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  1. It's all in your mind. If you want to make a claim, be specific and explain exactly what you find concerning, otherwise, you're just being abusive.
  2. Whenever you make a claim, you never back it up by explaining in your own words why you think the way you do. There's nothing in what you quoted that wrote that's delusional, unless you're simply stooping down to throwing personal abuse.
  3. In terms of a prophecy in the book of Revelation, this is very concerning... Front-facing Peppa Pig https://www.joe.ie/movies-tv/front-facing-peppa-pig-nightmare-fuel-622610
  4. It's true it's happened in Scotland but not here in England, the eye of the vortex.
  5. They've been talking about Covid passports for a long time and have said "never", but they still haven't arrived, so there's hope there... and it does go to show that they haven't gone back on absolutely everything they've said, but I can understand people are angry, and a lot of people are probably angry enough to want the government to go back on the word, but to those, I'd say, think of your children and be very careful what you wish for.
  6. I did say they could do a u-turn, but it certainly doesn't look like it in the short term, unless the government goes REALLY go balmy, which would not be good news for us because are no leaders on the horizon who could stabilise a real national emergency during a period of a real power vacuum, so by going back on what he said would very much be playing with dangerous fire.
  7. Javid sounds very adamant, he said, "In terms of requiring mandatory vaccinations for the general population, I don't think that's something we will ever look at." In the short term, it's fairly safe to say that the government won't order mandatory vaccinations for the population like in Austria, but after the short term, who knows? If there's a new Prime Minister or government, anything could then be possible. Javid used the words, "I don't think that's something we will ever look at." in the future, using the word "ever" will make it difficult for the government to do a u-turn, but he also used the word "think", which does leave room for a bit of doubt. However, what he said doesn't rule out individual companies and organisations, in the UK, making vaccines mandatory as part of their employees' terms of employment.
  8. The Bernician, Michael O'Bernicia, was a successful comedian in the 1990's. He then went down the 'rabbit hole'. Over the past 20 years so, he had quite amazing experiences, which he related to James Delingpole in an interview last Monday: https://www.bitchute.com/video/mhp9tfm58MgC/
  9. Wouldn't be the first time a government has done a U-turn, but making statements like this will make it more difficult to do so.
  10. I've got ancestors who died fighting the Nazis and what they stood for, but this is off-topic, and I'm sure there are better ways of making a point than wishing for the resurrection of the dreadful Nazis!
  11. Hit the nail on the head, regarding Simon.
  12. Yes, I would be interested, but I can see all you can manage are personal insults - speaks volumes about how interested you are and if you think I am a tool, why? You didn't say!
  13. It's well documented so not juvenile at all, and it is off-topic, but if you want to back up your claim, I'd be interested why you don't think the Nazis were tools in another thread...
  14. You managed to fool Skitzo, but the Nazis were just tools of the cabal... the top leaders completely sold out to the cabal and extremely evil forces.
  15. It was a sarcastic reply! Seriously...
  16. Not sure what you're saying... what's acceptable risk?
  17. ? Killing anyone should be totally out of order!
  18. What Is Transhumanism? - David Icke 11th November, 2021 https://www.bitchute.com/video/1TNXFe5nsxry/
  19. I haven't gone out the front door and left my apartment since Thursday, 11th November - a week and a half ago. How is the world? When I do finally go out, it'll be interesting to see if people have changed, something that wouldn't be obvious going out everyday. I've discovered I'm allergic to codeine... I was given co-codamol (a mixture of paracetamol and codeine) as a pain killer, which I had an allergic reaction to. I had a medium strength anaphylactic shock. When the anaesthetic from the operation wore off, I took two tablets of co-codamol when I got home. I took two tablets later, just before going to bed, and two tablets when I woke up in the morning - so six tablets in total. An hour later, I wanted to throw up but couldn't, and then experienced hives, facial swelling, and a slight temperature. All the symptoms abated within a few hours and were more or less gone within 24 hours - all about a week and a half ago, and I've been okay since. Ironically, when the anaesthetic from the operation wore off, I didn't feel much pain in my foot, but I took the co-codamol just in case. When I woke up, I still didn't experience much pain (only the discomfort from a lot of swelling), so I didn't really need to take any painkillers at all, and I wish I hadn't because the co-codamol gave me more discomfort and inconvenience than the operation itself !!! Apparently, codeine can become extremely advective, and has caused a lot of people, who've become addicted to it, a great deal of misery.
  20. I remember when this song came out too... I remember feeling something was reawakening, and that a transitioning into a new paradigm was taking place... still an ongoing process, but we're getting there!
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