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  1. Everything you've brought up was argued out in court but the jury came back with the verdict that George Floyd was murdered.
  2. Apologies for that. Fair enough, but Truthspoon crises "wacism", so have a word with him and tell him to do as you do. Why complain about some using the term, and yet you turn a blind eye when those on your side use the term? But in any event, there's still been anti-black hatred, if you want to confine yourself to your own definition.
  3. I'm not sure of that video. Art is not dead, and the world hasn't ended! If anyone thinks art's dead, they're probably just sleeping! As for resolutions for 2022, to continue discovering what has been forgotten and to seek the grail of understanding. Stay awake everyone, don't lose hope or faith... before long, the long sleep will be over, when the Princess awakens! Happy New Year! Rob
  4. So why do white people, like yourself, complain about racism directed towards people with the same colour as themselves? You can't have it both ways. Either you believe racism exists, or you don't, but if it doesn't exist, stop complaining about anti-white racism, otherwise it's hypocrisy. Racism is a fact, and it affects people in all races. Racism is just a form of discrimination. One form of discrimination, currently, is discrimination against people who haven't been jabbed.
  5. I've actually been reading the proceedings from the actual trial in the courtroom, not the MSM, and the murderers didn't have any evidence that he'd committed a crime, by the account I read.
  6. Apparently, he was inside the house 12 days before the shooting. From the court proceedings I've read, he was an avid jogger, there was no evidence he ever took anything from any house on his frequent runs through the town, and the owner of the house said in court through a lawyer that he may have gone in to drink water from a faucet on the site.
  7. He was caught on film running. Is running a good reason to shoot someone? But it's only one I could've chosen from countless cases, not least the murder of George Floyd.
  8. I was looking for something on my hard drive earlier, when I came across an old, old, old thread that I saved from the David Icke forum, in 2007! I saved the whole thread as an HTML file, so it's the original thread as it originally appeared. Unfortunately, I don't have a server where I can upload it to, so I can't share the original thread here, but I've taken a screenshot of the top of the tread, which can be seen below... The thread was started by a poster called fotocon, and the gist of the thread was that fotocon was sick of the USA, and wanted to know where in the world the best place was to escape to, when the proverbial hits the fan... "WHERE IN THE WORLD TO BE BETTER OFF WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FAN......... if it does indeed happen." A posted called "true-lilly" replied with 112 photos of different locations in Australia, with the implication that Australia was the best place to escape to because it has so many beautiful and unspoilt locations. I saved the thread because the photos were beautiful. It was also a record for the number of photos I'd ever seen in any single post, on a forum, anywhere! I'm glad I saved the thread because it's reminded me of one of the most appealing-to-look-at versions of the forum, and it's also a reminder of how posters were thinking, even in 2007!
  9. I read some of the court proceedings but couldn't find any proof that he was casing any houses. It was based on an assumption. If he'd been white, they may not have shot him?
  10. So you believe blacks should be shot dead without trial?
  11. Do you have any evidence that he was casing joints? What kind of country do you want to live in where a person is shot even before any crime has been proved? It's certainly not such a thing as it was in the past, thank God, but the point is that it still exists and shouldn't be ignored when it arises.
  12. Radicalisation can also affect the indigenous white population. David Copeland is an example of a white person who became radicalised. He became a neo-Nazi and ended up carrying out nail bombings across London, murdering 3 people, including a pregnant woman. 140 people were also injured, including four who lost limbs. All forms of radicalisation are of course wrong and unjustifiable.
  13. Good point! Some people do wish their skin colour was a different. Lots of things going on there... Some people try to be what they think is the "ideal look", so they want to look brown and tanned. Some people want to change the colour of their skin because they dream of being more liked and popular, or just to fit in. Some people just like to be part of a different culture because they like the people of that culture, and if they can't change the colour of their skin, they change their hairstyle and adopt the clothes and fashions of the ethnic group they feel they resonate with. Nothing wrong with that, as it's not harming anyone! The reasons are endless!
  14. Yes, that kind of thing too. I'm mixed race, so I know what it's like to be picked on because of skin colour. I've never called a black person derogatory names. I take people by their character, not by the colour of their skin.
  15. I have said things that would be considered derogatory of another culture. For example, I made fun of the way some Indians talk, things like that, but I've never been racist because towards anther person just because of skin colour.
  16. I have... things like cultural jokes, but it was never about colour of skin. How about you, have you ever acted or thought in a racist manner towards anyone Mr H?
  17. I addressed that commonly heald view in a previous post. It's a bit like paedophilia, people don't like to admit that it exists, so they sweep it under the carpet in the hope it'll go away.
  18. If Parsifal were to appear in the world at a critical time, it wouldn't be surprising if he were a complete outsider and someone who bore both extremes of colour, black and white, within his ethnicity. As a messenger of God, it would be the Divine's way of telling the world that in the Divine reality, race does not matter.
  19. There's racism from all sides, but thankfully, racists are a minority. There is never any excuse for racism of any kind.
  20. The nature of racial prejudice has changed over time. Over the past 20 years, racism has been much more subtle than it was in the previous two decades, but it has still been a problem. I can understand why some people who've never experienced racism want to imagine it doesn't exist, or why they may wish to play it down, but when you're at the receiving end of racism, that's not such an easy thing to pull off. If white people do nothing to defend black people from racism, how can black people be expected to help white people, if whites complain about racism? But it's important to reiterate what you said that racists are a minority. Most people are not racists. Most people on this forum are not racists. I don't harbour grudges from the past, but at the same time, I'm not the type who'll remain quiet when racism rears its ugly head. There are whites on this forum who are very active when they see white people being targetted with racism. I don't have a problem with that, as long as the tone doesn't get racist. It doesn't matter what colour you are, you should be able to expose racism, whether it's racism directed at blacks or racism directed at whites, or any other ethnic group. All racism is wrong and comes from dark forces. In the 1970's racists were very uninhibited in expressing their prejudices because not so many people cared. It was considered 'normal' by a wider section of society. 20 years ago, more and more people decided that racism was ugly and unacceptable, so the racists became more inhibited. Unfortunately, they're now coming out from the darkness because they can use the globalist's agenda to make people angry, and so they are beginning to feel more bold. This is where 'perceived racism' becomes a more wide ranging problem because it can drag the unsuspecting into torrents of recriminations and blame, giving rise to ever increasing amounts of racism on all sides, and the only winner being dark forces. If people don't object to racism, then racists will quickly gain in confidence, lose their inhibitions, and racism will once again become a big problem, as it was in the 70's and 80's, if not worse!
  21. There are countless causes of racism. It could be caused by inner insecurity regarding one's personal identity. Racism could arise out of a realisation that there are some in society who would like the indigenous of a society to be erased. It could be caused by people with low intelligence, or peer pressure, jealousy, spite or even self-hatred. Racism could be caused by snobbery, self-pride and ego - the feeling that one is superior to other races, tribalism. There are so many things that cause racism, even demonic possession is a possibility. In the 1970's and 80's, racism was very prevalent in London. Usually, racism expressed itself in snide remarks, like "why don't you go back to your own country", or name-calling, or giving a white person preferable treatment. In many situations I found myself excluded. There were certain pubs I couldn't go into for fear of being violently assaulted by National Front supporters. I even experienced racism at gigs where bands like Madness and the Specials were performing. Sadly, I could write a long book documenting the amount of racism I've received.
  22. Aspects of the Kabbalah are evident in Babylonian mysticism elsewhere in occult traditions, but it's also evident in the Torah and many other parts of the Bible, so in and of itself, it is not anti-Jewish. It is what it's is. It's how the knowledge is used that determines whether it's bad or not, or anti- anything.
  23. Perceived racism is bigger problem in terms of it being a wider problem, but actual racism is a bigger problem in a specific way because it can ruin or even end life. It almost ruined my life when I was a teenager.
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