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  1. Sorry to hear about what's happening. Who's the most senior person you've spoken to in the hospital, and Is there anyone more senior you can speak to?
  2. Discussed at the World Government Summit
  3. Forgot to add.. the chap in your photo is not a real skinhead!
  4. No, the chap in your photo was only about 9 years old when I took the photos, posted in this thread.
  5. We all have shadows, so I don't know what more I can say, and I don't know what's funny about that. I thought this was supposed to be a discussion forum. I explained why I referred to the shadow, but if you don't want to discuss it, I don't know what you really want to say, which is why I said it's vague.
  6. RobSS

    Being Alive

    Warmoesstraat, mid-June, not long after dawn. One of the oldest streets in Amsterdam, it's attracted lovers for many decades.
  7. Here are some handsome and intelligent blokes talking about why race doesn't matter to them:
  8. I did give reasons for saying what i said. You haven't given any reasoning, so I don't know what it is you're exactly talking about.
  9. I've posted a link to this thread in our facebook group.
  10. To be very honest, we all have shadows so you are calling the kettle black too, but I did give reasons for what I wrote,
  11. From the chats I have with my mates from that period on Facebook, they don't wear face masks. They think it's all bollocks and they're still very tough!
  12. Okay, but I did explain why I said that, but you are not explaining why you are saying that, so unless you can explain why you think that, I disagree.
  13. I am but you haven't given anything to back up your opinion, so obviously, I disagree unless you can show otherwise..
  14. And they have blamed Jews thousands of times already. But skitzorat thought I was a pro-Zionist. So at least some of this discussion has been useful and some misconceptions have been cleared up! Rob
  15. He deserves to be prosecuted for wasting police time. That's my point. What's your point?
  16. But there wasn't any substance to what he wrote. Just empty claims without any examples to back up what he says.
  17. What I meant by that was he is fighting his own shadows. I don't see the point in blaming immigrants. The problem is political and lies with politicians, but some people take out their frustrations in the wrong way, instead of looking within and addressing things more rationally.
  18. Where have I laughed about child grooming? A lot of white people have also engaged in grooming children. It's not a racial problem. It's a criminal problem. Anyhow, Jayda Fransen says that Mark Collett is an incel and an arsehole. She also said Patriotic Alternative, founded by Mark Collett, is "imploding, it is falling apart", she said, "it is completely finished... it's on the road to nothing". Mark Collett was also exposed on video blatantly lying, so how you can say he's a truth giver makes the mind boggle!
  19. How does that translate into the modus operandi of this thread and manifest itself in anything that you disagree with? For example, when David Icke says he doesn't blame all Jews, how is that a "no true Scotsman" argument?
  20. What a bizarre and ridiculous comment! LOL Yes, we all want freedom from Zionism, but when mindless comments are made trying to tackle the problem, you prevent any progress towards that freedom from Zionism and the cabal that is trying to destroy our world. What have you explained? You haven't explained fuck all!
  21. Where have I said that Blair and Bush weren't hand in glove with Zionism. This is another example of where you invent a straw man argument so you can appear to be refuting things, when in reality, you're refuting nothing. I wouldn't disagree with tha, so you spent God knows how many hours on your post and you wasted your time! LOL All because you misrepresent viewpoints so you can appear to be refuting something, when in reality, you're refuting nothing. LOL There are many Jews that also protest against Zionism. Rubbish. If you want to post facts about Zionism, fine because Zionism is obviously part of the NWO agenda and I knew that even before you were in panpipes, and before you had a job working for your Zionist bankers! Thank you, but you wasted all your time on stuff that I already know and stuff I already agree with. No, it's you that has comprehension problem! LOL You are scapegoating the Jews. You're blaming all Jews for things they don't all have anything to do with. What you have is a kind of phobia. Some people have an irrational phobia and fear of open spaces, and others have an irrational phobia and fear of light. You have an irrational phobia and fear of Jews. I realised this last night, and there's probably nothing I can say to do anything about your phobia, but most people don't suffer form that. I disagree with here too. It's pointless blaming the immigrants. It's a political problem and the fault of politicians. You waste a lot of your time fighting the blackness in your own soul. You misrepresent my viewpoints and just waste you're time wining long posts to make it appear that you're refuting something, but in reality, you're refuting nothing. No problem, at least my replies don't need to be as tediously long! Actually, the Star of David is condemned in the Old Testament as being the star of Saturn. It's true, though, and I know that to be a fact from personal experience of knowing secular Jews. This trivial stuff, and just feeds your phobia that you like to make a name for yourself with. Who cares if anyone eats this that or the other? LOL Hitler was a vegetarian, so what! LOL More little storms in your teacup! Quite a lot. A lot of people I work with in classical music came form Jewish backgrounds and they have nothing to do with the culture anuymore. It's only three words, makes all the difference! Have a good day.
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