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  1. I meant as spectatorin, of course! Jonas Kaufmann recently performed O Holy Night, and there's a puppet theatre version of Zu Bethlehem geboren he did, but I'm going off-topic!
  2. Das tut mir lied, aber Ich meinte Urlaub aus dem Forum und all die Dramen! Ich habe den Rosetta Stein vergessen, aber ja, sie auch!
  3. Guten Tag, Mondlicht, Ich hoffe, Sie hatten einen schönen Urlaub und ja, auch die Murmeln aus Griechenland!
  4. Yes, I do have plans... ta for replying.
  5. I don't see anything in the Bible that says the tribulation is the Great Reset.. the tribulation is a general term to describe a period of global turmoil leading up to the Christ's Second Coming. To avoid the misunderstanding, I should've been more specific, and asked, does anyone have any opinions whether they think the Second Coming will come before or after the Great Reset, or before or after the establishment of the New World Order?
  6. Does anyone have any opinions whether they think the tribulation will come before or after the Great Reset, or before or after the establishment of the New World Order?
  7. Are there any politicians who aren't Marxists who you can support, if so who? What about in the UK?
  8. I don't believe in Marxism, or a political solution as I think things have gone so far off course that i don't know what to do on the political front. When you've got people to understand the problem, are you aware of anyone having any idea what to do then? I think people want details and specific ideas, otherwise people won't engage.
  9. I've met many immigrants from outside Europe who like Schubert and other composers who set Goethe's poems to music, and what's wrong with music from outside Europe? A lot of operatic and classical music composers were inspired by non-European cultures. There's so much that could happen before things get to that stage, and it may never even get to that stage. If you're really interested, and you seem to have the time, which I don't, you could work out a detailed political plan, and get people to vote for it, so you can get the changes you want. Do you have any ideas in that direction?
  10. RobSS

    Being Alive

    A complete change of style. The above song was a from a Broadway musical. This number, recorded earlier this evening, is an English song from the early 1920's. 'The Magic Carpet' painting by Victor Vasnetsov Most of the other paintings by Edwin Lord Weeks Words and music by Albert Ketèlbey
  11. Of course not... that should go without saying!
  12. Of course not! Skin colour is only superficial... you should know that's what I believe by now... How many times have I posted this quote by David Icke? "There is a field of consciousness that connects everything, so it doesn't matter if you're black, white, Asian, Chinese, Aboriginal... it doesn't matter what your form is... YOU are part of the same consciousness. YOU are just a unique expression of it, and that perception that we're all connected immediately starts dropping the fault lines the cult is desperate to perpetuate, so that different versions of form can be played off against each other."
  13. PG's entitled to think whatever she likes! LOL
  14. I read what you said, but I don't believe in rapture and i didn't mean to imply that the Great Reset or the establishment of the New Word Order is the same as the tribulation. Rob
  15. I've never said anything about Christ returning before or after the tribulation. I haven't mentioned the word "tribulation". I said "Great Reset" or the official establishment of the NWO. I didn't mean to imply these two things were the tribulation !
  16. If you're referring to words "colour matters"... I've never stated anywhere that colour matters in the sense that it's an excuse for discrimination or that anyone should be disliked just because of the colour of their skin. I've never even stated anywhere that colour matters. I've always maintained that skin colour is an illusion.
  17. Where have I said anything about rapture? I haven't talked about or even ever mentioned rapture on this forum. It's never been something I've believed!
  18. Thank you, you obviously misunderstood what I wrote. No problem!
  19. No where in that thread have I said that anyone should be disliked because of the colour of their skin.
  20. Can you quote what I said? I've never said that colour matter in the context that anyone should be disliked because of the colour of their skin. In that context, I've always said that colour doesn't matter.
  21. I have never claimed one side does more than another. I know you never said I say that, but just wanted to clarify!
  22. Did you read my post correctly? I think you misunderstood what I wrote. i certainly didn't say colour does matter...
  23. I value freedom of speech. It's never been my intention to prevent people from expressing opinions... my aim is to win people over, by showing why disliking coloured people, just because of the colour of their skin, is unnecessary.
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