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  1. Son blasts anti-vaxxers as singer dies after deliberately getting Covid: https://english.radio.cz/son-blasts-anti-vaxxers-singer-dies-after-deliberately-getting-covid-8739526
  2. He seems to be doing his fair bit in exposing the Covid scamdemic, which endorses the factthat not all jews are bad people. He says this on his website: "As you know, Organized Jewry, a.k.a the world central banking cartel, has installed a leadership class of non-Jewish opportunists and traitors (Freemasons, Satanists) in literally every field. I urge you to direct your anger at these Jewish central bankers and their Jewish and Gentile proxies --and not at the stupid, clueless average Jews like my family."
  3. Just about sums up your naff argument! LOL My genes are fantastic and I love living in this world, so eat your heart out. I'll leave you to your primitive, animal, fake race war and see where it gets you! The pandemic has nothing to do with a race war. You've been spending too much time in your social media echo chamber bubble!
  4. The pandemic is not a "race war", and the any idea of a "race war" is a manufactured ruse conjured up by mischief makers to create trouble where there should be none. Think about it. No race can win a race war because the idea of a race war is alien to the human spirit and human nature. God doesn't want a race war. The only beings that would want a race war are demons, so don't buy in to it.
  5. The pandemic is a war against the human race
  6. In a few years time all this will be all over - there will be no more Covid-19 scamdemic and all the wicked people will be destroyed at the harvest and the separating between the wheat and the chaff, at the final battle between Good and Evil - and God will have spoken, and all this will be in the past as Satan's system and the reptilians are destroyed at Armageddon. I can't believe there are still some people that believe there is no Apocalypse. They're just sticking their heads in the sand. We're at the end-game of this Apocalypse. Time marches on and soon it will be all over. If these days weren't shortened, no one would survive.
  7. The Everyman stories aren't rituals of the type that Templars and Freemasons perform. Like Hansel and Gretel, they're just stories that give hints to the reader what's really important in life. The type of rituals performed by secret societies don't free the soul, they only affirm a rigid dogma. Wagner took the opposite approach whereby the main protagonist has to learn for himself what it's like to overcome, without the expectation of grandiose titles and any great status within any order. Parsifal is a wanderer, a nomad, and self-dependent. Being formally initiated into a secret society and being given a degree or status label sounds great, but from a spiritual perspective, it has no spiritual value.
  8. I gave you a decent reply to your post, which I spent time on. I'm not the one swearing, cussing and being arrogant and rude.
  9. Wagner wasn't a Freemason and you don't need to become a Freemason to overcome animal drives, so I still don't see what Freemasonry has to do with it.
  10. The Templars though saw themselves as guardians of a grail bloodline and the divine right to rule. Their interest was power and wealth. The "holy blood, holy grail" bloodline is a travesty of what the Grail actually is. There is a tightrope, but there is a promise of eventual salvation through Jesus Christ, so the more one overcomes, the skills learned should make resisting temptations easier. If that does feel like being the case, then it's a question of trying to find out why that isn't happening.
  11. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. What's the significance of what you're saying?
  12. Why did you make the post in the first place if you weren't prepared to follow it though? Don't blame me for your reaction. Take self-responsibility.
  13. Freemasonry is a distraction. Not all these stories were written by Freemasons. Wagner wasn't a Freemason, and he even wrote it into the score that the character. Parsifal, isn't one of the Brothers, but you do mention something interesting. I agree that the initiatory experience itself doesn't amount to any panacea becayse overcoming the lower nature requires a constant conscious effort. Psychedelics can't do it for you. The overcoming has to come from within, and it's a lifetime challenge... a never ending story.
  14. The motive wasn't to show you up. I posted it again because I took the trouble to reply and you ignored it. If you hadn't posted what you did, all these feeeelings wouldn't be swirling around!
  15. Kaa is a Kundry archetype, and like Parsifal, Mowgli isn't seduced by Kaa, so Mowgli overcame his lower nature, which enables him to proceed towards becoming more awakened. Shere Khan is a Klingsor archetype.
  16. What you're really saying is that you've got nothing much to say and nothing to show that Orwell was a bad person with bad motives.
  17. The Tree of Life is the Kabbalah and Jesus Christ said that those with "an ear to hear" may eat its fruit, so it's not as black and white as you make out and it must be something to do with how the subject is approached. I've already said that the wrong approach is to take the teaching found in the Kabbalah and take them as truth, like the occultists do because those so-called "truths" will be inversions of the truth and white will become black, up will become down, and evil will become good. I'm not promoting that, but when you dismiss the whole thing as evil, you are dismissing what Jesus Christ said about the fruit of the Tree of Life, so you're missing something.
  18. I don't know where you are, but there is a relaxing of restrictions here in the UK, and people are getting back to how things were before the restrictions were implemented, but I didn't say the overall agenda is coming to an end.
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