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  1. There's a lot of wisdom in this poem by Goethe: To the moon You fill bush and valley again Quietly with a splendid mist, You set loose finally once again Entirely my soul. You spread over my domain Gently your gaze, As mildly as a friend's eye Over my fate. Every echo my heart feels Happy and troubled times, I alternate between joy and pain In my solitude. Flow, flow on, dear river! Never shall I be cheerful; So faded away jokes and kisses, And faithfulness as well. Blissful is he who, away from the world, Without hate latching on to, Holding to his heart a friend And with him enjoying, What, by men not known Or never thought of, Through the labyrinth of the heart, Wanders in the night. Also set to music by Schubert:
  2. No, I'm telling the truth and unlike you, I live here, so should know. Only in your imagination! I want people to respect each other. Treat other people as you like to be treated yourself and you can't go wrong, simple. Not sure what you're on about. I've never supported Khan. Sounds like you're tilting at your own shadows.
  3. No... it's because most people want to get on with each other. When she says things like "we're winning", she doesn't represent the opinion of most people. Sorry to disappoint you, but violence in London is not through the roof or as bad as the mainstream media would have you believe, and neither is immigration such a problem. London is a huge city. Get things in perspective.
  4. I see things going the other way. Here in London race relations have never been better and it's improving.
  5. Don't worry, it's only a tiny minority of people that think like that!
  6. Racism is a minority problem. Most white people don't hate people with a different colour skin.
  7. Okay, so you're distancing yourself from that person's remarks, no problem. Great, that you means you agree with David Icke, when he says, "it doesn't matter if you're black, white, Asian, Chinese, Aboriginal... it doesn't matter what your form is... YOU are part of the same consciousness." LOL!
  8. Yes, of course, or they have psychological problems. Nothing new!
  9. One of you mates cries "wacism" when he complains about racism towards whites , so why don't you complain about that, too? Regarding my "nonsense" reply, I wrote that because what i quoted were meaningless sweeping generalisations. I always notice you can never rebut David Icke's quote about skin colour. All you seem to have is sarcasm.
  10. It is an interesting situation, I can't say otherwise, but there's still some way to go. We're gong through a strange few weeks but there will be lots of surprises along the way. In a storm the captain has to navigate between the rocks in darkness and calms his nerves saying, "Steady as she goes..."
  11. I've been to hell, and am traversing Purgatory. Faith in the Redeemer leads to the grail of understanding, and Jesus Christ. "No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell." Carl Jung
  12. See here: https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/24624-racism-against-black-people-is-stil-a-reality/&do=findComment&comment=371734
  13. I only ask that people believe in the Redeemer.
  14. Matthew 13:49 - "So it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come forth, separate the wicked from among the just..."
  15. It's only a small minority who are hate white people. In all my life, I've never heard a black person say they hate white people. The people with those sorts of views really are on the margins of society, and or they've got psychological problems, and they've always been there.
  16. What do you mean by no one is left?
  17. I believe in Jesus Christ and that he'll return, but he said he's not going to return until the Paraclete arrives. When that one arrives in the world, then Jesus Christ will make himself known.
  18. Reminds me of what's in Mrs Lovett's meat pies - It's man devouring man, my dear!
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