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  1. But you already know that there are many Christians who don't use churches and understand that the idea of a church is Pagan. You're obviously not keeping up with modern reality! The taking of the bread and wine should not be taken literally. Many Christians see the custom as being symbolic, but you can't get over the fact there are different types of Christian. Your prejudice is ingrained. You've become indoctrinated.
  2. All anti-life and anti-human ideas should be abhorred.
  3. There's absolutely nothing in the Bible that says Christ was born on December 25, and not only that, there's also nothing in the Bible that says Christ's birthday should be celebrated. In fact, there's nothing in the Bible that suggests anyone's birthday should be celebrated. The idea of celebrating birthdays is a Pagan custom.
  4. Anyone who doesn't agree with you, you brand as a sympathiser of cultural Marxism. You spend so much time in your own little social media bubble, you think that's how the world is, but you're displaying symptoms of someone in a loony cult!
  5. Being against cultural Marxism does not mean I have to align myself with those that have fallen for the divide and conquer agenda. What a load of utter nonsense! LOL
  6. I don't know why you keep going on about Jesus not being born on 25th December. You should know by now that a lot of Christians, especially on this forum, understand fully well that Jesus Christ wasn't born on the 25th December, and that associating Christ with that date is related Pagan worship of the creation, rather than the Creator.
  7. That author doesn't know what he's talking about if he's basing his claim that the Second Coming can only be found in the book of John and the book of Acts. Christ's second coming is mentioned in all four Gospels, including the books of Matthew and of Mark, so that rules out any Roman interference. The Second Coming is also attested to in the first book of Thessalonians, the second book of Peter, and the book of Revelation. Regarding astrology... astrological elements do exist in the Bible, but that's hardily surprising because God created not only the Earth, but also the Heavens, so it's hardly surprising that the intelligence and the glory of the cosmos is reflected in the Bible, but that doesn't mean to say the Bible is based on astrology. People who believe aspects of the Bible are based on astrology are placing the cart before the horse. Jesus Christ is eternal. He was around long before the solar system came into existence, let alone astrology! For many Jesus Christ will come like a thief in the night. Therefore, stay awake!
  8. Thankfully, I know of no one who likes cultural Marxism.
  9. Here you go again, trying to make a mountain out of a molehill! All I said was that I didn't detect any racism from Alex Thomson. I know we're increasingly living in an Orwellian reality, where good is bad and bad is good, but believe it or not, and you and Truthspoon may not want to hear it, but it's actually a good thing if there's no racism and there's nothing hypocritical about that. Nothing to see here! Oh my days... if you look at the post where I originally criticised the interview that Alex Thomson did, my dislike wasn't so much for Mark Collett (although he's been reported as saying that he can't wait for Communist China to destroy America and rule the world), but rather for Jason Köhne. This is the sort of Köhne is: https://videos.files.wordpress.com/mGExUE68/kohne-2_dvd.mp4 "Our women have... our white women have been trained to take inferior versions of our men, very often to reproduce with... defunct and broken versions of white men... as husbands... or at least briefly... to reproduce with and then divorce and marry the State and get paid by the State, get paid by the rest of us... our tax dollars... and they've just reproduced more of a - no other way of saying it - a lower level, less intelligent... a less industrious... a less glorious white person... and so we're going to have to make efforts to recoup what has been lost by way of war... by way of the decisions of our women when it comes to reproducing. There's nothing better on planet Earth - and this is an absolutely profound thought... and we should all pass it on - there is nothing greater on planet Earth than a white woman. There's nothing greater. [...] With the constellation of all that is good and glorious about our white women, there is one thing that they can do that makes them truly the finest creatures on planet Earth and that is, they can give birth to white men. Only white women can have white babies - and if they're not producing babies with white men, they're not white babies"
  10. That airplane scene is a perfect metaphor for the task ahead... do we have clearance yet, to land?
  11. I vaguely recall seeing publicity about that robot but didn't know the United Nations was giving it so much status. Just goes to show which side they're on, certainly not the wheat! Sophia is obviously the sister of the Maschinenmensch in the Metropolis film...
  12. Yes, and I've watched how this creeping agenda has developed over the years.
  13. Just watched the promotional videos. Times have changed so much since I was at school. It's sad the issues raised in the videos are a reality. When I was at school, the only memory I have of kids issues being politicised was when Maggie Thatcher, as Minister for Education (1970–1974), decided to stop schools giving us a free half pint of milk to drink every morning. When I was 9, one of my fondest memories was sucking full cream milk, through a paper straw, in the morning playground breaks. I used to look forwards to that and watching all those hundreds of cartons of milk being delivered each morning. A few years later, she became Prime Minister. Grrrr...
  14. RobSS

    Being Alive

    I had a listen back through one of the recordings I did earlier, and am sort of happy with this... but see what you think... any constructive comments welcome!
  15. I don't see anything wrong in simply acknowledging there's a conflict, and I don't think acknowledging it exists, is denying the truth. In denying the conflict, it may actually prevent one from integrating aspects from the shadow self, leading to a false sense that one is above it all.
  16. RobSS

    Being Alive

    Thank you TetraG. I have performed Ring of Fire, but never done a proper recording it... I'll have a go! This afternoon, I was halfway through recording a fun version of Harold Arlen's Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead, from The Wizard of Oz, with bits of the film as background visuals, but my flatmate came in. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it tomorrow. I love the way Gene Wilder used his voice in the song, "Pure Imagination"...
  17. I don't want it, it's just a fact of what's going on. If you want to stick you're head in the sand and imagine it's not happening, fine, but why are you here then?
  18. The cosmic war is real because all the individual minds that make cosmic reality, are also real.
  19. The sun is a created object. It's part of material reality. In Divine reality, there is no sun.
  20. Even Christ said the wheat would be separated from the chaff. so there already, you have an "us and them" situation, but it's not any humans who will ultimately judge as only God can judge. There's wisdom in Christ's parable, which you seem to be blind to for some reason.
  21. God's letting people know that there's an alternative way to following the way of the world and Satan's agenda.
  22. Satan doesn't need to follow the Revelation as a script because he'd already devised his long-term agenda long before Revelation was written. Revelation exposes that agenda, adding extra details how the agenda will fail, and what will succeed it.
  23. All well and good, if that's you're interpretation, except that Jesus Christ never said the events would happen within the lifetime of his disciples. The whole Bible is about the conflict between the sons of Cain and humanity. If you're right that Jesus Christ was a false profit, then the cabal have already won, but I don't think you are right, and unlike you, I believe in Jesus Christ, and I do believe his prophecies are true. Reading the 'fear and doom', I think you're projecting you're own erroneous understanding on to the message. You obviously missed the above post, where I wrote that all Christians are doing nothing whilst waiting. That's why the two angels asked the men of Galilee why they were looking up at the sky after Jesus Christ had ascended. As James Burton Coffman once commented, "The message of the angels to the heavenward gazing apostles has the spiritual effect of challenging every believer to be busily engaged in the service of the Lord, rather than wasting time by gazing into those things which are beyond all human knowledge of them." So no, Jesus Christ's return does not completely fit in nicely with the PTB's ideology to control the population.
  24. RobSS

    Being Alive

    Thanks, I don't play the piano to performance standard, but do play the violin and clarinet.
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