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  1. There's a lot of heat, here, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's much worse to be sitting on the sidelines and being lukewarm. You really don't know where you stand unless you express them openly and get feedback, so hopefully all this energy can be transformed into energy that's even more positive, and keep a sense of humour!
  2. Those 4 may be a definitions of satanism with a small s, but it's still quite an emotive term, especially because of the word's association with the word spelled with a capital letter. I think banding about terms like that still empowers the enemy because they'll take things like that to show their followers and run with it. There are far better ways of exposing the words of darkness.
  3. I don't live in America, so am not familiar with the details of what's presently going on there. Obviously, I hope people are waking up, like they are here in the UK. Here in the UK, the government is showing signs of getting into trouble with it's Covid agenda to dimmish peoples' rights. I don't think it's wise to call Joe Biden a Satanist, but I definitely agree he's working for the Cabal. If you make allegations that can't be factually proved, you only end up giving the enemy more power. "Thou callest me a dog before thou hast cause. But since I am a dog, beware my fangs." - William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice
  4. That's very true. When people feel frustrated with political processes and the system, frustration can turn to anger and anger can turn to hate. Hatred is very corrosive and detrimental to the soul. Another problem is the Kabbalah, some conspiracy researchers get very involved in the Kabbalah. Even association and proximity to the Kabbalah can poison the soul. Over time, it can turn a nice, friendly person into a bitter individual. They probably went into it with good intentions but like a frog in saucepan, they didn't feel the water coming to the boil until it was too late and they started to boil, becoming victims of the cabal's divide and conquer agenda.
  5. Do you want me to say that white women should no longer marry any man who is black? Is that what you want me to say? If that's what you want me to address, then I don't see how you can force people not to marry people from other races. Would you make it illegal? What needs to be done, IMO, is get rid of the cabal that's behind all the indoctrination, but getting rid of evil is not an easy task because it comes from other dimensions, so if an advertising executive gets an idea in his to promote some kind of indoctrination, and this is going on, not only just across the whole of society, but across the world, from Canada to Australia, from Finland to South Africa, who can that problem be solved? What politics are you referring to? I don't follow any political ideology because the whole political system is corrupt and controlled by dark forces. I wasn't referring to your group, I was referring to skinhead groups that did push back by going out Paki bashing.
  6. I thought I did. I suggested a political solution is the only solution. What solution do you have that i haven't addressed? You mentioned "push back". I'm sure you remember how a lot of skinheads used to push back by going out in gangs Paki bashing, but I'm sure you're not recommending that, so what do you mean by push back, exactly?
  7. Immigration is a political problem. Blaming immigrants creates animosity and plays into the cabal's divide and conquer agenda, so there has to be a political solution or else there will be no solution at all. The problem in fighting evil is that it can swing back and the person fighting evil can become infected with evil. Evil has be fought by demonstrating the Good, which is why mentioned it's important to aware the shadow aspect f our nature. Demonstrating good to overcome evil is more difficult than fighting evil indiscriminately.
  8. Which is fine, but a large number of Jews have nothing to do with the Kabbalah and I know that for a fact.
  9. It means that if you go all out fighting against evil, there's a possibility of turning into what you hate. So people who obsess all the time about hating Jews and Freemasons, for example, will become just like them, and the same is the case with fighting the mandatory vaccine agenda. If you ban vaccinated people from a pub, for example, in fighting the mandate, you're actually becoming like the opposition because you'd be practising discrimination, which is what was originally being fought!
  10. In Israel, some Jews are rebelling against circumcision, and an increasing minority fear it is a form of physical abuse. Apparently, the phenomenon is growing. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-israel-circumcision-idUSBRE8AR0M720121128 If religious Jews are rebelling, I'm sure secular Jews are even less compelled to make it compulsory. I agree there's a disproportionate number of Jews in positions of power, and I also agree with you that not all Jews are to blame.
  11. You clarified that not all Jews are to blame and that should be the end of the matter, so what's your problem? The only way that could really be a problem is that you don't genuinely agree, hence you're accusing me of trolling.
  12. Does it make any difference to how you feel about life? That's what I thought you meant!
  13. Can you please say which verse is applicable? Thanks!
  14. I didn't mean that little! How does the difference show?
  15. There's a possibility of a pitfall here, which I'm increasingly becoming aware of, which is that good should not be used to fight evil. This is what's happening a lot in the Politics & Social Engineering section of the forum, and it's having a detrimental effect. Good should be used for showing the bad what the greater power of good can do. Good should not be used indiscriminately against evil. It's not easy because the bad will always provoke the good to fight. It's something to meditate on, anyway!
  16. My understanding has led me to view the end-times as both a personal and a collective event. The personal event can happen anytime. Mine happened in 1987, but it will also happen in a collective, global context, whether everyone is prepared for it or not. That's what's happening now. The world isn't prepared for it, so when it does come collectively, some will find it extremely shocking. Many already are, and it hasn't even happened yet. Others will see it with wonder and as something beautiful and positive. What is this collective happening? It's the end of the influence that fallen angels have over the world. In other words, the end of the reptilian agenda. The old global political power structure is being bound up, and deactivated, ready to be thrown into the Abyss. Instead of the world being ruled by demonic forces from on high, at the tip of the pyramid, everything will be reversed with a "new heavens" and a "news earth" and mankind will be supported from underneath by angels. We will be the apex and the angels will support the structure of the new paradigm from the base. I feel like I've been through this before and my memory is becoming more vivid with each day.
  17. "For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night." (1 Thessalonians 5:2) It's an interesting one... the implication being that if one stays awake, it won't take us by surprise.
  18. Ebony and ivory living in perfect harmony
  19. Okay, so not all Jews are with the bankers and historical facts, fine! Lovely!
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