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  1. To be fair, Luke did say that' it was just his perspective and he could be wrong, so your comment is a bit flippant, unnecessary, and unhelpful. I think it's a more obvious reason for the slowdown in posts, people need a breather, and it's just temporary. I'm sure things will get busy again.
  2. What you are blinding yourself to is the fact that the conspirators have the secrets concerning the Kabbalah and it's those secrets that need to be opened and revealed so people can learn what the cabal has denied. That's what this thread is about.
  3. The story does expose the conspiracy but you don't even want to talk about that. You just want to talk about Kipling and his politics, which is fine, but you can do that in your own thread.
  4. Wagner was also exploring the message Jesus Christ gave and yes, the idea of a portal is implied in the Bible because obviously, there must be some connection between material reality and spiritual reality, hence a portal, and Jesus Christ himself said that there are still more things, in time, to learn.
  5. Then have a think about the story, and when you think you have something to say, I'd be delighted and hopefully might learn something, but you can start your own thread on the personality of Kipling and his private/public life - the author and his politics - like you did with Tolkien. Is that okay?
  6. I've got nothing against justice and sending people to prison, but that's all you seem to want to talk about and it's not the subject of this thread which is the Story.
  7. Yes, I've said that Bill Gates should go to jail. Now either discuss the subject of this thread and the story or do your own thread on who you think should be blamed and sent to jail. Thanks.
  8. But this thread is about the story, otherwise you're trolling and disrupting the thread.
  9. No. Yes, I think Bill Gates should go to prison. Now stop changing the subject of this thread and stop trolling, thanks.
  10. So what? Jesus Christ also spoke about the end of this age and the coming of his Kingdom.
  11. That's very vague, but that's not the subject of this thread. I hope this isn't the start of trolling again.
  12. Look, I could spend all day talking about what an awful person Wagner was but no one is perfect and if we only looked at people's private lives and nothing else, there would be no culture and no truths around which to build a sense of community. You want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  13. I'm saying go ahead and make it your life to put people in prison. I'm not stopping you, but you are preventing discussion about Mowgli in this thread. You can start your own thread where you can prosecute blame and build red bricks, and like i said, I might even be able to add a few of my own.
  14. I don't believe in what is right is whatever is good for you and Mowgli doesn't promote that belief in any way shape or form.
  15. You're being very vague and non-specific again. You want to poison the well and throw the baby out with the bathwater. What harm is Parsifal or Mowgli causing to anyone?
  16. Then once you've set up your council or tribunal, and you throw everyone you don't like in prison, what then? Will the evil in people be defeated?
  17. Yes, I've read his work because fairy and heroic tales are my life's interest, but what do you know about what he says about what can be learned from Everyman characters?
  18. You want to blame, blame blame, blame, and look at Kipling and the cult of personality, which is really about you, but how does Mowgli manipulate anyone?
  19. But I'm not supporting any political movement or heavy metal band. I'm talking about Mowgli and Everyman characters.
  20. It wasn't just the illuminati, it was also the people, because in most people is the will to power which is a very powerful force, as Frodo learned with the one Ring. As soon as power is wielded politically, it corrupts. You want to set up Nuremberg 2.0 but you're only relying on an illuminati model of retribution and a council of blame.
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