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  1. Wiccans worship a spider god called SAMHAIN which is sam 8 Eyed.
  2. TORAH KORAN BIBLE can anyone see the O RA or EL in the above few words? do you think has anything to do with what is actually being worshipped?
  3. im sorry i have to be the one that tells you that ALLAH = ASSAD = AL-LAT = NAJM
  4. https://www.gematrix.org/?word=www it is 69.....which is 66...so i guess your right
  5. actually using a bit of both to decode the holy books.... works for me each time.. i know there is very little knowledge on the net...about noah and nut...ive been searching for ages...and cant find anything
  6. There is a link in the code that i found above, between NOAH and NUT... goes back to the time of the Sumerians does anyone have more info on this link? would be appreciated if you can post
  7. The name Anu appears in Sumerian as the god of the firmament, and the rainbow was called "the great bow of Anu,"7 which seems a clear reference to Noah (note Genesis 9:13). In Egyptian mythology Nu was the god of waters who sent an inundation to destroy mankind.8 Nu and his consort Nut were deities of the firmament and the rain. Nu was identified with the primeval watery mass of heaven, his name also meaning "sky.
  8. i also found a WEST 11 in the above... which is of course 911 why do you think the WEB is the be all?
  9. please note that neith is a egyptian goddess.....who is associated with a web...i did not find her name in the above...but found the word WEB...
  10. i found the words WEB LAN and WWW within the 3 holy books name.. there is also NEITH the Egyptian goddess...who comes with a web... i also found the words NOOH for NOAH or NOOT for NUT ( another Egyptian Goddess) someone in the past had a look forward....it is plainly obvious.... time travel is a reality
  11. i read the book many years ago now....i cant recall the main jist of the story..care to explain?
  12. i came to the above... by deciphering the below letters .. TORAH KORAN BIBLE
  13. The prophets, Moses - Jesus & Mohammed knew about the WEB... anyone in agreement?
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