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  1. Oksana Lyniv: I don’t want quotas for women conductors The first female music director of an Italian opera house has spoken out against reverse discrimination for women conductors... https://slippedisc.com/2022/01/oksana-lyniv-i-dont-want-quotas-for-women-conductors/
  2. Apart from that meme parody... never heard of Joacine Katar-Moreira...
  3. Christianity is not an extension of the Pagan Egyptian Mystery religion. The Pagan Mystery religion is the product of Satan in opposition to God. "One has to ask, which Thutmose you are referring to - there were four. However, in brief, the answer has to be “No!” A better question would be, is the character of Moses dated to the early 18th Dynasty? The answer to this would be yes. In the 18th Dynasty, the name “Moses” was a very popular name, possibly due to the Pharaohs having this name. “Thutmose” basically means “son of/born of Thut”. You might ask why the Moses of the Bible does not have any reference to a god? that is easily answered in that the Hebrews would not have acknowledged the existence of any other god, other than YHVH (many Hebrew names do include the Name “Yah/YHVH”). Thus, it is quite understandable for the Hebrew writers to have referred to him by maybe his popular, diminutive family name - just as we call our son “Ben”, whilst his actual name is “Benjamin”. Did Moses have a Hebrew name, which his Mother, Yochabed gave him? The answer is yes, we find it in the Hebrew of Judges 18:30 - it was ”Manasseh”. However, it is obvious that the authors of the Bible continued to use his popular, diminutive name of “Moses”, given to him & used by his adoptive mother. No, Moses was not any of the four Pharaohs called “Thutmose” but he had been adopted into the dynastic family that liked to use this name." https://www.quora.com/Was-Thutmose-actually-Moses
  4. pi3141, You're making things up... where did I say I don't read what I don't like? Rob
  5. No one is really arguing against the title of the thread. If the comment, "the only racism that exists in the UK now is anti-white racism", had not been made on the forum, this thread wouldn't have existed! The original claim was made on the Covid-19 thread. I didn't want to query that comment there for obvious reasons. Could a moderator please close this thread, thanks. Rob
  6. I'm not surprised that's what the workings of your mind look like.
  7. In your imagination only. So you do think that bad behaviour is only to do with skin colour. Anyhow, that's not the subject of this thread. If you want to prove that point, start a new thread on the subject, thanks.
  8. Thank you. That's all this thread is about. Nothing else here to see. That's debatable, but not the subject of this thread. Racism against black people is still a reality, and there are victims, but there's a difference between acknowledging that and using that as an excuse to cause division.
  9. I didn't say you were actually in a loony cult... I said "symptoms" because you won't reason... it's not about skin colour. Why not look at underlying causes? I'm also replying to each and every point you make, and refuting them. Your mockery is an indication of desperation!
  10. It's not skin colour that causes the problems. I don't subscribe to CRT. It's you who are playing the victim card. Truthspoon played the victim card when he said that the only racism in the UK is against white people. He's playing the victim. You're both playing the victim. It's nothing to do with skin colour. Why don't you get out of your social media bubble and realise that realise how you're being played? This thread is not about "how hard done by [racist against] minorities are [in the west]" - it's about a comment made by someone who shares similar views to you that the only racism in the UK is racism against white people. This thread is about explaining why that statement is false. That's not the subject of this thread.
  11. You are playing games, but you're only succumbing to the divide and conquer agenda. I do give an honest response, which you ignore... An honest response to your claim that it's mostly blacks responsible for social disorder is that it's not black skin that causes rioting and social disorder, it's social deprivation and societal problems. Of course you're bored because you can't defend the indefensible.
  12. Who said they were peaceful? They became known as the "Shopping riots" to mock the looters who only cared about greed and vanity, but what you're missing is that it's not black skin that causes rioting and social disorder, it's social deprivation and societal problems. The primary cause has got nothing to do with skin colour but you don't want to know that. You only see the colour of a person's skin.
  13. If you'd carried on reading, do you think may have learned something?
  14. In George Orwell's "1984", he wrote all this... "cheering and waving flags is simply sex gone sour".
  15. I've never defended CRT. It's people like you who are demoralised... playing the victim and using that to incite racial divisions. I don't defend any political leaders and I've never been on the "plantation". I suppose you feel content with the reality that Asians and gays were beaten up by right wing thugs?
  16. Retaliating in ways that provoke racial hatred. It's given those people who do hate people, or look down on people with a different coloured excuse, to come out and provoke disharmony. It's the divide and conquer agenda. You're not interested in healing race relations. You're only interested in demonising groups of people. Don't forget that most black people weren't involved in those episodes of public disorder. Same thing when white get involved, it's always a minority, both feeding off each other and blaming the other saying the other side is worse. A lot of white people were involved in the 2011 "shopping riots" too, but it's obvious your agenda is to point the finger of blame at black people all the time. In other words, you're a victim of the cabal's divide and conquer agenda. They weren't isolated incidents. White right wing extremists beating up Asians and gay people were common during the 70's, 80's and 90's, but the pendulum swings and then extremists on the left, and a minority of black people get involved. This thread only exists because a poster made a false claim that the only racism that exists in the UK these days is anti-white racism. If that poster hadn't of made the comment, this thread wouldn't exist, so don't blame me for all this! I've never claimed it is common, but that's not the subject of this thread.
  17. Hatred towards blacks, just on the colour of their skin colour, is a still a reality, so no need to put that in quotation marks when it's a fact, but let's get it into perspective, it's only a minority who hold prejudices based on skin colour. The BLM and the extreme right are both sides of the same coin and are nourished by dark hidden forces. Extreme right-wing groups did the same a few decades ago. It's the pendulum effect. At the moment, it''s the manufactured BLM who are causing a lot of the trouble, which is fuelling the extreme right to retaliate. In the past, it was the extreme right, like the National Front and British Movement when they appropriated skinheads to go Paki bashing and beating up gay people. No doubt the pendulum will swing again backwards and forwards, but these two sides are being manipulated by the same demonic forces.
  18. All you can manage is making false claims or creating a storm in a tea cup!
  19. You only cherry pick what you want to believe, and as I've already shown, Christ's Second Coming has nothing to do with Paganism or Roman influences.
  20. The extreme right are obverse side of the coin to BLM. They need people on the extreme right to maintain their own existence. The reverse is true also. BLM is a gift for right wing extremists.
  21. Can we try and get this thread back on topic, thanks.
  22. No, I don't - not at all! It's the way you lash out, just like members of a cult, but it won't charm anyone to your cause - it'll only put people off.
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