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  1. It's not just singing, like any kind of singing... it's on a level exploring a time portal and the Second Coming, but you don't understand things like that because the cabal has taught you to treat ALL music as pop music, as if it were produced by MTV. What a horrible analogy. I'll leave the Rothschild trousers for you to wear, thanks. Trousers and ties are cabal uniforms. Trousers? Yuck!
  2. I don't think replacement is the short term agenda. - the long term agenda is transhumanism, but they're planning that for everyone, not just white people, but as I said, it's going to fail because they are not God.
  3. I don't think replacement is the agenda. Spiritual suppression is the the thing... and getting people into reptilian survival mode, but I don't think they're succeeding.
  4. You've already summarised what your solutions are, and they amount to a many posts of things, but no mention of anything beyond survival mode... just an observation.
  5. Of course you are because I offer more than just survival tips and ideas. If there's one thing the cabal don't like, it's creativity and ideas.
  6. Then say what you do, otherwise, you I don't believe you. I think you're just bluffing because you don't know how to answer, which explains why you don't have anything to offer, other than doom and reptilian survival mode tips and ideas. But there's always an underlying current of ethno-nationalism going on and a victim mentality, vergig on paranoia that you're being eradicated. I don't think eradication is the plan. Cultural suppression is the plan and you're trying to help that agenda.
  7. May be they are paying attention but not in the way that you like, which is why you're becoming a prophet of doom?
  8. Being open about what you do to support culture would be racist against white people? You're always focusing on skin colour.. most of your posts are about skin colour, an illusion...
  9. Why can't you say what you do that supports culture. Your silence on the matter is very dubious. Focusing on an illusion and superficial surface colour will only bring unhappiness and grief. In order to live outside the cabal's mind prison, you have to show that you're inspiring people to live, otherwise, what you're doing is part of the problem. Just telling people to live in reptilian brain survival mode is not achieving anything positive.
  10. Blame your mate Truthspoon for crying about wacism against white people for that thread! LOL
  11. GCHQ? Have you signed the official secrets act? Not everybody is living in Reptilian brain survival mode, so why try to drag everyone down to that level?
  12. Exactly, there are many factors that go into creating a musician, but it's not skin colour because that's something impossible to measure because it's ultimately an illusion, just as all matter is an illusion. What's real are things of a spiritual nature, things that you can;t see that are associated with character. It's you who's obsessed with skin colour. I have no reason to sing to a skin colour - it just doesn't make any sense! LOL Why just be a "watcher"? Why not do something positive to make other people feel like it's good to be alive? What do you do with respect to making people feel good to be alive? You gave one example that didn't work... instead of just being a "watcher", it may be more productive if you spent that time, instead, trying to think of another way that may inspire people to live? Not at all. I don't see people in terms of black and white. If you keep staring into the abyss, it could consume you. The grass is greenest where it's watered the most. In other words, if you only look at how brown your neighbours lawn is, and not your own, you're not keeping you're own grass watered.
  13. Which is why I asked. You obviously don't want to say how you support culture, I wonder why. It actually feels like you're helping to destroy it. I hope I'm wrong, but if I am, please show how you're supporting it. You said: "you can sing until you are blue in the face but if the wider factors i speak about deepen they will squeeze the colour and joy out of everyones lives until life becomes mere existence" You sound very dismissive of singing and you don't acknowledge that singing has any useful role in society. You're so intent on proving that the agenda is going to destroy everything that you're even happy to brush singing aside, as something inconvenient, rather than as an indication of something worth saving and therefore some worth encouraging. I see singing as a positive indication that the cabal aren't achieving their aims.
  14. It's not to do with skin colour though. Like you say, it's because of factors "besides from skin colour", but skin colour itself isn't the factor, in and of itself. Wrong, my reaction was, why can't people just learn to respect each other and get along? You want to play the same game that they play, and so you get this endless stream of one extreme feeding off the other, and so you get BLM and the extreme right - made perfectly for each other, just like the cabal wants. This does sound like victim crying. Then, why do other white people I know not share you're fear?
  15. What I don't understand about you is that you talk about wanting to save the culture, but then you don't seem to do anything to support the culture. I asked what was the last play you went to see, and you ignored the question. If culture is so important to you, why do you attack even the act of singing?
  16. Just doing "lol" doesn't mean that you've addressed the points, it just means you're brush points I made under the carpet! Good, so we're agreed - technical musical ability has nothing to do with sin colour. You're obsessed with skin colour. It doesn't bother me if Othello or Hamlet is played by a black or white person. You want to play identity politics, which is decisive and only helps the cabal's agenda, which you're doing by the bucket full. Again, I'm not blinded by skin colour. I'm interested in what's going on inside the character, not with just what's happening on the superficial surface.
  17. You're promoting a fatalist attitude and doom. Everyday, you're coming across, more and more, as someone betting on the agenda to succeed in order that you can prove that what you've been saying, all along, is true, to such an extent, you're even attacking singers. It's like your mind has been taken over by the cabal and you're doing their work for them, denying people the desire to sing because you feel unhappy because that's exactly the mentality of the cabal... they want everyone to be miserable, just like they are. I ask you again, what are you doing to make people feel alive and optimistic about the future?
  18. If you feel you're being gaslighted, you're imagining it. I didn't say everything is great. You generally exaggerate too much. I don't think the 70's were a terrible time because Britain was more white. Unlike you, I don't see things in primitive black and white terms. Life is much more complex than you think. The reason the 70's were not so good is because incidents of verbal and physical abuse were more common, not just directed at people merely because of the colour of their skin, but also because of their sexuality. It was more common for people to be verbally or violently assaulted. Things, in that respect are better now, in other ways, they are worse, but it's not a simplistic black or white issue. The difference between you and I is that I don't judge people by the colour of their skin and you still haven't acknowledged that skin colour has nothing to do with being a good musician.
  19. I don't mean "happy" in the bland sense of the word. I mean happy in the sense of making people feel that being alive is good. Apart from all the doom porn and having children, what do you do that makes people feel good to be alive?
  20. I'm not trying to get an emotional rise out of you, just trying to explain that i think you're over egging the problem, but i don't know where you live, so it may be different where you are. You're in America? Here in London, there are still many white actors and many white actors are playing white characters and race relations have never been better.
  21. In that post I said that you can learn something from reading. I didn't say that you shouldn't read what you don't like. So I ask you again, where did I say you shouldn't read what you don't like? Rob
  22. I don't have children, but at least I make people happy singing. Not sure how that qualifies as fucking u the world, but I think you're projecting. Apart from posting negative reality all the time, what do you do to make people happy?
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