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  1. Heres something for you guys. Harut i r a Marut TIRAT a place in Israel and Pakistan
  2. Even though saying the above post...i believe that you cannot unsee when you see... and you cant unlearn what you have learnt...therefore i still stand by all of my posts and research.
  3. After much thought and contemplation...i have returned to Islam and am now saying all my daily prayers... this is due to the fact that my prayers which i made at the Kaaba in Mecca was answered.. let me tell you a little more... when i was a teenager about 17, i met two men in there early twenties through a elder sister of mine... these guys began to bully me profusely for a number of years. Anyways i made a dua at the Kaaba, i asked Allah that these men should never be able to bully another guy ever again, and i asked for there destr
  4. i noticed today that someone is going into my workings out and history and modifying it...just to confuse me...it wont work whoever it is... the truth cannot be held back, and must be said, like it or not! :)
  5. i came across the word JEDI 50 in the opening line of the Koran.. that is why i asked why jedi? any suggestions?
  6. The Jedi Knights of Star Wars were not simply the figment of George Lucas’s most fertile and provocative imagination.Those who have grown up coveting the powers of the Jedi will be pleased to learn that Masters of the Force did indeed once exist. Records of them survive in certain countries, such as Egypt and Persia, where they were magician priests and the guardians of powerful priest kings similar to the “Emperor” of Star Wars, albeit without his predilection for the “Dark Side.” In ancient Egypt, the surviving histories reveal that the Jedi manifested as the Djedi (hence the nam
  7. spine of a Bull or a magician from Egypt….both are Jedi! or theres the Jedi from star wars. which is it?
  8. What if the first 50 people or ANNUNAKI were in fact JEDIS, the Koran sates them as being 50, The epic of Gilgamesh states the ANNUNAKI as being 50 in number. what if the 1st settlers on earth were JEDIS?? does this change anything?
  9. https://blackgnosticreflections.wordpress.com/2018/01/06/star_wars_godhood_pt1-5/
  10. i feel like im trapped on this side...i have had dreams of the matrix and have seen glimpses of the other side... what about you?
  11. surah 53 najm verse 19 Now, have you considered ˹the idols of˺ Lât and ’Uzza,
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