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  1. It should also be said that sexual repression is just as harmful as sexual over indulgence, but that requires having the courage to experiment and explore to reach a balanced and healthy perspective. It's better to do something than nothing at all. If you do something, at least you can start to work things out.
  2. Yes, sex is fundamental to everything human nature. All of Wagner's music dramas, for example, are full of sex, which is one reason I find them so interesting.
  3. Julian Clary's famous 1993 fisting comment, on national primetime TV, during the British Comedy Awards. It was one of the funniest moments of the 1990's! Norman Lamont was the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1990 until 1993.
  4. Some men start off exploring with fingers or small toys first, to see if they like it, but it can lead to other things like men taking fists, even arms, but it must be stressed, not all gay men like anal sex. Then there's the question of bisexuality!
  5. If you're angry or up-tight, then anal sex will not be pleasurable. Women like anal sex too. Here's how to do anal sex properly and make it pleasurable:
  6. This is an unusual comment worth commenting on. Why do you have a problem with sex in private? The usual criticism from people that don't like gays is that they are too open about it. They don't want to know what goes on behind closed doors, as long as no one's getting hurt. Do you really want to know when each and every gay person is having anal sex? Most people would rather not know!
  7. A nice try at deflection, but that's never been the issue in this thread. The issue is racial superiority. White people are not superior to black people. That's what you and Truthspoon fail to understand.
  8. I did not twist the subject. I highlighted the hypocrisy of what was written. As I've already explained, I did not quote it out of context because it was an excuse to play the race card, and the idea that 'if they can be racist, why can't we', and that was confirmed by the way in which TS continued on the theme, saying my talent and interest comes from the white part of my being, implying that the other half is worthless.
  9. Racism is an ego trip. Why do you defend it? But racism can blind a person's awareness that they are on an ego trip.
  10. If you watch the final scene of Rope, it won't spoil the film, at all because right at the start of the film, in the opening shots, we watch the murderer and his sidekick, strangle the man with a rope, and we see them putting the body in the trunk. So, the film certainly isn't a "who done it", in any sense of the term at all. The film is really a philosophical discussion on the nature of good and evil. The dinner guests even have a philosophical discussion about the concepts of Nietzsche's √úbermensch, and De Quincey's art of murder, as a means of showing one's superiority over others. There is a suspense element... what the audience wants to know is how the murder, who thinks he is the creator, god, is caught out by his cleverness. After the dinner guests have all gone home, one of the guests returns to the apartment with suspicions (James Stewart), and there's another discussion about the nature of good and evil. This all happens in the final scene:
  11. I highly recommend the film, it's one of Alfred Hitchcock's outstanding films. It's an unusual film because it encourages critical thinking, so many people find it comfortable. I recommend watching the film through the end. It's only 80 minutes. If you can get through to the end, you'll find it a very liberating experience. It's really a great moral ending, and what an original storyline.
  12. I hear what you're saying, and I agree, it's already happening, but if protests get more violent then the rate at which change will only accelerate even more. I see nothing wrong with self defence. The kinds of things I was referring to was wanton mindless violence, just for the sake of it, which you see a lot of at protests.
  13. Fear can drive people to violence, which is what the dark occult powers want. They would be able to bring about what they otherwise could not achieve, things like martial law, an increase in security laws, and increased surveillance, etc. Problem, reaction, solution. It's the old Hegelian dialect. There are many forms of peaceful protest that are very effective, including, but not only, street marches. F.E.A.R. is merely false evidence appearing real. It's better to find a more intelligent way to deal with evil.
  14. I know you're still reading my posts, so I'll say that of course sex can be associated with sinister activity, but that doesn't mean to say that sex itself is sinister! You conveniently forgot to mention that girls are also abused. It's not just boys, and the perpetrators aren't always men. Women are involved too. Mental illness isn't more prevalent in the homosexual community because of homosexuality, it's because of the bigotry and hatred that's projected onto gay people by some people in society, so of course you'll find more mental illness where that occurs. Thankfully, this is much less of a problem now than it was a few decades ago because most people are more accepting. Unfortunately, people like you are part of the problem. In an earlier post, in this thread, you called gay people "faggots". You're problem is that your homophobic.Instead of addressing your own issues, and you've got a few, you like to point the finger all the time.
  15. Why should anyone report to you what they do in their private life? Why do you want to know what people do in the privacy of their bedroom? If you believe anal sex is wrong and harms the person receiving it, you're certainly entitled to your opinion, but force your opinion on others, otherwise, where will that end? Will you start forcing people to be jabbed in the interest that it's for the good of their health? If the person receiving anal sex has consented, then the act is harming no one in society. No body is being harmed, apart from the person taking part in the act, and he would argue that he finds it extremely stimulating and very enjoyable, anyway. Also, not all gay people are into anal sex. Many gay people haven't even experienced it and never want to, either. So it's completely wrong to make sweeping generalisations and associate all gay people with anal sex.
  16. How is defending racism congruent with spreading love? You can't defend racism and spread love at the same time. Unfortunately, that didn't happen when you came into this thread.
  17. I watched Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1948 film, "Rope", yesterday afternoon. The main protagonist wanted to prove his intellectual superiority by committing the "perfect murder". With the help of his sidekick, he murders a former classmate just before his friends are about to arrive for a dinner party. He puts the body in an antique wooden chest, and uses the chest as a buffet table for the food. When the guests arrive, they take food from the chest, all the while, the murderer congratulates himself on how superior he is. None of his guests know that their classmate has been murdered and is dead in the wooden chest. The murderer's reasoning is that there's no such thing as good and evil. The murderer believes that even evil serves the creator. Unfortunately, there was a tiny flaw in his thinking that leads to his being exposed as the murderer and he gets arrested. It's a very dangerous philosophy and when take to it's extreme leads to people doing, and saying, bad things. These things may not always be as serious as murder - they may just be trivial things - but they certainly do not serve the Creator.
  18. I do believe there will be a revelation, but it won't come with everyone fighting the government on the streets. It has to be an intelligent awakening where people organise and object to the tyranny by means that doesn't mean surrendering the moral high ground. Fighting them with pitchforks would make us no better than them, especially if we have nothing to offer as a means of organised opposition that could take the place of the tyrannical government.
  19. I've never made any such claim. Where have I said that? That's not my opinion at all. I can't say that you sound very convincing when governments have armies at their disposal and technology beyond even our wildest imagination.
  20. All those years that you were unaware of it - anal sex never harmed you - and even now you've become aware of it, you still haven't said it's harmed you, so what's the problem? Why are you so obsessed with anal sex?
  21. The problem is that the occult forces behind government would like people to rise up and become violent because that would give governments the excuse to use military force and introduce martial law.
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