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  1. 3 hours ago, Gjergj Skënderbeu said:

    Like many of my mates from those days you seem stuck in that time. I moved on a long time ago. We where fools. We ruined our lives. Most of my mates ended up with drink/drug addictions, long prison sentences, and most of them are dead now. I was extremely lucky to get a job overseas and to get out just before things went sour


    Sorry to here about your mates.


    When you mention how lives were ruined, are you talking about the skinhead scene from the late 7t's early 8t's? It doesn't sound like what happened to the people I knew and still know. Of course some didn't do well and some are dead now, but that would be true of any walk of life. The skinhead scene in the late 7t's and early 8t's wasn't about alcoholism, and it certainly wasn't about drugs, it was mostly about the music.


    I've gone on to do plenty of other things since those says, but how would you know, you don't even hardly know anything about me, so please don't make assumptions., cheers.


    There's nothing wrong with sharing memories. I love it when people talk about things that mattered to them in their lives. I can't understand why you seem to resent that.


  2. 2 hours ago, skitzorat said:


    Why don't you mention it was me.


    Just to correct the record here for the forum, this is what went down....


    What started YOU talking about this "race stuff" was when I quoted this to morph:




    It was specifically in relation to the avoidance of the "j-word" and American "right" being controlled opposition  - as is clearly indicated by my comment I attached to it, which Morph would have understood, which clearly he did given his reply.  - nothing actually to do with the "race part" nor did my attached comment infer it was....  


    my attached comment did refer to a conversation morph and I had a a few days before about "truthers" being controlled opposition and not talking about the J-word,  which is what made me think of it:


    see here:








    The you piped up on your usual moral high horse and made it about the race part of the quote, not the American right being controlled opposition by not mentioning jews or Israel


    while also completely misrepresenting the actual quote and I snapped back and attempted to correct you.




    To which I explained that misrepresentation



    If you're going to cry victim on here when called out for whatever reason and infer things about me without naming my name (how rude!), do try to do it honestly by mentioning  the context of the entire conversation it was in. 


    Perhaps that's why you didn't mention my name here?


    God! I can't stand it when people twist things in general, but especially if they're going to use stuff I've posted as some kind of shield and then twist them to use in their own pathetic defence.


    You've done this kind of thing to me before recently in the euro thread where you accused me of very specifically not liking "jewish culture" - implying to other readers of the thread, (who may not have looked back pages earlier at what I'd posted), that Im some kind of raving actual anti-semite - and then you refused to publicly take it back too!


    Fk sick of this shit and not going to let you do this kind of thing regards to me and my posts again.


    You do similar things to others on here too.... its a fkn joke



    skitorat wrote: "Why don't you mention it was me.""


    You must've spent about 6 hours on your post and I wasn't even talking about you and didn't even have you in mind!


    You're very good at making a storm in a tea cup and a mountain out of a molehill though, I have to say! LOL


  3. The skinhead look was very stark... this was a group from fairly early days, the summer of 1979 - a day trip to Southend in Essex,,, one of the skins in the foreground was from Angel Islington, and the group to the rear were from Romford and Dagenham East.


    Hanging around with this lot was like being in amongst wolves in the jungle. It was wild.

    I was 16 years old at the time. There was so much energy, life and adventure. I had the time of my life!


    If any dandy middle or upper-class puppet masters would've seen this lot approaching, they'd have run a mile!



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  4. Just now, Gjergj Skënderbeu said:

    You keep focusing on your "extreme right" boogieman. Look further.


    Where? I already know about Laurel Canyon, and I acknowledged that, but that had nothing to do with the original skinhead movement!


  5. 4 minutes ago, Gjergj Skënderbeu said:

    You still see the world as a sports game choosing sides. Missing the big picture. You're still not seeing the Puppet Master


    How do I see it as a sports game? I already acknowledged there are puppet masters, so how is it you say I don't see them?


    So far, you haven't shown there was a puppet master for the original skinhead scene. What you referenced was much later.


  6. 1 minute ago, Gjergj Skënderbeu said:

    Charlie Sargent


    I accept that the extreme right infiltrated the skinhead scene, but that happened long after the scene was established. The far right had no involvement at all in the early days, and they certainly didn't originate the trend.


  7. 21 minutes ago, Gjergj Skënderbeu said:

    CounterCultures have been Intelligence PsyOps since the 60's. See Yuri Bezmenov and Kay Griggs.


    Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream Paperback – David McGowan 



    Some counter cultures was a PSYOP, but the skinhead culture grew out of working class awareness, and Ska music. It was originally a grass-roots trend. It came from street awareness. There no Malcolm McLaren types, occultists or hippy hipsters lurking around in the background, and it had absolutely nothing to with Laurel Canyon. Skinheads were clean-cut, no mess, no fuss.


    Were Teddy Boys, Mods and Rockers PSYOPs? I haven't looked into the origins of those youth cultures, but perhaps someone else has.


    Mods and Rockers, probably heading to somewhere like Brighton on a bank holiday Monday!

  8. 39 minutes ago, Firebird said:


    How so?


    The Jungle Book has three acts:


    1. starts off with genesis and state of conscious innocence,

    2. journey and adventure through the jungle, encounters the serpent and Cain's rulership of the jungle, etc. 

    3. Revelation and a return to the ideal but as a conscious soul


    Hansel and Gretel:


    1. starts off with genesis and state of conscious innocence,

    2. journey and adventure through the forest, encounters witch, etc.  

    3. Revelation and a return to the ideal but as a conscious soul


    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz:


    1. starts off with genesis and state of conscious innocence,

    2. journey and adventure along the Yellow Brick Road, encounters witches and wizard, etc.  

    3. Revelation and a return to the ideal but as a conscious soul

    Alice in Wonderland:


    1. starts off with genesis and state of conscious innocence,

    2. journey and adventure down the rabbit hole, distorted reality, etc.  

    3. Revelation and a return to the ideal but as a conscious soul - wakes up from the dream




    1. starts off with genesis and state of conscious innocence,

    2. journey and adventure through the world, encounters witch and magician, etc.  

    3. Revelation and a return to the ideal but as a conscious soul


    The Bible:


    1. starts off with Genesis and state of conscious innocence,

    2. journey and adventure through the world , encounters with witchcraft, etc.  

    3. Revelation and a return to the ideal but as a conscious soul


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  9. Gustav Mahler


    "Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen" (I am lost to the world)


    I am lost to the world
    With which I used to waste much time;
    It has for so long known nothing of me,
    It may well believe that I am dead.
    Nor am I at all concerned
    If it should think that I am dead.
    Nor can I deny it,
    For truly I am dead to the world.
    I am dead to the world’s tumult
    And rest in a quiet realm!
    I live alone in my heaven,
    In my love, in my song!



  10. 2 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    i tried that and i felt i was being NLP'd! talking to you always seems to turn sour rob


    you never agree with me on anything even when i show you the information to support my position. Why would that not do anything but deepen my suspicion?


    It's because you started talking about something that wasn't relevant to what was being discussed. You always use detraction as a tactic.


  11. Just now, Basket Case said:

    My point was l notice you bringing up racism, given the chance.
    Macs point is different and bigger.


    But the reality is that most of my threads and posts and most of the things I discuss on the forum are not about race issues.


  12. 4 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    what about that post you posted titled 'titanic'? That was some serious new age BS


    that was a classic new age deception (as mark passio would call it) where the piece is telling people not to worry as the world (likened to the sinking titanic) goes to shit, just to sit back and enjoy the ride


    but that is the entire point of the new age deception. It is to remove the sacred masculine of action so that people become passive. being passive and doing nothing is how we all got into this mess in he first place




    The point you're still detracting from is that most of the things and threads I start, etc., are not about race.


    Nice attempt detracting from the point I was making, but nothing to see here.


    If you want to discuss any of the threads, discuss them in threads themselves instead of here.





  13. Just now, Macnamara said:


    but what IS your aim here?


    are you trying to detract the forum away from the key issues?


    Why don't you ask that question to other posters who also start threads that have nothing to do with race?


    My aim here is to show that race issues are not only what I discuss.


  14. 5 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

    Strange that l 'feel' that all you're really concerned with is Race. Or rather - seeing racism where it isn't.
    Despite those topic titles.
    l wonder why l get that feeling ?
    Your post in the humour thread didn't help.
    When l get time l'll check the list of threads out.


    Thanks, and those are just some of threads I've started, a sample that mention nothing about race issues. I can supply more, so I appreciate you perhaps seeing things in a better context. Also didn't mention the "Being Alive" thread!


  15. 5 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    hi rob the problem is i look at that list and i see all kinds of problematic things


    i'll keep it brief because i don't want to drift this thread off topic but take 'metropolis' for example which is riddled with occult symbolism:https://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/the-occult-symbolism-of-movie-metropolis-and-its-importance-in-pop-culture/


    in fact the entire german expressionism area of cinema has some dodgy satanic themes


    or look at that thread you started about christopher lee with that clip of him denying any involvement in the occult but just because he denies it doesn't make it so. he was a cousin of ian fleming and if you wsnt my opinion the flemings are an old knights templar bloodline family from scotland


    Flemings mother was called evelyn st croix rose which mean rose-cross, which is the name of the rosicrucians. Fleming was himself involved in british intelligence.


    So i see all this stuff you are posting and i'm asking myself two things:


    1) why the heck is this guy posting this of all things

    2) what has any of this got to do with exposing the conspiracy that david icke is talking about


    You're detracting. The point I'm making is that most of the things I discuss aren't about race.


  16. 36 minutes ago, Basket Case said:


    Show me.


    It became about the Jews on page 14, but the main point I was trying to make is that I talk about a lot of things that haven't got anything to do with race...


    I think it was an unfair thing for you to say, That's ALL you're concerned with".


    There are many threads I've started that have absolutely nothing to do with race:


    the thread about the mother of the matrix,

    the thread about Leviathan,

    the thread about Roger Scruton,

    the thread about Youth Culture,

    the thread about historical London,

    the thread about how the David Icke forum looked in 2007,

    the thread about the Great Awakening,

    the thread about fairy tales and the holy Grail,

    the thread about Max Igan and artificial intelligence,

    the thread about the NHS,

    the thread about Jeff Berwick,

    the thread about overcoming the fear of the future,

    the general chit-chat thread,

    the thread about the Paraclete and the Holy Spirit,

    the thread about the Metropolis film,

    the thread about Lucis rust and the New World Order,

    the thread about Russ Dizdar,

    the thread about Christopher Lee,

    the thread about Dame Edna,

    the thread about Christmas entertainment,

    the thread about Milo and the Phantom Tollbooth


    And lots of other threads and posts in other peoples thread that aren't about race, including lots of posts about music and music videos, etc...


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