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  1. Actually, I think it was Fanny Fanackapan... coming back to me now... I may 'ave been wrong, but I think adults used to call little girls that who weren't paying attention because they were too busy being fussy, etc.... as in 'come along Fanny Fanackapan'... never really got to the bottom of that one... perhaps some else knows for sure.
  2. Every come across fannyfanackapan? (not sure about the spelling!)
  3. Hair of the dog boozer 'bird' (not the feathered variety) Loadsamoney!
  4. fanny (may have a different meaning in America) haven't heard anyone talk about Joe Public for a long time...
  5. Just to keep things in perspective, that's all.
  6. A few I remember that were common in school in the 70's: nooky funky far out groovy nifty slammin' bummer Check ya later Can ya dig it?
  7. I wasn't aware of this post, so thanks for bumping it up again. IrfanView is my favourite free editor, and my default for viewing images, so it's interesting to see that it's at the top of the list. I can't help with free lightweight mobile pic editor suggestions, as I only use my mobile for phone-calls, but regarding online editors, you've probably already come across these, but in case anyone hasn't, they're useful for many conversion and editing tasks, not just pictures, but also videos, audio and documents: https://ezgif.com/ https://123apps.com/ Nothing to do with picture editing, but another useful online service is Speech to Text: https://speech-to-text-demo.ng.bluemix.net/ Rob
  8. Do you believe absolutely anyone who hasn't been vaxxed will go to into the new reality, or are there any exceptions?
  9. I'm acknowledging the existence of the networks, so your point about me not being honest about their existence is puzzling, and the reason for that can only be known to you! What I'm saying, which is what you're trying to deflect from, is that it's the crime of illegal sex that's the issue, not sexual orientation.
  10. You're deflecting. I've not said anything about "gamechanging", and it's not what this thread is about. Cheers,
  11. Start another thread on those issues... causes, etc. This thread is about, "Racism against black people is still a reality". Thanks Rob
  12. Yes, but it's crime of illegal sex that's the issue, not sexual orientation.
  13. I've already made it clear that white people can be the victims of racism, but that's not the subject of this thread, which is specifically that it's not the only form of racism in the UK because, contrary to what Truthspoon wrote, racism against black people still exists.
  14. The networks are obvious but it's nothing to do with sexuality being the problem, but individuals who misuse sexuality, and that can occur in men of any sexual orientation. Michael Howard, who was Conservative Leader of the Opposition between 2003 and 2005, once said of Peter Mandelson, there is “something of the night about him". There should be a separate thread about Mandelson. The fact he was gay is only incidental.
  15. Rape gangs are a terrible problem. I know some people like to focus on ethnicity, and rape gangs that feature men with dark dark skin, but it's not just some brown people who organise such vile operations. A lot of sex crimes are also carried out by many nationalities. Sex trafficking, sexual slavery, and child rape is also a major problem with Eastern Europeans, affecting the UK. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_trafficking_in_Europe
  16. I don't believe having the vaccine is tantamount to accepting the mark of the best.
  17. It's interesting what could happen! It's clear the world is being controlled by malevolent other-dimensional forces, and that are political rulers are puppets of these forces. If these other-dimensional forces begin to suffer defeats in the unseen realm, they will also begin to loose their influence on human rulers. The more that happens, the more our rulers will begin to appear to flounder around, in desperation, trying to keep the illusion going that they're the ones who are really in control... as they'll need to depend on their own human abilities to support an alien system, which they haven't got a clue how to maintain. If there are malevolent other-dimensional beings, then it's also possible there are other-dimensional beings that are benevolent, and that there's a war taking place in the hidden realms. According to the Bible, man rejected benevolence in favour of human rulers and kings. If this is the case, the total sum of human rulership and government is nothing more than an experiment. The goal of the experiment is to cut humanity's communication with the Divine, and to establish a secular New World order on earth, as a mockery of everything that's true and sacred. The culmination of this experiment is now coming into view and it will demonstrate to humanity what happens when it rejects Divine counsel and elects human rulers and kings as a replacement for that wise counsel. What will happen to the vaxxed? After the denouement... there could be a mass healing of the nations, as described in Revelation.
  18. Doesn't seem like you're ruling out the possibility of God. Regarding my question, "Can science discover anything that doesn't already exist?" I'm surprised you answered, "What type of question is that?" It's a perfectly straight forward question to which the simple answer must be "No, science cannot discover anything that doesn't already exist." This doesn't matter though because the delight and of wonder of life is the journey... finding things out, and not taking things too seriously. It's also the case that God cannot discover anything that doesn't already exist, obviously because God is everything. So science will always lead to God, but never become God or some kind of Creative Intelligence that creates time because the more science knows, the less it seems to understand about consciousness. At least you're keeping an open mind, which is not a bad thing.
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