading' them. With regard to Bill Gates, he is extremely clever, and is probably right up there in the cusp of of where the seen starts to meet the hidden. Yet, as I have heard David Icke say, that Bill Gates, as well as existing with no or very little emotion, appears to exhibit signs of perhaps being an artificial intelligence life form - so if true (could be...), would be an idea of where we are heading when we go further down the 'rabbit hole' (for want of a better expression) of what inhabits the 'hidden' that is running the world, or thinks it is. It 'thinks it is' as its force is in casting illusions of the mass of people (like sorcerers in medieval times were accused of doing). David Icke has said that this power exists just as a parasite which feeds off humanity, and also has no creative ability of its own but turns what is created (ie advances in technology) that could benefit humanity to an inverted form or usage which will harm humanity. That is what I understand from I have heard David speaking about and writing about on this topic of the intelligence of the elites.
  2. The logical answer is 'None'. The best answer is 'None, it is just an idle question'. The flippant answer is 'The placebo'.
  3. This is something I can do!! I am a Candidate Master at chess (lowest level of master but still decent). I have played in the British Championships before and even been Surrey Champion! During the last year and a half, I have conducted individual coaching and am running a junior chess club online and fortunately able to make a living doing this (previously I was teaching in schools, before all this crap happened). Now, I would like to offer anyone on here some free games on either the lichessdotorg or chessdotcom websites (just quote 'DavidIcke forum'). No charge at all. My handles are 'UniofNorthLondon', and 'PlymouthArgyle' respectively. So, if anyone wants a game, just go online, message me, quoting 'David Icke', and if I am free, I will gladly have a game with you! All the best, Chris
  4. I have read a lot of David Icke's books, and listened to many interviews, though by no means all - so I will give an answer to 'Who the spiders are', as well as I can. First of all, I think it is a great question, and only someone who has gone into the subject of David Icke's research, to some degree, will pick up on. I think the answer will touch upon the concept of 'reality' which, I understand is David Icke's main interest above and beyond global conspiracy. The basic answer, I would say is that David Icke simply doesn't know!! Sounds strange, but we are talking about the spider rather than the shadow organisations around it, and then the organisations coming out of that which will hit the cusp of public knowledge. But also, I would say that David Icke didn't know what *exactly* happened on 9/11! But the amazing thing is that that is not so important. He demolishes the official story to such an extent that he will have a fairly good idea of what happened on 9/11, and more importantly how the thing was controlled by the few people at the top, and thus have a strong handle on how the few can control the many. This is a big message that came to me from his book, 'The Trigger'. And of course, if such a worldwide conspiracy has been carried out before, it is certainly the case with the Covid-19 scam. Now, back to the spider. What it is, or more accurately what I see David Icke believes it is (and this will be a fairly well-founded opinion coming from him) is a distorted consciousness (ie: one very much disconnected from the absolute oneness of everything) which is either the matrix itself, or that which created the matrix (I don't know which). The matrix being a computer simulated hologram which is probably a bad copy of another computer simulated hologram that itself is probably being based on oneness reality (which doesn't vibrate). The differences between the two computer simulations (bad copy Vs good copy) could be summed up by the example of nature's struggle for existence. For example, in the bad copy, animals have to eat each other in order to survive. Many creatures have the right colours and markings to trap others (David Icke in 'Infinite Love is the only truth... everything else is illusion' says this 'evolution' is actually the matrix program and nothing to do with Charles Darwin). We see this in nature programmes. In the good copy, there will not be this struggle for existence and something like breathing would be enough to survive as air contains energy whilst here in the bad copy, we get energy from the gross body of things. Now this bad copy will be a food source (fear generated by the struggle for existence) for the distorted consciousness that feeds of it - that is why it has created the matrix (or indeed is it the matrix itself?). Though perhaps the interspace (space between dimensions where these reptiles appear to live/exist) is just stuff contained within the matrix itself and not the source of the matrix. The next stage from the interspaces, would be the channelling from that realm down to the earthly one. I remember David Icke said in his early books about dark magicians doing this, but here we will have reptilian/human hybrids = royal lines - families - illuminati and the concept of pure blood lines and the pyramid system. Now, as far as I see, David, like 9/11, does not know exactly, but can give such a good educated hunch as to deem of great substance his research work for the last 30 years on this, when he talks about how it works and therefore provide some insight as to how we can get out of this. For instance he was saying in 'Infinite love...' that the matrix works on things that vibrate and thus polarization/ playing one side off against the other is how they generate their food source, but if we transcend that and take both sides and calm that vibration down then their food dries up. This is why David doesn't want people to become radical about this and why his focus in on helping people just coming out of this illusion rather than just banging one's head against the brick wall trying to convince someone fast asleep. So his method seems to play in with his philosophy. I have rambled a bit, but hope I have made myself reasonably clear. There is a lot I don't understand too well especially bits about trying to communicate with a quiet voice within (David Icke says this at the end of the book, 'The Answer'), but I do get a strong sense that connection with reality (what I call 'trying to become sane') is the positive way forward in this, and very recently, David Icke has been saying that he will be writing more about the concept of reality especially as he believes many deaths will be coming from the vaccine itself and people will need this on whichever side (vaccinated or non-vaccinated), they are. I thin in the last two weeks, he went up to Derby to film a 13-part series on this very concept 'reality'. I don't know these guys well at all, but I get my information from, as I said at the start, his books and the interviews he does and I am picking up some stuff which is useful to me (trying to become sane), and I hope it is of use to anyone else.
  5. Hello, my name is Chris, and I have just joined this forum chat. I first heard of David Icke in the mid 80s, when he was hosting a snooker programme with David Vine! He seemed a nice chap. When I was at University, in 1992, I bought 2 books by him: 'Truth Vibrations', and 'Love Changes Everything', which I found fascinating at the time, but got interested in Hare Krsna philosophy and way of life for about 10 years afterwards. Though I still think there is a lot of truth in works like 'Bhagavad-gita-as-it-is', the pressure to accept or search for a guru didn't really feel right for me, especially considering the state of the ISKCON organisation. If it has been infiltrated by sinister agents, then it is a no-brainer! I only put this to give you some idea of my philosophical inclination. I had read parts of David Icke's bigger books within the last 20 years but never finished them, as they seemed too 'depressing' for me! Since lockdown, however, I have read a lot more (completed) and also read a fair few that he has referenced to get an idea of the sources he quotes. I believe this is good to get more of a complete handle on what David Icke himself says. I realise that I am talking theoretically here - but I believe that good insight into the world leads to good action within it. Regarding action, I am self-employed, and when Covid blew up in spring last year, my business stopped, but at least I was able to do a lot on line. I teach chess in schools, and though I could not continue with almost all schools, I started a club and have a fair few members. We do tuition, organise matches and leagues and play against other clubs both junior and adult (!), and against British and foreign sides! It is exciting for the kids, and it is good to do something useful in these terrible times. And yet, if it wasn't for these times, I would have not studied David Icke's work anywhere near as much as I have that last year and a half. I think that is an important thing to remember - how adversity can drive one to find and act on the truth. I post things on social media a bit trying to explain them in my words, and have done a few other things to be useful in the fight against the tyranny that threatens all of us. In the early days of this Covid hoax, I was following the mainstream media, but after 2 weeks of it (say very early March - before lockdown), I realised that all it was doing was instilling fear in me and there were no voices speaking out against what was obviously a narrative. I then thought, 'What does David Icke make of this?', saw, and of course it was a much saner version. The trick was then to understand it more clearly, as it encompasses a massively wide subject area, and the conception of reality being a key component. In short, this whole thing goes way beyond Covid, and the way out is to have a strong grip on reality, rather than just argue the toss against the Covid narrative - although that, is a good service to do too! I hope that when I do put some posts up in future, they will be of use and of interest to others. All the best, Chris.
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