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  1. I never think about it in terms of a 'great work'. That's a brotherhood term. When Parsifal meets Gurnemanz for the first time, after many years of wandering, one of the first words Gurnemanz says, even before he recognises Parsifal, is that he's not one of the brothers: "Who approaches the holy spring in the dark armour of a warrior? It is not one of the brothers!" One of the things I've been getting to grips with for a few years now is the realisation that if it's ever possible to leave, it may be necessary to abandon all hope. It's a paradox, but without hope, you have to come to terms with what's happening in the moment, in the "now". "Hope" implies that one is not in the moment. "Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate." I don't "hope" for anything any more. I don't even know if I'm looking forwards to it. It may be a question of having to find the courage to walk through fire. I don't know. I don't even know if I'm crazy. I could be in an asylum waiting for the white coats to arrive... to be dragged off to the NWO detention camps.
  2. I'll reply to the other point anon... Orpheus left Eurydice behind but she was his soul and his life. Without her, he was torn to pieces in a Bacchic orgy. Even Kundry said to Parsifal she could raise him to godhead, if he spent an hour having sex with her. An hour of carnal ecstasy, but what a heavy price to pay for the soul. Parsifal: For eternity would you be damned with me if I were to forget my mission and spend one hour in your embrace! I was sent here also for your salvation, for which you must abandon your desires. The balm that will end your suffering does not flow from their source; salvation can never be granted you until it has been sealed. There is another salvation - a different one - for which I saw the brothers longing in their despair, in utmost distress, scourging and mortifying their flesh. But who can see clearly and brightly the only fixed fount of salvation? Oh misery, that prevents deliverance! Oh, benighted madness of the world: that while seeking for salvation, thirsts for the fountain of damnation! Kundry: So was it my kiss that gave you world-perception? Then the full embrace of my loving surely will raise you to godhead! Redeem the world, if that's your mission; let me make you a god, for just an hour, rather than leave me to eternal damnation, my wound never to be healed! https://www.britannica.com/topic/Orpheus-Greek-mythology "Orpheus himself was later killed by the women of Thrace. The motive and manner of his death vary in different accounts, but the earliest known, that of Aeschylus, says that they were Maenads urged by Dionysus to tear him to pieces in a Bacchic orgy because he preferred the worship of the rival god Apollo. His head, still singing, with his lyre, floated to Lesbos, where an oracle of Orpheus was established. The head prophesied until the oracle became more famous than that of Apollo at Delphi, at which time Apollo himself bade the Orphic oracle stop. The dismembered limbs of Orpheus were gathered up and buried by the Muses. His lyre they had placed in the heavens as a constellation."
  3. I forgot to address this question. The Great Work involves using science to harness the power of the Holy Spirit. Adepts like Albert Pike were clear about that, but I'm not interested in transhumanism, so I'm not prepared to collaborate with that.
  4. Did you really once believe everyone should be brown? I'm not disbelieving you, but in all my life, I've never ever come across anyone who's openly said that to me, and I certainly have never come across that belief anywhere in the media. I'm not saying such things have never been said, but these days, especially, nothing surprises me, as we really are living in the apocalypse and everything that is, simply is, so it would be surprising if any belief is left out. I can't deny I was drawn into the hidden world. I can't even deny having once being in hell, though at the time, I was in too much shock to admit it, but that was many years ago. Now, I'm between polarities and am using music keep negative spirits from Hades charmed and at bay, a bit like Orpheus. Orpheus never made it though, as he got pulled back after he turning round. Out of all the mythological characters, Parsifal is one who makes it clear, but that certainly isn't the reality at the moment. Everything is unchartered territory at the moment.
  5. Thank you. I wrapped up a lot of my research many years ago because I wasn't coming across anything new, but I still post quintessential insights scattered around the forum, some of which are in the Roger Scruton thread and in other posts I carefully linked to from that thread, the most significant being the preceding two posts to this post: https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/23037-roger-scruton/&do=findComment&comment=375597 Apart from that, I now put most of my energy into manifesting what I've come to understand through music, to make it a reality and not just idle talk: https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/24670-being-alive/&do=findComment&comment=374345 That's fair enough. You haven't revealed much about yourself, but it's interesting you're earlier origins are left of centre. I started out on this path over 40 years ago, in a world that's very different to now. The man who runs the FW website, which is the largest of its kind on the Internet, and one of the longest established, is incredibly knowledgable. He taught me on a one to one basis. So I had a very good apprenticeship, from a master, over many years, but I've also been coached by some of Britain's best classical singers of the age over the last 30 years. Parsifal is a very similar character to Hamlet: “The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king.” The difference between Hamlet and Parsifal is that Parsifal has the potential to step into reality, a reality that couldn't have been explored before 2020, so it feels like a lot of things are slowly beginning to converge. Things could've turned out differently, if the secret societies had done their job properly, but as things have not turned out the way that Beethoven, Mozart and Goethe expected, we have to be prepared for a bit of a bumpy landing. My job is to put things to the test in an open and public way and see how people react. That's what real art is really about.
  6. I helped build the website and contributed more articles on that website than you have on this forum. So what did you do 20 years ago, again?
  7. In defence yes, but force doesn't automatically create utopia.
  8. Yes, I did, I took it back, see here: https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/15419-is-there-an-agenda-to-reduce-the-white-european-population/&do=findComment&comment=376789
  9. If force is always the answer, why didn't the French Revolution bring about a utopia?
  10. I did actually note your sarcasm and your sincerity in believing that not all Jews are part of the problem. I've already said I've taken it back, and I'm sorry you're not happy that I'm pleased you don't dislike all of Jewish culture.
  11. lol Time without the brain getting in the way:
  12. I've no problem with that! Yes, I am taking that back and am pleased you don't dislike all of Jewish culture.
  13. Where have I said you should bend over for evil? I've never said that.
  14. I don't recall David Icke accusing Joe Biden of being a satanist though.
  15. I know lots of Jews who like white people. Okay, I take that back, so you don't dislike all aspects of Jewish culture, fine!
  16. You have an irrational fear that "the Jews" are destroying white people. You dislike everything about Jewish culture. Sounds like a phobia to me. Most people aren't like that.
  17. Name one respected researcher who's called Joe Biden a satanist. What about Boris Johnson... do you accuse him of being a satanist as well?
  18. When have I ever made excuses for criminals? There are criminals in all races. Sometimes a black person commits a crime, and sometimes its a white person. The colour of skin is irrelevant. What is relevant is that a crime's been committed, but your hatred prevents you from seeing what the issues actually is.
  19. I don't think you have. I spent several years exposing the agenda when I was helping to run the Freemasonry Watch forum and website 20 years ago. What were you doing 20 years ago?
  20. You're trying to make something that's simple sound more complicated than it is. I was addressing the question regarding the "fragmentation of the book", which is caused by the over-development of the brain. Seeing the book as fragmented is only one way of seeing the book. The brain compartmentalises things, turns things into fractions, but time, like consciousness, has no beginning and no end, it's infinite. If you look at the book without the brain, time is infinite - the past, future and present are all one and happening in the now.
  21. Time is an illusion created by the brain.
  22. You envisage a kind of Armageddon and then the beginning of a new dispensation, but the state of being in the new dissension will require a new way of thinking that isn't dependent getting what you want by force.
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