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  1. Leviathan is the three aspects of the Cabal.
  2. I have addressed the nuance that you're highlighting. As I said, I'm not claiming Scruton is advocating against highlighting things that are wrong, or that people should ignore nefarious agendas, like the breaking up of trust so people have to increasingly rely on a top down forum of government that's alien to British culture, which he discussed in that video. I'm not against highlighting that agenda either, but Roger Scruton is critical of "the labour of the negative", and finding "classes who are to blame", "whoever it might be". Roger Scruton wasn't a man who laboured of the negative because he spent a lot of time demonstrating good by being an advocate of life and promoting the positive benefit of art and culture, and this is something I don't see reflected with those that only "labour on the negative", and just post about how bad Sabbateans, certain Jews and Kabbalist occultists are, and the denigrating immigrants as a class to blame. I never see, or very rarely see people who attack immigrants and Jews, advocate a love of life, and I never see them promoting the positive benefit of art and culture. It's just a constant "labour on the negative".
  3. The reason why the elite are having trouble with England is because Leviathan is not powerful enough to oppress the country as much as they're able to do elsewhere.
  4. If there are demons, there are also angels!
  5. There could be powerful forces behind the scene holding them back
  6. My agenda is that there's plenty that's lovable in this world, but none of that is ever reflected in most of the posts attacking the cabal, which has the default effect of aiding the cabal's agenda. Roger Scruton isn't advocating the agenda of the whites first party or ethno-nationilam. He's a traditional conservative who likes culture. He says, "If you've lost any sense that actually, the world is lovable and that there are things therefore to be rescued in it, you have actually lost the sense of why there is such a thing as a community, in the first place, and that I think is one of the things that I felt very strongly, throughout my life that there really are wonderful things that we've inherited." - I don't see anything of that in those that keep bashing the Jews and immigrants.
  7. I think he's saying more than what you suggest because you omitted to mention that Roger Scruton said, "you find classes who are to blame.... you know "the Jews", the bourgeoisie... whoever it might be, and you don't get out of that negative structure". I don't think Roger Scruton is denying there are any problems, and I don't think he's advocating against being critical, but he is highlighting the destructive nature of "labouring against the negative". He continued, "It's always something that's gone wrong, something that is even hateful, and you've got to mobilize against it." This is what leads to finding classes to blame, and as Scruton says, "you don't get out of that negative structure". You don't get out of the culture of blame.
  8. There does appear to be a battle of art, creativity and life in the Lord of the Rings, but the thread doesn't have to be just about the Lord of the Rings. It can be anything to do with the Mother of Matrix.
  9. I was intending the thread to be about the story and the allegory. Hoot the moot and thanks!
  10. I don't think the vaccine does cut people off from the subconscious, but it could be not everyone was actually given a real vaccine. Perhaps some were just given a saline solution. As a MOD document shows, the vaccine could be part of an agenda that's designed to elevate man as ultimate god of the world, by preventing the rest of the world's population from having a connection to what some cultures that you mentioned referred to as the "telepathic communication system" and the subconscious.
  11. Shelob and the Mother of the Matrix One of the most fascinating subjects is the Mother of the Matrix. In Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Mother of the Matrix is a "spider" called Shelob. Shelob is a fictional demon in the form of a giant spider from J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Her lair lies in Cirith Ungol ("the pass of the spider") leading into Mordor. The creature Gollum deliberately leads the Hobbit protagonist Frodo there in hopes of recovering the One Ring by letting Shelob attack Frodo. The plan is foiled when Samwise Gamgee temporarily blinds Shelob with the Phial of Galadriel, and then severely wounds her with Frodo's Elvish sword, Sting. Several scholars, though not all, have interpreted Shelob as symbolising a sexual threat, noting her dark underground lair approached by tunnels, her "soft squelching body", and Shelob's thrusting herself down onto Sam's erect sword, amongst other sexual allusions. Others have noted her opposition to the Elves, and in particular her adversary, Galadriel, whose light helps the hobbits to defeat her darkness. (source) Who was Shelob?
  12. Many people act like the political left, only approaching the status quo with negativity, which is why I've often said that those on the right and the left wing of politics are often both sides of the same coin. I was watching an interview in which Roger Scruton talked about the characteristics of people who reside on the left of politics, and in passing, he really illustrated, very well, why it's better to fight things you don't like by demonstrating the power of good. This also applies to people who attack the left and things like Marxism because people who attack what they hate run the risk of becoming what they hate, or at least becoming something similar to what they hate because they're always "labouring against the negative", and have nothing to replace it with. People like this actually contribute to destroying culture and end up finding "classes who are to blame", like "the Jews", or whoever it might be... and people like this never get out of that negative way of thinking. Scruton says, "the purely negative approach to the status quo is simply going to perpetuate this negativity, and has done": Roger Scruton talking, from 3'10": "I think there's an explanation of this it's some what Hegel calls "the labour of the negative", right, that the the initial instinct on the left is that "things are wrong", and they must be rectified. They can only be rectified, however, by the seizure of power, and so we're going to seize power in order to rectify them, but once you've got the power the negative is still there in your heart because it's driven you all along... you know that's the thing that has inspired you. So you set about destroying things... punishing people... you find classes who are to blame.... you know "the Jews", the bourgeoisie... whoever it might be, and you don't get out of that negative structure. That's what I felt very strongly in 1968, you know that, okay, of course, there are things that are wrong in France, but there are also things that are beautiful and right, and you've got to go through this and come back and rescue those things which is much more important than destroying a few obstacles along the way. Blake was interesting... he says "the hand of vengeance found the bed to which the purple tyrant fled. The iron hand crushed the head and came a tyrant in its stead", and that tends to be a pattern that we see again and again." [...] "So this is part of the problem, but again it's still this fundamental problem for instance I mean one of the things you talk about in "Fools, frauds and firebrands" is the idea of power being the way in which everything is articulated, and that the critique is about power. I mean Foucault is a good example of somebody who just saw everything in terms of power, but there's definitely truth embodied in that, and I think that's why it's so seductive for so many people. I mean we have to deal with with the fact that so many people are seduced by this because they experience this... especially marginalized and disenfranchised people." [...] "I ask the question... what power is advancing behind that. You then disappear from the picture and also what you've said disappears from the picture... I'm not no longer engaging with you... I to thou at all... because without the concept of truth, there is no real engagement between people. All I'm seeing is the power that's speaking through you, and you can look at the whole of culture in that way, which is essentially what the post-modern curriculum is..." Roger Scruton talking, from 10'18": "I think you're right they have perhaps neglected those critiques, but you know as I was saying earlier, the purely negative approach to the status quo is simply going to perpetuate this negativity, and has done. The typical conservative, in my reading of events, is someone who looks around himself and he finds things that he loves, and he thinks, well those things are threatened... they're vulnerable... I've got to protect them, and it's not often that you find, on the left, somebody who looks around and finds things that he loves. It's always something that's gone wrong, something that is even hateful, and you've got to mobilize against it. If you've lost any sense that actually. the world is lovable and that there are things therefore to be rescued in it, you have actually lost the sense of why there is such a thing as a community, in the first place, and that I think is one of the things that I felt very strongly, throughout my life that there really are wonderful things that we've inherited."
  13. RobSS

    The Titanic

    I just thought I'd try to keep the Titanic afloat a bit as I've been meditating on the idea that the Titanic, as an allegory, is very similar to the Leviathan metaphor that's always been an iconic cultural symbol. I've already asked if anyone has done any research, on this beast, in the end-times thread, but I thought I'd also ask here, as I'm currently making it a project, so if anyone has anything, please do share.
  14. Has anyone done any research on the Leviathan?
  15. More insights regarding how Parsifal dealt with the problem of evil, from Max Heindel, a Christian mystic, in a lecture, "The Mystery of the Holy Grail", where he notes the following: We have also the symbol of the spear which was the cause of the wound from which the blood flowed. This was stained with the cleansing blood, which made it a talisman that could be variously used. During the reign of Titurel the Grail mystery was powerful; but when the Grail was given over to Amfortas, son of Titurel, he went out armed with the holy spear to slay Klingsor. He then ceased to be harmless; he wanted to pervert that great spiritual power and use it to slay an enemy. Even though it was an enemy of the good, it was not right to use that power for that purpose, and therefore the power turned against him. He had ceased to be chaste, pure, and harmless, and then the power gave him the wound that would never heal. So it is also in other cases. In a different lecture, he wrote: Amfortas could not have fallen if he had been harmless, but he was contemplating a misuse of the spiritual power symbolized by the spear. He was going to use it without due discrimination against Klingsor; therefore, it reached upon him and wounded him. The black and the white magician both use the same force - a spiritual power - and it is as impossible to use a spiritual force to harm a spiritual man as it is to drown a fish in water. Therefore, when Klingsor hurls the spiritual power--the spear--at Parsifal, it floats harmlessly above him and Parsifal directs it against the Castle only, not against Klingsor. The good cannot use good for direct destruction of evil, but only indirectly by showing them the greater power of Good.”
  16. A beautiful video. I love the visual and the idea of an emerging butterfly. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Someone mentioned taking vitamin k2 with D3. This is a really good idea because D3 and K2 work synergistically together. If you'd like more information about the benefits of combining them, plenty of info here: https://www.vitacure.co.uk/k2-info
  18. That's a good reminder that time is just a concept that inhabits the imagination. It's like countries... when the earth is looked at from above, borders and dividing lines between countries are no where to be seen... all that's seen, on the surface, is land and water. In other words, just like countries, time is an invention of the brain.
  19. I was thinking about the the 1964 'battle of Brighton Beach', and how seaside resorts became a bank holiday destination for mods and skinheads in the late 7t's and early 8ts. The most popular destinations were Brighton, Margate and Southend. I took 100s of photos from the period... the day was spent around the town centre, in bars and puns and around the beach, and late afternoon, we'd head back to London and have a choice of several bands to see, like Madness or the Cockney Rejects, etc. A few from Southend, 198t.. Heading back towards London with a change at Barking:
  20. One of Dalí's best known works, The Persistence of Memory (1931)
  21. Christopher Lee 1975 Interview - on Satanism, black magic, occult
  22. Salvador Dali -~- Melting Space-Time (from his Imaginations and Objects of the Future portfolio, 1975)
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