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  1. I do present information but you conveniently ignore it. Even in the Roger Scruton thread I presented information. The difference between you and David Icke is that he is taken more seriously by a vast number of people because he knows how to handle these issues.
  2. All racism is wrong, don't you get that? And why aren't you addressing my point that if I'm racially abused, physically or verbally, both of which has happened to me, how can that be justified?
  3. But they are not a "mafia". The word "mafia" is the wrong word to use. It's an unnecessary emotive term, which only undermines serious progress. And yes, there is an agenda, but it a political issue, not a sexual orientation issue.
  4. "Jewish groups" - doesn't mean that all Jews are involved or are in favour of the cabal. I still think David Icke is progressing intelligently. People who blame all Jews are just putting people, who are really trying to make a positive difference, to shame.
  5. Stonewall has already been discussed. They are not a "mafia" and they do not represent grass roots gay people.
  6. If I walk down the street and get racially verbally and physically abused, you think there's a justification for that? Really?
  7. David Icke has addressed the issue without being attacked as being a racist. He's going about this in a much more intelligent way, in my opinion. Just look at how many followers he has and how many listen to him.
  8. Which is a different subject to this thread title!
  9. There;s a vast difference between a community and a mafia. You're photo shows a community.
  10. I did earlier in the thread, when I think it was Grumpy Owl who asked me about those things. I agave a whole list of reasons why there is racism.
  11. As long as it's acknowledged that it's not just brown or black immigrants that are the problem. As long as it's not turned into a racial issue that allows racists to crawl out from the dead and use all this as an excuse to foment racial hatred. It's a problem with immigration in general, including European immigration. It's not the fault of all immigrants but the fault of political policies.
  12. I hear what you're saying but i think the term "gay mafia" is hyperbole designed to promote homophobia and there's been enough of that in this thread, which has given people the excuse to call gays "faggots", etc.
  13. I didn't say that you did believe that. My point was that it's an outdated analogy.
  14. Thanks for answering the topic of the thread. Off topic - not addressing the question... does racism against black people still exist? Your answer is a deflection. Bit that's still a form of racism, so now you're saying yes, to the thread topic.. very confusing mind you have! No... Off topic - not addressing the question... does racism against black people still exist? Your answer is a deflection.
  15. I know, and those officers who did nothing and should've done something should also be held accountable. I mean t new information. Have you uncovered anything we don't already know? It's the same with police turning a blind eye to gay people who've been abused. Homophobic officers did nothing. Same with police officers who ignored women being abused since the 19th century. Misogynists in the police force allowed crimes to happen. It's nothing new and I agree, all these things should be exposed and brought to justice.
  16. Okay, so you agree with the subject of this thread, thanks.
  17. I think that's a distraction from what actually should be the issue. The issue should be the sexual crimes that are being committed and the the seeking of justice for those crimes so that the perpetrators cannot carry on committing such crimes. That's the issue.
  18. Nothing you read addressed the subject of this thread. You're just deflecting.
  19. You're still not addressing the subject of this thread, which is very simple, "Racism against black people is still a reality". Your reply has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing with that statement.
  20. I've never met anyone who believes God is "some old bastard up in the sky with a lump of 4x2 waiting for you to stuff up". Not saying no one believes that but it's an outdated characterisation. The thing with God is that it's true that "with over 3000 gods to choose from", it's not an easy task, but that's the job of theologians and anyone interested in the subject to research ancient texts and come to some kind of understanding of what's going on, and comparing what's found with what we know about how the world is today, and thanks to people like David Icke and many other researchers who've studied the occult and secret societies, it's not too difficult to form pictures of what's going on with respect to who our rulers are really serving, and where secret societies and the power elites get their power from. All this understanding contributes to the understanding of consciousness, the soul and reality in general, etc., all without even resorting to science, although Sir Isaac Newton had a good go, with his forays into alchemy and the occult. Not to mention that the Royal Society, which established a foundation for the promotion of science, was founded by Freemasonry, which was also one of the powerhouses of the Enlightenment. So even science isn't free of occult associations. If anyone restricts themselves to science to understand total reality, this can only result in a very myopic view: William Blake: Newton (1795–1805)
  21. Always used to make me laugh as a kid because a fanny is also of course a bit of fish
  22. Just done a bit of research... Fanny Fanackapan = dilly dallier
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