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  1. But so what if there are homosexuals in the elite? There are also heterosexuals, so what? What should be the issue is what their agenda is, not the distracting thing about what their sexual orientation is.
  2. I understand, but this thread is about a comment made by a person who did speak about immigrants in those terms.
  3. I agree, it's not the fault of immigrants or Jews, unless individuals are part of the agenda, and if they are, then they are the problem, and not the group they are part of as a whole. Regarding CRT, the Cabal are using critical race theory to allow racists to emerge in order to complete their divide and conquer strategy.
  4. It's the intension that's put into the act, IMO. It's not necessarily evil in and of itself.
  5. But David Icke doesn't say inflammatory things about racism and he doesn't call immigrants "dogs".
  6. I agree there is an immigration problem, and that there is a sinister agenda, but it has to be tackled in more intelligent way, like David Icke is doing, and even he isn't finding it easy. You're making it much harder. Blaming all Jews and immigrants is only going to make the movement look silly.
  7. Those things are all worth discussing, but they're not the subject of this thread, and David Icke doesn't contradict himself, when he says, "so it doesn't matter if you're black, white, Asian, Chinese, Aboriginal."
  8. That's fine, as long as Betty Jones doesn't fall into the trap of dividing people against each other over the colour of skin or race... "so it doesn't matter if you're black, white, Asian, Chinese, Aboriginal." (David Icke)
  9. But the women could still be affected in other ways by your logic, but in any event, I don't believe anal sex is detrimental per se. It depends on the intentions behind the sex and whether they are good or bad. That's got nothing to do with sexual orientation, though.
  10. You're twisting what David Icke says for your own agenda. What he actually says is this, "There is a field of consciousness that connects everything, so it doesn't matter if you're black, white, Asian, Chinese, Aboriginal... it doesn't matter what your form is... you are part of the same consciousness. YOU are just a unique expression of it, and that perception that we're all connected immediately starts dropping the fault lines the cult is desperate to perpetuate, so that different versions of form can be played off against each other.
  11. Anal sex would would affect women in the same way. But not all the elite of the Vatican are gay anyway. What you should be focusing on is not sex, but what their agenda is.
  12. Like David Icke, I believe skin colour and ethnicity is an irrelevance because we are all infinite consciousness and skin is just an illusion and part of the ephemeral world of matter, and the agenda is against humanity as a whole, but this is still not the subject of this thread.
  13. Again, the word "mafia" is an emotive term, and sexual orientation is irrelevant because it's not only some gays who are involved as heterosexuals are also involved. You're being distracted from the real issue, which David Icke correctly focuses on, which is the occult reptilian agenda.
  14. You agree with the subject of this thread The prevailing trend is against all of humanity, not just white people, but that's not the issue of this thread.
  15. I don't need you to impose on me what I should think is reality, thanks. That's what totalitarians do. I know that racism still exists against black people and that's a fact.
  16. What's new? So what if 4 out of five priests are gay? What's your point, what are you trying tos say exactly?
  17. No, I'm stating what the reality is regarding racism against black people, and you're just trolling.
  18. No, the question, "what is the prevailing trend" has nothing to do wit the subject of this thread.
  19. But he was doing it in conjunction with the occult.
  20. That' question isn't the subject of this thread, though.
  21. Then you need to start up a campaign against anal sex in general because some heterosexual men engage in it too!
  22. He's said other things that also provoke racial animosity. If it was just a one-off, I would've been inclined to ignore it, but there's been a catalogue of things he's said. He even PM'd me twice to apologise, but each time he just carried on as before. He obviously has a problem, and only yesterday, he compared immigrants to "dogs".
  23. Which is why a holistic approach is commendable.
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