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  1. If that's the case, how comes the ethno-nationalist in the video didn't realise he'd befriended a Jew? By your logic, he should've been able to see the difference in the way he looked and in the way he spoke, but he didn't. He looked like one of the same kind.
  2. No, it was God who said who is chosen and who is not chosen. Do you know better than God? But were they here originally, or did they originally move here from other countries? The reason why most people don't entertain your views is because a lot of the language is couched in skin colour and discrimination and most people can see through that.
  3. I've never said the Chinese and Japanese are the same! The kinds of things that shape inner character are the same for genetic groups, treating other people how you wanted to be treated yourself and not causing harm to others.
  4. The political system is controlled by the cabal. If you want to change the system, you have to change the cabal, if you want a country full of your chosen people who fit your criteria and are white. Every party that tries to do something about immigration ends up with increasing problems because of their association with extremist views that most people don't want to entertain.
  5. There are white people who belong to different groups, but they are still white, despite the genetic variance. This is perfectly illustrated in this short clip where a white ethno-nationalist makes friends with a man who is white, but when he learns that he's actually Jewish, he refuses to acknowledge that he is white, which really illustrates the inconsistencies of ethno-nationalists and that it's all to do with superficial looks, rather than inner spiritual character:
  6. I know immigrants who do both. A great number I think do learn the language and fit in with the culture.
  7. Coloured people are just as able and talented when it comes to sharing the same language and culture, values and beliefs.
  8. Why do you ask that? I'm not the one saying that skin colour is important.
  9. Of course it would be bad to say one thing but believe another, but if all those things I listed, like faith, hope, charity, wisdom, justice, temperance and courage, are in reverence to Jesus Christ, then that would the same as doing no harm to others.
  10. But it's true that the cabal are also against coloured people in Europe and the rest of the world, who don't want to follow their agenda.
  11. I'm also a free and sovereign being. If they are being used in the service of Jesus Christ? You're being slippery!
  12. But there are many coloured people in European society who also disagree with their agenda. Many coloured people also uphold Christian values, the family and honest work.
  13. I've not taken any oaths or been a member of a secret society. How about you? Thanks for answering. Do you think things like faith, hope, charity, wisdom, justice, temperance and courage are good qualities?
  14. It's about anyone who doesn't follow their agenda, regardless of the colour of their skin.
  15. Yes, but Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity. On the outside they profess the things I mentioned (which are not Masonic as they're all mentioned in the Bible as being good qualities to strive for), but on the inside, there's a huge amount of corruption. Why won't you say what being good entails for you?
  16. I'm not being slippery at all. Being good involves developing things like faith, hope, charity, wisdom, justice, temperance and courage. What does being good entail for you?
  17. Of course! Colour of skin doesn't determine whether a person is bad or not. It's totally irrelevant!
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