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  1. On 11/23/2021 at 7:37 AM, Heidi said:


    The "pearl", interesting. I have the past few years been studying in my spare-time some ancient Hebrew, went through the Bible, The Gospel of Thomas etc. I'm never going to be a member of a church or belonging to any religion, and I probably read the old text different than others, but "the pearl" is one of the thing we need to find, that's also what the texts tell us to.


    I'm thinking of starting a new thread on the "pearl" theme. If you have anything interesting you'd like to contribute, I look forward to reading it. I'm familiar with the "Hymn of the Pearl", from the Acts of Thomas. I'm not a member of any church, or organised religion either. The word 'church' isn't even mentioned in original biblical manuscripts!


    The symbolism of the "pear"l is connected to so many different subjects, including the Tree of Life. Also teleology, and what's sometimes known as the transcendental object at the end of time, which is also the Grail, so plenty of scope for discussion in the coming months, hopefully!


    All best,


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  2. Hi Moonlight,


    Apologies for the delayed reply! The foot's doing very well thanks.  The biggest issue so far was the allergic reaction to the codeine based Co-codamol - apart from that, I haven't experienced any significant pain. Looking forwards to running and jumping as soon as it's better.


    Thanks for your comments about painkillers and your suggestion for an alternative. I came across a little snippet in The Week magazine (24/11/21), about a "leaf that is as good as ibuprofen". Sounds promising.


    I notice you haven't been posting much recently. I hope all's well with you, and that you'll still visit - I miss your posts! 😊


    Here's a scan of the aforementioned leaf article...





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  3. On 11/23/2021 at 8:40 PM, Ethel said:

    I have been really concerned about the latest developments in Austria, particularly the threat to fine or imprison anyone who doesn't have the 'vaccine'. I want to believe this is just a threat designed to scare large numbers of people getting into it, but I'm not sure. 


    Obviously if that was brought to UK I'm still not budging, but it wouldn't surprise me if people in prison were having the 'vaccine' forced upon them. 


    I am also concerned about the future possibility of being banned from public transport for not taking the 'vaccine'. I do not drive so am obviously reliant upon it for any travel from my hometown. 


    Again, it's not possible to make me back down, but the likely scenario of being asked for one of these so-called passports to get on a bus would likely result in me refusing to get back off the bus, and the driver phoning the police. I want to believe this scenario isn't possible but I just don't know any more. I would rather minimize any involvement with the police because frankly, I can't stand them. 


    In other words, I am concerned about the future. If I am prevented from getting buses I will be unable to leave my hometown and will be very, very angry.



    Not going to budge here either. Just a thought, I haven't asked anyone ask the question, will we be able to trust politicians ever again? I can't see how things can ever change, unless, of course, something really unexpected happens. It really does focus the mind trying to understand what that unexpected something might be, and how it could change the future. Something inside tells me something good is coming, though, something great.


    Best wishes


  4. The Dragon is here because it wants to devour the a "pearl" only humans can produce.


    If it can devour the "pearl", then it's the end of spiritual evolution for humanity, and the Dragon gets to prove to God that God made a mistake in creating humans.


    It's up to us to realise what that "pearl" is, and then defeat the Dragon.




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  5. 2 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    was i quoting you or am i missing something here?


    Just asking what point you were making in your post... a lot of it didn't make any sense, for example, you wrote:


    "where was the autumn lockdown? nope"


    Why are you asking where the autumn lockdown was?



  6. 3 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:


    where was the autumn lockdown? nope

    where was the school extended half term? nope

    more mask mandates? nope

    more social distancing? nope

    wheres the passport mandates (england)? nope

    wheres the jab mandates? nope

    wheres the next lockdown? nope


    your opinion starts to look weak




    What are you on about?



  7. Gavin Ashenden was an Honorary Chaplain to the Queen and priest of the Church of England, he resigned in 2017 after a service in which a passage of the Koran which declared that Jesus Christ was not the Son of God was allowed to be read.


    Gavin Ashenden on the end-times (interview with James Delingpole, on 5th July, 2021):


    Oh, the end-time... the apocalypse that's a really bad, yes... there's an awful sense - of whatever language you/we use - we're certainly at the close of a civilisation, and it may be bigger than that, yes, I agree... and you work but you and I have had the most wonderful life to live... we've lived in great stable comfort. Inflation frightened me a great deal and unemployment frightened me.


    Covid has not frightened me, but but I do fear that the next 10 years are going to be difficult for our civilization, partly because we're self-destructing... our culture is committing suicide. It's having a most dreadful... it's not just having an identity crisis, it's willing its own destruction and doesn't know why. 


    Above quote from 24'40" into the video:



  8. Just now, Macnamara said:


    what do you think of the plan as a strategy? Looking at the sizes of the crowds in Oz you can get a sense that people are really fed up so its possible that there could be a big uptake of that plan.


    I'm not sure what I want to say to you because I write something and then you just make up what I've written!



  9. 2 minutes ago, soulalways said:

    oh well shock horror...all these heads of state are reading from the same script rob...funny how the jackets she wears are carbons of hitlers...lol


    Seems like some counties are competing with each other to see which country will commit suicide first.



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