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  1. It would be interesting to see what the actual question was in the poll.
  2. It's sad, but even on he David Icke forum, there are still some who want to suppress what's going on. I agree, it is an interesting topic. I think those that are still in denial will either fade away into obscurity, or they'll get onboard and start working out what's going on. Our future depends on it.
  3. Jabs expected to be made mandatory in Germany from next February - "polls show Germans are in favour of the mandate"...
  4. I posted what Icke and Steiner have said because the activists in the video that you posted, don't look human!
  5. According to people like Rudolf Steiner and David Icke, not every human being who looks human, is human.
  6. Yes, movements can become taken over from the inside, and no longer resemble their original form.
  7. Rudolf Steiner believed that not all humans, who have a human appearance, are human.
  8. Some people dismiss these films as fiction. "Spock is fiction", they solemnly declare from their intellectual ivory towers, thinking that they are representatives of some kind of "normal world", but do we actually live in a normal world any more? What is normal, anyway, and who are these people to dictate what normal is? In places such as Austria, the powers that be are already creating a digital prison. If anyone doesn't have a digital passport, then you're no longer a free person, and it's just one step to further steps and restrictions and the tightening of rules as the months roll on. In "The Lord of the Flies", William Golding said that the island which the children founded themselves stranded on was a symbol for civilisation. Golding new that any civilisation could slide into a tyranny. It's not uncommon for artists to use symbolism to portray human society. In the Star Trek: The Next Generation, the starship Enterprise was a futuristic metaphor for a world in which an artificial intelligence that became sentient, threatens to enslave humanity in a digital prison. This has already happened to Austria. The real battle for freedom from tyranny is only just beginning. In order to win the battle, those who wish to retain their humanity will have to think of more than just following pandemic mandates, and pretending everything is normal, and that AI is stupid. If AI is stupid, what does that say about Austria?
  9. I haven't been abusive to you. I wish you all the best as a Christian.
  10. I was going to, but when someone starts posting about "Haemorrhoid cream", it's best just to get out of the discussion.
  11. "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  12. "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  13. If you carry on like this, I'm just going to put you on ignore. I genuinely thought you liked humour and being funny. Obviously not, so don't be a nutcase or I'll just ignore you and I won't be able to see your posts. It's your choice now.
  14. Yes - the title of the video - and you are living in a box, just like we all are on this planet. Have you only just realised that?
  15. I haven't bothered to watch your video - it only reflects your personal taste, which is not my taste in music, and for your information, I've never claimed to be out of the box. We are all in the box, including you!
  16. I wasn't even going to discuss the symbols! I said I wasn't going to because T'spoon didn't appear to be interested!
  17. So why did you get it wrong in anticipating what I was going to say about the three symbols?
  18. And governments are trying to take choice away from us. It will focus the mind to see if we have any of the divine in us. If not, the technology will defeat us because too many people are clowning around or they don't care, but some people do care and they don't want to clown around and they want to be able to make good choices.
  19. I said I wasn't going to reply to T'spoon because it appears he may not be interested. I was going to leave it there, but then you started pre-judging what I wasn't even going to post!
  20. "The choice may have been mistaken, but the choosing was not." The ego is the activation of a choice (the choosing), and there's nothing wrong with that, otherwise we would never be able to do anything whatsoever. It's what we chose to do with the ego (the choice) that says whether the initial ego choice was good or bad.
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