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  1. I thought I did. I suggested a political solution is the only solution. What solution do you have that i haven't addressed? You mentioned "push back". I'm sure you remember how a lot of skinheads used to push back by going out in gangs Paki bashing, but I'm sure you're not recommending that, so what do you mean by push back, exactly?
  2. Immigration is a political problem. Blaming immigrants creates animosity and plays into the cabal's divide and conquer agenda, so there has to be a political solution or else there will be no solution at all. The problem in fighting evil is that it can swing back and the person fighting evil can become infected with evil. Evil has be fought by demonstrating the Good, which is why mentioned it's important to aware the shadow aspect f our nature. Demonstrating good to overcome evil is more difficult than fighting evil indiscriminately.
  3. Which is fine, but a large number of Jews have nothing to do with the Kabbalah and I know that for a fact.
  4. It means that if you go all out fighting against evil, there's a possibility of turning into what you hate. So people who obsess all the time about hating Jews and Freemasons, for example, will become just like them, and the same is the case with fighting the mandatory vaccine agenda. If you ban vaccinated people from a pub, for example, in fighting the mandate, you're actually becoming like the opposition because you'd be practising discrimination, which is what was originally being fought!
  5. In Israel, some Jews are rebelling against circumcision, and an increasing minority fear it is a form of physical abuse. Apparently, the phenomenon is growing. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-israel-circumcision-idUSBRE8AR0M720121128 If religious Jews are rebelling, I'm sure secular Jews are even less compelled to make it compulsory. I agree there's a disproportionate number of Jews in positions of power, and I also agree with you that not all Jews are to blame.
  6. You clarified that not all Jews are to blame and that should be the end of the matter, so what's your problem? The only way that could really be a problem is that you don't genuinely agree, hence you're accusing me of trolling.
  7. There's a possibility of a pitfall here, which I'm increasingly becoming aware of, which is that good should not be used to fight evil. This is what's happening a lot in the Politics & Social Engineering section of the forum, and it's having a detrimental effect. Good should be used for showing the bad what the greater power of good can do. Good should not be used indiscriminately against evil. It's not easy because the bad will always provoke the good to fight. It's something to meditate on, anyway!
  8. My understanding has led me to view the end-times as both a personal and a collective event. The personal event can happen anytime. Mine happened in 1987, but it will also happen in a collective, global context, whether everyone is prepared for it or not. That's what's happening now. The world isn't prepared for it, so when it does come collectively, some will find it extremely shocking. Many already are, and it hasn't even happened yet. Others will see it with wonder and as something beautiful and positive. What is this collective happening? It's the end of the influence that fallen angels have over the world. In other words, the end of the reptilian agenda. The old global political power structure is being bound up, and deactivated, ready to be thrown into the Abyss. Instead of the world being ruled by demonic forces from on high, at the tip of the pyramid, everything will be reversed with a "new heavens" and a "news earth" and mankind will be supported from underneath by angels. We will be the apex and the angels will support the structure of the new paradigm from the base. I feel like I've been through this before and my memory is becoming more vivid with each day.
  9. "For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night." (1 Thessalonians 5:2) It's an interesting one... the implication being that if one stays awake, it won't take us by surprise.
  10. Ebony and ivory living in perfect harmony
  11. Okay, so not all Jews are with the bankers and historical facts, fine! Lovely!
  12. The point for us is which one are we going to board? The one being rolled out by the NWO transhumanists, or the alternative?
  13. The kingdom of heaven is within. That's what will eventually hatch.
  14. At fist it didn't look like it, but it was as I developed the analogy further. Yes, I get all that, but I'm trying to find a better way of presenting the reality of what you've outlined above, which does capture peoples' attention, but people who are not familiar with it will be put off if the author starts blaming all Jews for what's going on. A huge distraction occurs and the message is lost. It depends what's more important. If general dislike or even hatred of "the Jews" is more important, then much of the message will be lost because most people can see that's not the case.
  15. Parsifal and Greek Myth https://www.monsalvat.no/greek-myths.htm
  16. The entire global political structure, based on the ancient Mystery Religion, is being bound up and is facing the Abyss, to make way for something entirely new.
  17. It was an analogy, but if we take what you've just correctly observed about the British, and the British not all sharing the same belief system, then it's also worth noting that not all Jews still have a connection with the Jewish belief system, so why lump all people with Jewish backgrounds together?
  18. There's also the Coventry Music Museum, another independent museum which started up in 2010. In the late 1970's and 80''s, Coventry was the centre of the musical Two-Tone scene. The Specials and The Selecter were from Coventry, and the museum has every single from the 2-Tone Record label on view! http://www.covmm.co.uk/2016/
  19. Parsifal and Schopenhaurian philosophy "Other writers (particularly Bryan Magee) see Parsifal as Wagner's last great espousal of Schopenhaurian philosophy. Parsifal can heal Amfortas and redeem Kundry because he shows compassion, which Schopenhauer saw as the highest form of human morality. Moreover, he displays compassion in the face of enormous sexual temptation (Act 2 scene 3). Once again, Schopenhaurian philosophy suggests that the only escape from the ever-present temptations of human life is through negation of the Will, and overcoming sexual temptation is in particular a strong form of negation of the Will. When viewed in this light, Parsifal, with its emphasis on "Mitleid" (compassion) is a natural follow-on to Tristan und Isolde, where Schopenhauer's influence is perhaps more obvious, with its focus on "Sehnen" (yearning). Indeed, Wagner originally considered including Parsifal as a character in Act 3 of Tristan, but later rejected the idea." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parsifal#Schopenhaurian_philosophy
  20. One last contact... the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) for the Royal Berkshire Hospital, where your mum is, and you can phone out of hours, anytime tonight: 0118 322 5111 https://www.royalberkshire.nhs.uk/about-us/contact-us/
  21. Here's the page for Berkshire West: https://www.berkshirewestccg.nhs.uk/contact-us/patient-advice-and-liaison-team/ If you're not in the west of the county, you could still ring them and I'm sure they can help you with the right number to ring. Another number you can also try: The Patents Association helpline: 0800 345 7115 https://www.patients-association.org.uk/helpline So you have lots of different avenues now to try to get information. Good luck!
  22. Here's a phone number you can ring: Age UK Advice Line 0800 678 1602 Free to call 8am – 7pm 365 days a year https://www.ageuk.org.uk/information-advice/health-wellbeing/health-services/healthcare-rights/
  23. You need to know exactly what your rights are and the rights of your mother. There's a website with information about NHS patients' rights, which is a start: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/health/nhs-healthcare/nhs-patients-rights/ It may also be worth trying to find out about the NHS Trust that the hospital belongs to. They should also have information about patient rights on their website. For example, if you lived in Bristol, you'd find this: https://www.nbt.nhs.uk/patients-carers/coming-hospital/rights-responsibilities So find out your local NHS Trust.
  24. Have you tried to speak to anyone more senior?
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