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  1. I took the URL from the page's HTML code, and using the WayBack Machine, there's no snapshot for the 1st February, but there are two snapshots, one from 19th January, 2007, and one from 14th March, 2007, which shows that the forum had closed due to attacks. I can't go into more details as I'm still pre-occupied with something else... https://web.archive.org/web/20070119232859/http://www.davidickeforum.com/forum/ https://web.archive.org/web/20070314221242/http://www.davidickeforum.com/forum/ https://web.archive.org/web/20070101000000*/http://www.davidickeforum.com/forum/ Rob
  2. That's really strange. I'm a bit tied up at the moment. I'll investigate later on!
  3. I watched all of the video... James Delingpole is brilliant. He does even better sitting in the interview seat than as an interviewer, what a star. Delingpole said a lot of interesting things. He spent a good amount of time explaining why the left and right political paradigm is an illusion - it's all a distraction. Delingpole calls politics "a pantomime". He doesn't subscribe to any extremist political views. He sees the extreme right as being a reflection of the extreme left. I heard nothing in the video that indicates that Delingpole has changed his mind about anything, including the Jewish Question. In the past, Delingpole said the Jewish Question is nonsense: "I have a telegram group and there's a few people on the telegram group who bang on about the “JQ”, which stands for, as you know, the “Jewish Question”, and you know if the world really were being run by evil Jews, and they were the solution of, you know, their explanation for everything that's wrong... if that were truly the case, I would be talking about it, but I think it's nonsense. [...] Yes, if we were going to pin down the root cause of everything that's wrong with the world, we would probably be talking about the Illuminati? [...] you know the “13”... the black nobility..." Delingpole said that he thinks he's further "down the rabbit hole" than the interviewer, Colin Robertson (Millennial Woes). Apparently, Mark Collett and Jason Köhne (who featured with Alex Thomson in the other video you shared) had a run in with Colin Robertson concerning sexual harassment and assault allegations, but I don't want to get involved in that.
  4. How am I wriggling or deflecting? You didn't say. Just saying something doesn't automatically make it so! Nice try but nothing t see here!
  5. @Truthspoon The towers are symbolic, but you know that.
  6. Astral reality was created in accordance with the Kabbalah, which was a divinely ordained through the Logos. In other words, the integral structure of astral reality and our reality system was always sound, just as God intended, but then the fallen angels created another reality over that, and it's that reality which they're now closing down. As they close down that reality, they also hope it will destroy the Kabbalah. They demonstrated that symbolically with their attack on the two towers:
  7. I agree, there is no messiah who is going to come to save us. We have to take responsibility for our own personal reality and find a way to the castle in the air. Only then can Rhyme and Reason be saved.
  8. That's where you're missing their trick. Yes, they created astral reality, but now they're gradually shutting it down, which is why political leaders are floundering around.
  9. I quote cartoons that contain Kabbalistic information. You're too involved in the world of matter to see what truths they contain. That's why JC said, "Unless you become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven". You don't understand the Kabbalah. You look at it with an immature mind.
  10. You're deflecting. The three white men had a lawyer and their lawyer represented them in court. Instead of just relying on your memory and instead of deflecting, please look at what was said in court.
  11. The cabal have created a virtual reality and in so doing have misled humanity. Now, they're shutting that reality down. Actually, it's not the cabal that are doing that because mortals are unable to close down astral reality. The fallen angels are closing down astral reality in a vain attempt to prevent us arriving at the grail of truth. The grail of truth has an energy of its own. As we draw closer to it, the disconnect between perception and reality diminishes until the two merge and become one. Then we'll be able to achieve miracles and put the word to right. Inaction and pondering will no longer be as thoughts and actions also become one. The problem is that as the fallen angels close down astral reality, it prevents humans from imaging anything of the creative world. The astral plane acts as a conduit for inspiration from the divine.
  12. 'Have you entered the storehouses of snow or observed the storehouses of hail, which I hold in reserve for times of trouble, for the day of war and battle?'
  13. The tail end of the post of 112 photos...
  14. It's all well and good predicting what will come to pass. Ordained prophets have been doing that for 1000's of years and a lot of what they said has come to pass or is coming to pass because we're actually living at the crossroads that the primary predictions were about. Where we're at now is interesting because now we can look at the fine details of what people in the past couldn't perceive. It's always been a mystery what the so-called end-times would involve. All the pieces of the jig-saw are coming together and as they do, a Way will be shown over this abyss that we're currently traversing, to the other side. When we arrive at the other side, there will be a new constellation in the way we're governed. In fact, we won't be governed because that was the old way of the cabal. Instead, we'll be inspired.
  15. I can't stand hypocrites. I think this is what it's all about. Ive always had a thing about exposing hypocrisy ever since I was a skinhead. One of my friends is Milo. He is a part of me. See how he deals with hypocrites:
  16. Instead of relying on your memory, why don't you look at what was actually said in court? The three white men were convicted of murder, and yet you're trying to distract everyone by relying on your memory, to make out it's the black man who is the criminal. Sheesh!
  17. Thanks for your support. If I make a claim, I feel it's my responsibility and duty to see it through. It doesn't mean that I'm right no matter what, so I do keep an open mind, which is why I'm still keeping the door open in case someone can highlight where I'm going wrong. If this turns out to be the case, I'll concede and learn something new. I've found this thread very interesting so far, and have learned a few things. I don't take things personally and have a very thick skin. People think they can kid me, but I can see what they really think. I'm finding it all very fascinating.
  18. Big Ben bong bonging (video won't embed): https://youtu.be/2SDIY0RPCDg?t=8
  19. Did Big Ben bong, or did it not bong at Midnight? Big Ben bong not bonging:
  20. "Always winter but never Christmas" ... The strange thing is, most people don't even seem to notice! Many aspects of reality have disappeared - many people aren't noticing... it's like it's always been like this, and if you mention that things have disappeared, people look at you as if you expect them to be surprised, but they're not! It's all curiouser and curiouser, but quite exciting in some respects, but I try not to let it show.
  21. Black people do exist, but you're not entirely wrong to see things that way... David Icke: "There is a field of consciousness that connects everything, so it doesn't matter if you're black, white, Asian, Chinese, Aboriginal... it doesn't matter what your form is... YOU are part of the same consciousness. YOU are just a unique expression of it, and that perception that we're all connected immediately starts dropping the fault lines the cult is desperate to perpetuate, so that different versions of form can be played off against each other."
  22. I feel like I'm on a mission and if anyone thinks I'm an outsider, I don't care what they think. Ever since I left home, in 1979, I've always existed and survived between the fibres of society. So what's going on now is completely second nature to me. My resolution for 2022 is to keep trusting in the unbelievable and miracles, and not loose faith in my abilities. The illuminati need to locate the Paraclete. They want to become one with it, so it becomes one of them, but in order to find the Creative force, they try to shut down astral reality. It's possible that's the real agenda behind Covid and the injections. It's a similar technique to smoking an animal out of a burrow. In the film, the Strangers are a fallen, other-dimensional race with a hive mind. They believe John Murdoch is the culmination of their experiments. They hope he holds the key to their survival, but they're betrayed by Dr. Daniel Schreber, who uses a syringe to imprint false memories in Murdoch, memories that teach Murdoch about the Strangers and their abilities - "A lifetime of knowledge, in a single syringe". When Murdoch awakens, he fully realises his skills and defeats the leader of the Strangers.
  23. This is different and not seen ever before in London... a light show spectacular from Tower Bridge!
  24. 2:30am here and fireworks are still going off all over London!
  25. The tail end of true-lilly's record breaking post with 112 photos of beautiful locations in Australia. I remember Ciggy well. I wonder what he's up to these days and what he thinks about all these unbelievable things - what's going on!
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