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  1. It's no secret that Tolkien was familiar with secret society knowledge that this knowledge is evident in his novels, and you haven't posted any facts to back up your claim that Tolkien was a Freemason, which is off-topic subject anyway. If you want to discuss other aspects of The Lord of the Rings, like Moriah or Tolkien's background, etc., start your own thread but don't troll this thread. Hopefully, this thread can return to topic and a moderator can delete the off-topic posts. Thank you.
  2. You're off topic. Now stop trolling this thread and preventing others from discussing the topic, thanks.
  3. It doesn't prove Tolkien was a Freemason, all it shows is that he was familiar Brotherhood symbolism, which is no secret. Anyhow, it's now in the hands of the moderators.
  4. This doesn't prove Tolkien is a Freemasonry, it has nothing to do with the subject of this thread, and I've reported you to the mods for blatantly trolling.
  5. You keep making that point and I don't disagree with that. And you're welcome to disagree with the other point, which we're not agreed on. So please stop, thanks.
  6. Fritzmeier failed to see the significance of using animals as an allegory in understanding the animal part of human nature, but you've made your point, so do you mind stop trolling this thread.
  7. All it proves is that he was familiar with secret society symbolism, which is no secret, and what you've posted does not prove that Tolkien was a Freemason. I hope you're not going to start trolling this thread like you're trolling the other thread.
  8. I think it does explain why animals can be an ideal metaphor for explaining human behaviour, which is why George Orwell also used animals in Animal Farm, and I haven't denied that books can be used for mind control, but that's not the fault of any book. You keep going round in circles, nit picking and trolling. You are trolling.
  9. I disagreed about Springmeier's opinion because he wasn't taking into account the much observed reality that, thanks to our reptilian brain, we have an animal aspect to our being and we also have a higher spiritual nature, which explains what going on in the story of the Jungle Book. You said Tolkien was a Freemason but you're still unable to give any evidence that he was, but this and the other false claim you mention aren't the subject of this thread, which is just more evidence that your motive to be in this thread is just to troll.
  10. I left the JW's as soon as I was old enough to make my own decisions. Nothing I've posted in the thread supports the Freemasons or the Jehovah's witnesses. A few weeks ago , you hinted that you could destroy me. In this post you wrote, "I don't want to destroy you". About a week ago, we all found out how you thought you might destroy me, but you're attempt backfired and failed. You're a troublemaker on this forum, and I'm glad it's been noted by others.
  11. It's a novel. Let me know when you have evidence that Tolkien was a Freemason.
  12. First it was the UK bringing the scamdemic to an end. Now Europe could be about to follow suit. The Covid-19 pandemic is heading towards its “endgame” in Europe due to the milder Omicron variant, according to the World Health Organisation’s Europe director. Hans Kluge said it was “plausible” the region is moving towards a “kind of pandemic endgame”. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/covid-pandemic-europe-endgame-who-hans-kluge-b978361.html
  13. Still no evidence that Tolkien was a Mason. All it shows is that he was familiar with secret societies, which is no secret! Still waiting for your evidence that Tolkien was Freemason.
  14. There's no need for you to suggest what I should concentrate on. Why don't you concentrate on trolling someone else's thread?
  15. Treasury minister Lord Agnew resigns at dispatch box over government handling of Covid business fraud: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2022/jan/24/uk-politics-boris-johnson-conservatives-labour-nusrat-ghani
  16. I never had a problem with you pointing out that Kipling and Disney were Freemasons. It's obvious you're just trolling and looking for arguments where there are none.
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