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  1. You keep making false allegations against me. Stop it.
  2. What you said in your previous post has absolutely nothing to do with me. Rob
  3. If that's what you thought, you imagined it. This is absolutely nothing to do with me.
  4. What a load of nonsense. - don't put words into my mouth, cheers.
  5. I've agreed with you that immigration is divisive, so stop saying the same thing over and over again.
  6. Immigration is not the subject of this thread. You keep making the same point, over and over again.
  7. I'm not saying that, but this thread is not about that subject. Rob
  8. Let's hope any agenda to cause a race war doesn't succeed.
  9. You still haven't said why it's relevant to the thread title. What you posted doesn't show that dislike of black people - based on the colour of their skin - is still a reality, or not. It doesn't give an indication one way or the other, so how is it relevant?
  10. So it's not the fault of immigrants. Your issue is with the government.
  11. You didn't say anything regarding the Daily Mail article, and it wasn't relevant to this thread.
  12. Dislike of black people based on the colour of their skin. So please address the title of this thread, thanks. Rob
  13. In that case, start a different thread on immigration. This thread is not about that subject. Thank you.
  14. I'm not using his name as a shield. I'm using what he's said to explain why I agree with him: David Icke: "There is a field of consciousness that connects everything, so it doesn't matter if you're black, white, Asian, Chinese, Aboriginal... it doesn't matter what your form is... YOU are part of the same consciousness. YOU are just a unique expression of it, and that perception that we're all connected immediately starts dropping the fault lines the cult is desperate to perpetuate, so that different versions of form can be played off against each other."
  15. I still don't see why what you're saying is relevant to this thread. You either agree with the thread title or you don't. Is what you're posting evidence that dislike of black people, just because of the colour of their skin, no longer exists? That's the subject of this thread...
  16. I asked a few posters if they have a solution and the other thread was from months ago. David Icke doesn't blame black people or stir up racial tensions. He doesn't see race as an issue. May be you'd be happier on a forum that's more accommodating to your views?
  17. No problem copying and posting info but you've got your own thread for that. It just seems like you're trying to drown out any human conversation.
  18. RobSS

    Being Alive

    Mentioned a few times I sing... here's something recorded earlier...
  19. You're creating a mountain out of a molehill, and you spent all that time on that reply? LOL - Is there really anything wrong, now and again, asking if a poster has a solution? I'm not saying this applies to you, so don't get worked up, but some people don't want a solution, they want a race war, like that white supremacist bloke in the video I posted, wanted white women to make "white babies". I'd imagine people like that getting triggered when asked if they have a solution!
  20. I remember that poster and that post. From what I remember, the poster wasn't very conversational, so I wondered if someone had copied it from an original source and copied and pasted it on to the DI forum? Do you remember a poster called "zsymon"? She submitted 100's and 100's of posts about her experiences in astral reality. The thread must have run into over 90 pages.. I think she was disabled and used astral reality as a means of escapism from ordinary reality.
  21. I agree with what you've written and apologise for not being clearer. I didn't say astral reality was being destroyed. Fallen angels have created a false reality within astral reality. That reality isn't being destroyed either. The word I used was closing down. It's that reality which our rulers are connected to and that's why they're floundering. In creating chaos, the Fallen angels want our connection with the Logos destroyed. They've no respect for the Kabbalah. They've even used it to lead men astray, who in turn use the Kabbalah to create our prison planet. Hope that's a bit clearer!
  22. I found a video of the Greenwich display with the lion. The beginning of the video shows Big Ben bonging, but it's obviously just part of the soundtrack and cringe-worthy, toe-curling voice-over.
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