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  1. He involved sex with black magic, which is obviously wrong! LOL
  2. Truthspoon's comment was not true. It was an exaggerated comment to provoke racial animosity, and now you're trolling this thread.
  3. This is more about your ego. The subject of this thread is very simple and has been addressed but you just can't let go.
  4. I think more people would listen to you, if you didn't come across as being so extreme and fanatical.
  5. It's not what you're saying, it's the way you're saying things.
  6. You keep on repeating the same thing over and over again. What are you going to do about it? What is your solution? Why are so few people taking any notice of you?
  7. The way you're carrying on, is it surprising hardly anyone is listening to you?
  8. You're running around complaining you're about to be exterminated!
  9. Where have I said that? You seem to be making a useless career out of making up nonsense.
  10. That kind of hyperbole is used to promote racial division and animosity, and I cannot be forgiving of that.
  11. I'm sure Crowley was a servant of something sinister, but it's got nothing to do with gay people.
  12. I think you're addressing the problem in a very immature way. You're being far too emotional. David Icke doesn't carry on like you.
  13. If Truthspoon had said there's racism against white people in Britain today, I wouldn't have had an issue. The issue is that he said that the only racism in Britain today, is racism against white people, which is not true.
  14. I would rather neither, actually. You seem to be against one but in favour of the other. Which is wrong, of course. You're going off-topic again.
  15. What I'm doing in this thread is stating that racial abuse against black people is still a fact. That's something some may not want to face up to, but it's still happening, nevertheless.
  16. For your information, not all gay people are into anal sex.
  17. That's the movement I think you're not helping because it's not just about the a racial group, it's about replacing humanity in general.
  18. How do you know if you're doing it or not, if you don't even know what racial abuse is? I can tell you what racial abuse is. It's when someone or a group of people shout nasty things about the colour of your skin. It's when strangers decide to physically punch you because they don't like the colour of your skin. That's what racial abuse is, so you can't feign that you don't know what it is now, can you?
  19. No, also discussed the cabal's agenda, which I do almost every day. Even today in the "Today's News" thread, and in the "Religion and Secret Societies" section, in the thread about time. So you're either not telling the truth, or you're not as informed as you thin you are. I think you're doing the movement more harm than good.
  20. I've also said that all genocide is wrong too! Why don't you get that still? I've said it soooo many times. I've never tried to justify ethnic replacement. So why are you appearing to racist abuse?
  21. I do present information but you conveniently ignore it. Even in the Roger Scruton thread I presented information. The difference between you and David Icke is that he is taken more seriously by a vast number of people because he knows how to handle these issues.
  22. All racism is wrong, don't you get that? And why aren't you addressing my point that if I'm racially abused, physically or verbally, both of which has happened to me, how can that be justified?
  23. But they are not a "mafia". The word "mafia" is the wrong word to use. It's an unnecessary emotive term, which only undermines serious progress. And yes, there is an agenda, but it a political issue, not a sexual orientation issue.
  24. "Jewish groups" - doesn't mean that all Jews are involved or are in favour of the cabal. I still think David Icke is progressing intelligently. People who blame all Jews are just putting people, who are really trying to make a positive difference, to shame.
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