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  1. I can't believe we're almost halfway through January already... how time flies!
  2. I've never denied anti-white prejudice, but that is not the subject of this thread, thanks.
  3. Even Michael Howard said he had something of the night about him.
  4. A Museum of Youth Culture has opened in London, "dedicated to the incredible creativity of British youth culture". The museum is at 154 Shaftesbury Avenue, not far from Cambridge Circus in the heart of the West End. I think it's a brilliant idea to have a museum because Britain has been host to incredible waves of youth culture over the last 100 years. The museum even has a website, where many of the photos can browsed: https://shop.museumofyouthculture.com/ Hopefully, it will be an inspiration for the youth of today and tomorrow!
  5. As you know, I'm not in favour of the cabal's depop agenda. At the same time it's important not to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater.
  6. This was the original post using Christ's words out of contest, and inappropriately applying the derogatory term “dogs” to immigrants flooding the country raping women and children: Quote: Matthew 7:6 Do not give that which is holy to the dogs, nor cast your pearls before the pigs, lest they shall trample upon them with their feet, and having turned, tear you to pieces. It's not Christian to flood your country with people who rape your women and children. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/15419-is-there-an-agenda-to-reduce-the-white-european-population/&do=findComment&comment=374902 There was no mention that the vast majority of immigrants that do come to the UK are peaceful and law abiding and want to have a decent life. These people could really do without comments like that.
  7. It's the weaponising of homosexuality that's wrong, not homosexuality itself. They also weaponise heterosexuality by making it about lust.
  8. In case anyone thinks I'm making things up, this is where TS called gay people "faggots": https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/22581-the-homosexual-elite-and-the-velvet-mafia/&do=findComment&comment=349869
  9. I don't think they want happy gay couples. But this all shouldn't distract from the truth that there's nothing wrong with homosexuality if it's not associated with the occult and isn't part of a negative political agenda. If true love and romance is the underlying motive, then I see nothing wrong with it. If people try to use the cabal's agenda as an excuse to promote homophobia and division, that's quite easy to recognise and that has happened in this thread.
  10. In that specific post, you didn't say it was about immigrants who raped women and children, you just left it open, like you usually do, and even using language like "dogs" is just totally wrong. It's like when you blame Jews. You never qualify your hatred towards Jews by acknowledging not all Jews are part of the problem, and why do you always pick on coloured immigrants? What about white European immigrants who engage in sex trafficking and child abuse? Why have you said brown people are making the country "dirty" and called gay people "faggots"? I do wish you a good new year, Truthspoon, but I hope yo get your issues sorted out, I truly do.
  11. If you think they want to be "happy", then you really don't understand the nature of evil.
  12. TS didn't say anything about a prevailing trend. It was an out and denial that blacks are affected by racism. The prevailing trend is not the subject of this thread.
  13. Why do you keep apologising and then the next day you post the same insulting comments? You really only have yourself to blame and you were never truly sorry. I hope you have a good year too and that one day you will genuinely be sorry for the hurt and drama that you've caused.
  14. They don't just want to break up heterosexual relationships they want to break up all good relationships.
  15. It's Truthspoon's comments that are nasty. If this was a different thread that wasn't about TS, it wouldn't be an issue, but this thread is specifically about TS's remarks, and that's why there are problems.
  16. You're not acknowledging that they're also pushing heterosexual lust, not just other types, but I've already agreed that it's wrong to force these orientations to destroy societies, but that still doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with being transgender or that there's anything wrong with sex in an of itself, regardless of orientation. True love and romance is still a wondrous and sacred thing and shouldn't be dengrated.
  17. The problem is the context of what TS has said and is still saying.
  18. It's because the cabal are pushing carnal desire, but they're not just pushing homosexuality... they're also pushing all forms of carnal desire including heterosexuality. You only have to look on TV and in the magazines to see it everywhere. For some reason you're transfixed on gays and transgendered people. There's nothing wrong with these things as long as its not pushed in an unnatural manner and forced on children. All this should not eclipse the fact that love and romance is good. The evil elite want people to forget about the goodness of sex and romance. One shouldn't get all emotional and obsessed with the negative things and forget that at the core of the human being is goodness and sex is part of that.
  19. Using inflammatory language, like TS used, is extremist. I only describe what I see.
  20. I disagree, they're targeting the whole world. Boris has already said he wants everyone in the world vaccinated, for example.
  21. You just want to pillory and point the finger at gay people, but they're pushing sexuality on people in so many different ways, which you're conveniently ignoring. It's not just homosexuality or transgenderism... for example, they've also been promoting heterosexual lust for a long time... anything to do with distracting people away from true love and romance.
  22. Don't try and blame me. I didn't make the inflammatory remarks. Get your priorities right, man.
  23. But I don't think it's just white people they are targeting. They're also targetting anyone who doesn't go along with their agenda.
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