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  1. I’m thinking of emailing our school with this under the guise of a parent.
  2. If anyone at work (I work in a secondary school) asks me to do something where I present something for an assembly for the vaccine, I think I’m gonna lose my shit. Never in my life have I had a day off sick for mental health but I’m so close to milking the system to stay off work so I don’t have to market this shit. The thought of those kids taking it, fills me with dread.
  3. Also on the topic of the Covid ‘vaccine’ and injuries… my grandmother had a stroke after number 2 and though it was minor it’s left her pretty blind. My sister’s 34 year old friend was hospitalised for clots after jab 1. - Otherwise healthy My 36 year old female friend has had diahrear since jab 1 but is still having the second. - Otherwise very healthy - but stupid evidentially My brother and sister in law in their 20s are trying for a baby but no luck yet (both double jabbed). Recently went to a hendo and I was the only one not injected and I could not fathom how no one else was even remotely concerned. They just plod along in the Matrix of Love Island and the top 40.
  4. Sorry… I wrote the above in a rush. A friend of ‘mine’ I mean. And she works for the council. She’s been asked to basically be on show and tell the local area to have the flu jab if pregnant and show that she is. This is totally outside her job role. Nothing to do with it. They are currently recruiting their workers to push the flu vaccine as so few pregnant women have been having it. And, she’d absolutely not have any unnecessary jabs esp. while pregnant. I thought it was disgusting as she was being used by her office to ‘persuade’ the local community to have it. That particular council have instruction to keep their marketing as scary as possible with regards to the Covid jab.
  5. A friend of me who is pregnant has been asked by their employee (who is a local council - big city) to record a video of themselves with their belly in view to persuade pregnant women to get the flu jab. They want her to also recruit any Black and Asian friends to make videos too.
  6. My nan actually had a mini stroke after dose 2 and it has left her blind. Thanks for the reply!
  7. They are all just so… accepting despite actively sharing their dislike of the current government. I told one colleague I wouldn’t be having it and when she asked why I said I didn’t want to take part in a trial to which she didn’t believe it still was in its trial period. I will do my utmost to send my child to an alternative school or hopefully be in the position to home school him. I’m actually jealous of those types of people sometimes - the ones who are happily and ignorantly plodding along - the ones who happily read a celebrity trash magazine and live for the weekend; it must be quieter than my head.
  8. Thank you! I will have a good read of that! thank you again. :) Jo
  9. Hi, I’m ‘Jo’ and need a rant/ to get this off my chest and more seriously get in contact with people who are like minded. I’ve frequented this site for the past 18 months and have only tonight signed up - fuelled I may add by being blanked by a group of close friends when revealing to them that I would not be able to join them abroad as I would not be having the ‘vaccine’. So I’m a teacher. I’ve been worrying all summer about returning to the classroom and all that it will bring. Faced with the revelation (well…) of the school aged vaccine when I’ve not (and won’t) have it fills me with a cold dread. How can I not say anything to these impressionable, healthy teenagers who will more than likely go ahead and agree to this farce? And how will I be able to keep my opinions to myself when faced with questions? Can I be honest? I still feel like a coward. While I forfeited social media and refused to wear a mask, I have a child and my income keeps us afloat and what that will mean. I’m petrified and angered at the NEU guidance on the vaccine and the workplace. All the people I admired professionally have transpired to be flakey, wet, extreme left communists who despite memorising Orwell’s back catalogue and Blake’s political bias, roll over like fucking over excited Labradors when faced with fabricated local data or another year group sent home so they can gossip about the dangers of their job role. Sure. Real dangerous, Ms. PHD in Love Island and hopes for a foreign holiday now you’ve been ‘double jabbed’. I know. I’m moaning and angry. I’ve lost respect for people and from people and friends. Wanna know the ironic thing? The worrying has given me a virus - shingles. So, are there any other teachers out there who don’t feel the need to cover themselves from head to toe in friendly bacteria killing hand gel? Or who still believe that the human immune system isn’t misinformation? I’m usually more positive and meditate and stuff. Jo
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