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  1. The Hero's Journey appears to be blue-printed on human consciousness. Wagner saw Kundry as a personification of the Holy Grail. Discernment is the key and it's one that always requires refinement. The best way to get the most out of these stories is via the written word. Books that films are based on, are often much better and contain greater insights.
  2. Another interesting line from the webpage: "Could it be that the World Wide Web is Spider Woman’s latest appearance?"
  3. Thanks for the link... fits perfectly in this thread, and just goes to show that the spider woman and matrix mother is primordial and universal. She appears in so many cultures. From the link: "Spider Woman, also known as Grandmother Spider, is a creation goddess in many Native American cultures. Throughout the Americas, she is found among the Maya, Pueblo, Hopi, and Navajo mythology, even among the pre-historic “mound builders” in the Mississippian cultures. There is evidence that the earliest Spider Woman was worshipped by the Maya, where she was named the Earth Mother." She can also appear as being wise: "The Spider Woman appears as a wise, old woman who guides people to wisdom and knowledge, often as a powerful teacher and helper. The Hopis speak of a Spider Grandmother who, weaving her webs, thought the world itself into existence." When Parsifal hears about the Grail for the first time, he says, "Who is the Grail". Richard Wagner treats Kundry with a great deal of respect, regarding Kundry as being the Holy Grail itself. J.R.R. Tolkien's take is different and interesting... taking a much harsher line on the mother of the matrix, Shelob couldn't be more predatory and evil, even if she tried, so quite a contrast to how Wagner viewed the archetype, and how she's portrayed in ancient mythology.
  4. I've been busy this evening, so didn't get a chance to comment on Danny Shine's Euston gig, and his performance art. I've seen him around London with his push-bike and megaphone, doing what he does, long before he did things for the camera and YouTube, so at least 15, if not 20 years, so by now, he's got it down to a fine art. I used to think he was crazy, but in recent years, he comes across as being more sane than most people that he encounters in his street videos, but he's not as prolific these days, as he was 18 months ago. I'm sure the 'incident' in the station made his day. The over zealous, irate chap with the pointy finger didn't come across well, but I did sympathise because who could tell without knowing who Danny was, that it was street theatre? In times such as these, a yellow vest can be like a red flag to a bull. Was the chap - Pointing Finger - virtue signalling or having a stressful day? Will he ever know he was finger pointing a pure blood? Danny Shine is like a modern day Diogenes, cynical but also philosophical. When Plato gave the tongue-in-cheek definition of man as "featherless bipeds," Diogenes plucked a chicken and brought it into Plato's Academy, saying, "Behold! I've brought you a man." Danny Shine always wants to know why people do what they do, and why people think the way they think, and time and time again, he reveals that people do things without for capacity for critical thinking, or knowing why they do, what they do. A lot of people don't really know why they had the vaccine. They think they do, but with a few Danny Shine questions, it quickly becomes clear that most people had it because they just did what they were told or because they were following what everyone else is doing. They didn't think it through, even though they thought they did.
  5. I enjoy your line of thought when it comes to asking questions about faith and spiritual motives. Not many people are able to ask the right questions so well. You made a valid point one I often consider. It's the same issue with all fairy tales, which is why I'd never regard the stories as a substitute for the primary 'Hero's Journey', which of course, for Christians, is Jesus Christ. Like you say, the stories could easily be seen in the absence of Christ, in a humanist light, which is how I think Roger Scruton viewed Parsifal. All kinds of people, right across the spectrum, have found it interesting... Christians, humanists, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, occultists, Pagans and even Satanists, have been drawn to the drama and the music. It's a complex work. The more one looks into Christian belief, the more one finds that there's a very fine line between what's Christian and Pagan, especially with subjects such as the tree of life, its association with the Kabbalah and the words of Christ, who said, let him with an ear eat the fruit of the tree of life, and there's also the question of how these mystical tales originated, which I'm still happy to explore further and as deeply as possible. In addition to that, Christ said to be 'wise as serpents', which also presents a lot of spiritual challenges. Regarding the Fool character, I can't find a better characterisation of the Paraclete in any other work. At the end of the day, Christ's message was that he wanted man to find freedom through becoming his own hero. He didn't want a man or a woman to be a slave to his or her 9 to 5 job, and the Babylon system. Fairy tales inspire children and even grown-ups to broaden horizons, but I agree, a Christian should not lose sight that it's Christ who's Redeemer. In being so detached from the mainstream, and in going one's own way, there is a potential for insanity, but faith in Christ is a great help.
  6. I'd rather spend time thinking about Mowgli, and the 'Hero's Journey', than Kipling. Kipling's also long been dead. Not many have left a better legacy. Same with Beethoven, who was also a Freemason. He went deaf towards the end of his life, but still carried on writing beautiful music. I've never seen anything terrible written about him, and he devoted his whole life to music. He certainly had a better reputation than Wagner, and unlike Beethoven, Wagner wasn't a Freemason, so there may be good and bad apples in every barrel. If Rothschild or Rockefeller had written "The Jungle Book, I'd definitely be in agreement with you. Kipling may be in the 'grey' part of the spectrum, and certainly a lot more so then Beethoven, but I don't think he was at the black end of the scale like Rothschild. I haven't found anything immoral in The Jungle Book. Mowgli resists being seduced by the Serpent, Kaa - so he gets a tick and full marks for that... Mowgli sets fire to Shere Khan's tale with the fire of truth, sending him packing - for that, two ticks, full marks and a gold star... And he falls in love when he sees a pretty woman fetching water - a tick and three gold stars. Bagheera, the black panther, is a similar character to Gurnemnz, in Wagner's Parsifal... a mysterious character, full of wisdom that deftly guides the Indian orphan boy through the jungle, looking after his well-being... sometimes in the foreground, but if not he's nearly always somewhere in the background, and then there's Baloo the bear, an instantly likeable character, who enjoys the bare necessities of life, etc. I think it's a wonderful story.
  7. The story of The Jungle Book isn't a ritual and bears no resemblance to any ritual, and the overall basic plot structure of The Jungle Book is the same as Hansel and Gretel, but told in a different way. It's the 'Hero's Journey'. The overall basic plot structure is also the same as the Bible.
  8. I think that's just a bit of wishful thinking that some people have, but none of the biographies that are taken seriously say he was a member, so no real evidence. It doesn't make any difference to me either way. For me not about the author and the cult of personality, but rather about the content of the art. If anyone wants to discuss Tolkien, the man, Mac has a thread on the subject ,here: https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/25366-was-tolkien-a-freemason/
  9. Euston, Euston, we have an incident in Euston!
  10. It goes without saying there's more to this pandemic than meets the eye. I've had some insights as to why the West under attack from occult forces from within: https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/25287-shelob-and-the-mother-of-the-matrix/&do=findComment&comment=381423
  11. It's becoming a lot clearer why the West has been under such heavy attack from occult forces within, for so long.
  12. I've been thinking about the fear some are having that their race is under attack. There's a mention of this in Parsifal, Richard Wagner's music drama about the Holy Grail, and the innocent boy Kundry failed to seduce. From Act II. Klingsor, the black magician, in a rage with Kundry, the mother of the matrix: KUNDRY: (laughing shrilly) Ha ha! Are you chaste? KLINGSOR: (furiously) Why do you ask this, accursed witch? (He sinks into gloomy brooding) Dire distress! So now the fiend mocks me that once I strove after holiness? Dire distress! The pain of untamed desire, most horrible, hell-inspired impulse which I had throttled to deathly silence does it now laugh aloud and mock through you, bride of the devil? Beware! One man already repents his contempt and scorn, that proud man, strong in holiness, who once drove me out. His race I ruined; undredeemed shall the guardian of the holy treasure languish; and soon I know it I myself will guard the Grail Ha ha! How did you like the hero Amfortas whom I ensnared to your charms? KUNDRY: O anguish! Anguish! He too was weak!... Weak are they all! All fall victim to my curse! O endless sleep, only release, how can I win you? KLINGSOR: Ha! He who spurns you sets you free: attempt it with the boy who is drawing near!
  13. There are aspects surrounding some humans and the pandemic that are very ugly and sad.
  14. RobSS


    This is very funny!
  15. Son blasts anti-vaxxers as singer dies after deliberately getting Covid: https://english.radio.cz/son-blasts-anti-vaxxers-singer-dies-after-deliberately-getting-covid-8739526
  16. He seems to be doing his fair bit in exposing the Covid scamdemic, which endorses the factthat not all jews are bad people. He says this on his website: "As you know, Organized Jewry, a.k.a the world central banking cartel, has installed a leadership class of non-Jewish opportunists and traitors (Freemasons, Satanists) in literally every field. I urge you to direct your anger at these Jewish central bankers and their Jewish and Gentile proxies --and not at the stupid, clueless average Jews like my family."
  17. The pandemic is not a "race war", and the any idea of a "race war" is a manufactured ruse conjured up by mischief makers to create trouble where there should be none. Think about it. No race can win a race war because the idea of a race war is alien to the human spirit and human nature. God doesn't want a race war. The only beings that would want a race war are demons, so don't buy in to it.
  18. The pandemic is a war against the human race
  19. In a few years time all this will be all over - there will be no more Covid-19 scamdemic and all the wicked people will be destroyed at the harvest and the separating between the wheat and the chaff, at the final battle between Good and Evil - and God will have spoken, and all this will be in the past as Satan's system and the reptilians are destroyed at Armageddon. I can't believe there are still some people that believe there is no Apocalypse. They're just sticking their heads in the sand. We're at the end-game of this Apocalypse. Time marches on and soon it will be all over. If these days weren't shortened, no one would survive.
  20. The Everyman stories aren't rituals of the type that Templars and Freemasons perform. Like Hansel and Gretel, they're just stories that give hints to the reader what's really important in life. The type of rituals performed by secret societies don't free the soul, they only affirm a rigid dogma. Wagner took the opposite approach whereby the main protagonist has to learn for himself what it's like to overcome, without the expectation of grandiose titles and any great status within any order. Parsifal is a wanderer, a nomad, and self-dependent. Being formally initiated into a secret society and being given a degree or status label sounds great, but from a spiritual perspective, it has no spiritual value.
  21. I gave you a decent reply to your post, which I spent time on. I'm not the one swearing, cussing and being arrogant and rude.
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