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  1. I can’t find it. I’m an ICKONIC subscriber. I don’t see any link on David Icke.com or ICKONIC that is obvious and says click to watch or anything.
  2. Technical difficulties. Probably got a bigger response than they imagined. They’re just getting up really as a stand-alone news/programming company so bound to be gremlins to work out. Amazing they are able to do something like this. It’ll probably be fixed today some time. You can watch an hour of it, it looks like on the dot connector off his website.
  3. Thank you. That is helpful information. Peace.
  4. I’m a highly intelligent, informed woman in the United States and I want to help. I want to work with you. I work with people who have Masters degrees. I’m an Army veteran. I have refused the vaccine. I work for the Government. They are waiting on guidance to process my “accommodation.” I write well. I’m in contact with spirit guides. I read intuitive tarot and Oracle. I am an editor. I can create web pages, blogs, create content. I really want to work for ICKONIC. The forum. Anything. I have information that would be useful. I use discernment to view current events. I can be your voice in America. I live in the western part of the US. I could report or do anything! I just want to be a part of the ICKONIC team! I know this isn’t the proper way to try this and I expect it will be deleted. I understand. If you could forward my information on, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m probably not allowed to post an email address either. I know I could make a huge difference and add substantial worth to the project.
  5. Thank you very very much for taking the time to respond. I love your list and agree fully. I’ve been incorporating some of these already. Thank you. Blessings.
  6. If you want to understand what “viruses” are, read The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg. Wiring in our homes, ultrasonic frequencies in computers, radio waves in televisions, microwaves in cell phones, etc etc are what is causing cancer, diabetes, immune diseases, heart disease, and what appears to be viruses. Flu outbreaks correspond to solar magnetic activity.
  7. Viruses are a symptom of a weakened immune system. Our immune systems are being obliterated by any given hundred things we come across every day. Besides vaccines. Pesticides, fluoride, chemtrails, Big Pharma, fake sugars, hidden ingredients, satellites, 5G, electrical outlets, television sets, computers, WiFi, microwaves, EMFs, heavy metals. Our immune systems can usually process this, but a certain level accumulation, and you get sick. It’s the things that are busting our immune systems and then these viruses we all have are multiplying and triggering illness. That’s what Covid is. to be more precise, they aren’t viruses as we have understood them. It is our bodies reaction to toxins. That response in our body that says, oh.shit, we gotta fight this, let’s go. That is what people have called viruses because of the way they have looked at them through the PCR test. The body’s immune response is what they are calling Covid. All the symptoms, fever, congestion, coughing, our bodies are trying to get the foreign substance out and fight it. Like the symptoms you have with a cold. That’s your body trying to get whatever toxin got in, out. And we create over the counter medication to subdue those symptoms.
  8. It could be due to the barrage of radiation we are exposed to. There are satellites in the upper atmosphere, chemtrails, we don’t know if they are putting parasites in basic medication we swallow. The radiation combined of microwaves, cell phones, televisions, radios, iPhones, iPads, electric outlets. A cumulative effect may overload our viral load and then we get respiratory illness because our immune system can’t handle the amount. One thing is not going to tip it. It’s all of these things. Fluoride in the water, pesticides, fake sugars, hormones and antibiotics in dairy, wheat. Wheat can be toxic and very hard on the liver. Alcohol, I could add more. we have viruses in us all the time with no problem because our viral load hasn’t been taxed. All these things are making us ill. Respiratory illness is very common and a symptom of a weakened immune system. just my view but that’s what I think it is. You could look at where you live. Are there any factories with pollution? Tainted water or soil? Malnutrition? Heavy metal toxicity? Mold in the walls? Lead paint? Everyone is saying Covid but what if it is just all these various conditions that are causing respiratory illness. The Covid is a symptom of something else. Many other something else’s that go back to our immune systems.
  9. I have noticed this too. I use DuckDuckGo. The way you word searches is important too. I started asking questions and it helps. Instead of keywords their AI uses and has no idea how to be anything except literal, ask specific questions. “What does it mean when…” “what is the word for when…” And then when you locate more specific information, you can do a search and get better results. It is possible to still find that information. There is another site I found that has copies of web pages as they were all the way back to like 2005 or so. I wish I could remember it.
  10. I would add that massage is very underrated. Massaging your own feet! You can look into reflexology. But even on your own, massaging feet and arms and hands helps with physical and mental pain. But use organic fragrance free because toxins will go into your pores and wreak havoc on immune compromised systems. Build your immune system. Better/more sleep, reduce stressors in your life. It all affects your mood and nervous system. If you have an imbalanced thyroid, adrenal gland, etc. that affects depression and anxiety. Then, once your physical body is balanced, you can meditate, journal, walk barefoot against the earth. Singing bowls are nice.
  11. It’s theorized that parasites could be controlled by outside (intelligent if you can call these bastards intelligent) forces that are the source of ideas popping into people’s heads, ‘get vaccinated,’ etc. Parasites or whatever organisms are injected into us could be delivery systems of who knows what. Dr. Carrie Madej is bringing her evidence of what she viewed under microscope. We need more people doing this and posting it everywhere so they are forced to address it. No doubt they will ‘fact check’ and have an excuse. But bringing it before individuals one by one will equal a huge amount of people eventually. This war will be fought by awakening one by one. Here is a so-called fact check article that totes the mainstream BS. https://api.politifact.com/factchecks/2021/oct/21/carrie-madej/transhumanism-nanotechnology-covid-19-vaccine-cons/
  12. And also, parasites. How does a regular doctor test for them? And are they purposely injecting them in vaccines or even in capsules for medication? Dried and listed as other ingredients or not listed at all? Including nano parasite type organisms. They don’t list all ingredients on anything anymore including foods and beverages. Another possible thing to consider wreaking havoc on our immune systems.
  13. I’ve just been diagnosed with thyroid and hormonal issues. I had my appendix removed in September. My immune system, thyroid, adrenal gland, estrogen, testosterone are in a state of imbalance. It’s my fault. I was abusing a medication and this is the result. I have not had the Covid vaccine. It is mandated by my job, but my doctor has agreed I need a medical exemption. I believe millions of people are in a similar state because of medications, vaccines, poor diet, cancer treatment, bombarded with EMF, 5G, etc. All of the organs they say you can live without have to do with the immune system. All the shit they put in foods and genetically modify affect the immune systems. They add electrolytes and potassium and phosphates to everything now. I believe cancer and diabetes are tied to compromised immune systems. There is too much money tied to them ever admitting any of this or removing from the market unless there is a huge game changer like what happened with the tobacco companies. Is anyone studying what is in the Covid vaccine under a microscope. I saw a video of a doctor who found what looked like nano particles, alive, and changing. If this can be proven and brought to the masses, could this shock people into questioning and refusing the vaccine en masse? This war on the immune system is bigger than anyone thought, in my view. I believe it’s our buffer against everything, including mind control. If our immune system is commandeered by what they’re injecting into us, we will become true robots. They’ve been slowly injecting us with metals since the 80s. Maybe earlier. I think when they get their AI up, we will “come online” with it, get booted up, and some of us will lose any ability to not consent to whatever world computer AI they are trying to create. We’ll be connected to it. They think it will cure all diseases. Tell the nano technology inside us to fix whatever is wrong, but it won’t work. That tech can’t work with our immunity organs. Maybe they will just try to remove all of them. But that will cause our bodies to go into shock. Maybe it won’t. I don’t know. I also think our immune organs are somehow tied to emotions. Feelings. Senses. If they’re gone or broken, we’ll have no shielding. Or protection against whatever they plan to shoot into the frequency we exist in. We will become one with their hive mind. I also think the pituitary gland is way underrated. It’s somehow tied to immune system. It sends messages to our circulatory system, other glands, nervous system. A lot of people have neuropathy undiagnosed too and that’s tied to all the illness. It’s all part of how they are going to hijack our bodies and connect it to their AI by 2030. I wouldn’t put any metals in my body if I were you. Inadvertently, even colloidal silver could be a contributor. Does anyone have any thoughts or experiencing any of this?
  14. I’m a 4w5. Strong 4 though. Totally fits me. Lol
  15. You could check out Robert Monroe’s books about astral travel. He was not spiritual and started spontaneously leaving his body. He tried to keep a scientific approach and journaled everything. In some of his travels, he helped people who died accept it and move on. He would take them up past the lower levels where the negative entities are and they would disappear eventually, presumably once they figured out what to do. He had interactions with his other incarnations in multiple time periods which corroborates the there is no time theory. He went to the Pleroma and some of his info corroborates Gnosticism. He went to a friend’s and pinched a woman in his astral form and she had a physical bruise trying to prove his work. We are absolutely more than our bodies and go on beyond this physical experience.
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