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  1. I'd argue about the racism in Thailand thing. I lived there in the outskirts of Bangkok for about two years, the only westerner in the area, and never got any trouble. In fact it was a pretty damn safe place to be, no funny looks, no hassle, no overcharging. Compared to the UK, young people had very high moral standards and respect for their elders. If you've never lived there, you're subject to the ideas of others who may have brought negativity on themselves. There's a lot of BS about life in Thailand.
  2. I moved to Bulgaria seven years ago and I'm still here. For a small sum, you can get a big detached village house with a huge garden that has a couple of barns in it - and a whole bunch of fruit trees and grape vines. We grow lots of food - but be warned, you'll find that easy until you have to harvest and preserve it. The water goes off all the time where we are, so I fitted a 4,000L supply with a pump. Most places have wells in the garden. You get four very distinct seasons; it's crazy hot and dry through summer and crazy cold through the winter. I don't wear a mask in supermarkets and no one ever hassles me about it. In smaller shops, most people are glad that you don't wear one because they feel obliged to do the same if you do. Hard language, they like paperwork for just about any task, drive any car/contraption in the villages with no tax or insurance - even while drinking a few beers if you like, quiet roads and very helpful neighbours.
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