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  1. "Our world and everything in it could be a myth, nothing but pure imagination, because from a quantum perspective applied to the insight of Yogis in ancient India, particles appear to be more like thoughts than things." (David Ash, theoretical physicist) Consciousness created matter – not the other way around!
  2. "If now from some part of the great Creation in dire distress, suffering and ardent appeals rise to the Creator, then a Servant of the Vessel is sent forth as a bearer of this Love to intervene helpingly in the spiritual need. What floats merely as a myth and a legend in the Work of Creation then enters Creation as a living reality. Such missions, however, do not often occur. Each time they are accompanied by incisive changes and great upheavals. Those who are thus sent bring Light and Truth to the erring, Peace to the despairing; with their message they stretch forth their hands to all who seek, offering them new courage and new strength, and guiding them through all Darkness up to the Light. They come only for those who long for help from the Light, but not for the scoffers and the self-righteous." (O. Bernhardt)
  3. If someone feels they're being ethnically replaced, does that give them the right to verbally and physically attack, insult or even murder coloured people who have nothing to do with the ethnic replacement agenda?
  4. It's not just hyperbole, it's a downright lie to say racism against coloured people no longer exists in the UK, and then you wonder why so many white people turn against you and you when you try and defend stupid comments like that? You're changing the subject. This thread is not about the globalist agenda. It's about racism against coloured people in the UK, which is a fact.
  5. No, there's still evidence that racism against coloured people exists at "street level", as you put it, not only in the UK, but also in America. Regarding institutional racism: UK police chiefs consider public admission of institutional racism Britain’s most senior police leaders are considering making a public admission that their forces are institutionally racist... https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/dec/12/uk-police-leaders-debate-public-admission-institutional-racism Nothing new, of course. There has always been institutional racism in the police. Even I have experienced that.
  6. LIVE: New Years Eve London Skyline
  7. You're deflecting. My point was that it's not true to say, "the only racism that exists in the UK now is anti-white racism".
  8. Nice try at deflection, but nothing you've written disproves what I wrote and no evidence that I support any political ideology. You think a lot of words can obscure that, but you''re wrong. Like I said, I don't want anything to do with anyone who claims that racism against coloured people in the UK doesn't exist.
  9. It was meant as a euphemism. I'm not political - I just don't want anything to do with anyone who claims that racism against coloured people in the UK doesn't exist.
  10. Count me out - not interested in being part of an extreme right-wing political group.
  11. It's been claimed that the only racism in the UK is racism against white people, a claim which is not true. Unfortunately, racism against blacks is also happening in America, for example, the recent case in which three white men were found guilty over the murder of a Black jogger in Georgia. The men chased the Black 25-year-old in their trucks before shooting and killing him in cold blood. All racism is positive energy gone awry and doesn't benefit humanity, especially when reinforced with untrue claims. Skin colour offers no clue as to the character or the quality of the person underneath, so to believe white people are superior to black people (or vice versa) is ridiculous, and a sign of inner insecurity over personal identity.
  12. Forget the apology you sent me via PM, it obviously wasn't sincere, and it's clear the vile racist language you like to defend.
  13. Just finished watching the Millennial Woes hosted video with Alex Thomson, Brian Gerrish and David Scott, not a short video... nearly 2 hours long! No mention of the things you often like to focus on and carp on about. I thought it was a very good video. I haven't heard Brian Gerrish for a number of weeks, so it was good to catch with the latest things he feels are important to discuss.
  14. He said all the things I mentioned in the video, and the context couldn't be clearer: https://videos.files.wordpress.com/mGExUE68/kohne-2_dvd.mp4 He talks about a non-white man being a, "lower level, less intelligent... a less industrious... a less glorious" man. He says, "we're going to have to make efforts to recoup what has been lost by way of war." The Jason bloke even calls non-white men, "defunct and broken versions of white men". It's not a question of "context", it's what he said. He wants inter-racial war. The terms he used were highly offensive and said nothing positive about women other than they there to make white babies, then during an online interview, a woman accuses him of sexually abusing her, not exactly an everyday event. Then there are allegations of him being a sexual predator and the screenshots of a conversation the author of the article had with another well known figure in their community, in which she tries to cover things up. http://www.renegadetribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/dde31957757508a5.jpg http://www.renegadetribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/56bfcac65f0949a0-1.jpg http://www.renegadetribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/a36b60d312c1e766-576x1024.png http://www.renegadetribune.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/412ec6ffa1c7c5ff-576x1024.png
  15. There's also what the Jason bloke said said in his own video. He clearly sees women as sex objects, and reproduction machines for "white babies". He then talks about a non-white man being a, "lower level, less intelligent... a less industrious... a less glorious" man. He says, "we're going to have to make efforts to recoup what has been lost by way of war." The Jason bloke even calls non-white men, "defunct and broken versions of white men".
  16. I also noticed Jason what's-his-name didn't say much. Before I was aware of his background, I got the impression he was just completely out of his depth, dreaming in some sex La La land, but as I already mentioned, Alex Thomson did sound reasonable, but he has to be careful of his reputation.
  17. I watched the first hour of the first video you linked to, with Alex Thomson, Mark Collett and Janson Köhne. I then put the video on pause because things came to light regarding Mark Collett and Janson Köhne. I don't think I'll finish watching that interview! I'm still allowing a bit of wiggle room for Alex Thomson, in the hope he wasn't aware of who he was being interviewed by. I'm now about to watch your second video link, with Alex Thomson, Brian Gerrish and David Scott, in the hope of finding something more adult.
  18. The author of the Renegade Tribune article is scathing about Janon Köhne, saying: "It’s not that White women are intelligent, kind, caring, creative, beautiful, and able to carry on our legacy in the future, Köhne just cares that they are able to produce more White men. With all of this information coming to light, it really makes me re-think the appearance he made on JF Gariepy’s Public Space show (which was seed funded with $25k from Jeffrey Epstein), wherein JF’s girlfriend sees Jason Köhne and has an emotional meltdown. She insists that Köhne had severely abused her in the past, and JF comes to Köhne’s defense and states that his girlfriend is obviously mistaken."
  19. I wonder if Alex Thomson knows who he's really associating with when he did that interview with Jason Köhne, the bloke in the video frame under Mark Collett and Alex Thomson, who represents NoWhiteGuilt.org. I came across one of his videos displayed on this page: Is Jason Köhne a Sexual Predator? Here’s the Evidence He's praises white women, wants to wage war against non-whites, and yet he's been accused of being a sexual predator. https://videos.files.wordpress.com/mGExUE68/kohne-2_dvd.mp4 Truthspoon, are you going to stand by by what Jason Köhne said in that video? In case the video doesn't work, here's what he said in the video: "Our women have... our white women have been trained to take inferior versions of our men, very often to reproduce with... defunct and broken versions of white men... as husbands... or at least briefly... to reproduce with and then divorce and marry the State and get paid by the State, get paid by the rest of us... our tax dollars... and they've just reproduced more of a - no other way of saying it - a lower level, less intelligent... a less industrious... a less glorious white person... and so we're going to have to make efforts to recoup what has been lost by way of war... by way of the decisions of our women when it comes to reproducing. There's nothing better on planet Earth - and this is an absolutely profound thought... and we should all pass it on - there is nothing greater on planet Earth than a white woman. There's nothing greater. [...] With the constellation of all that is good and glorious about our white women, there is one thing that they can do that makes them truly the finest creatures on planet Earth and that is, they can give birth to white men. Only white women can have white babies - and if they're not producing babies with white men, they're not white babies"
  20. Just listened to the first hour of Mark Collett's interview with Alex Thomson, but couldn't detect anything he's said so far that's racist or incites racial hatred. As always, he comes across as extremely thoughtful and intelligent. He raises valid concerns. It's not what's said but the way in which things are said and Alex always comes across as someone trying to heal rather than divide.
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