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  1. I've never said anything that's anti-white, and I've never harboured anti-white attitudes. I haven't denied saying you dislike Jewish culture, but you can't deny stating that I'm anti-white. I've said "precious whites", but that wasn't against all whites. I'm sure there are precious blacks too. Nice try, but there's nothing prejudiced in my attitude there!
  2. How many times have you falsely accused me of being anti-white? I'd like an apology for that, thanks.
  3. I understand what you're saying, but animals don't measure time like we do. They don't say to themselves this or that happened at such or such a time, an that such or such a date, in this or that year. It's just a living memory. It's only human brains that measure out time and have calendars and diaries, otherwise we wouldn't know how many days, weeks or years ago we did something. Without recording it, we'd forget and it'd only be a memory.
  4. No it's not extreme to want mass immigration to stop. Do you believe there's no such thing as the extreme right wing?
  5. Transforming consciousness has to start from within. The music drama, Parsifal, is about demonstrating good to overcome evil.
  6. The Grail is a portal between the physical dimension and the Divine. That's what the work is about. I said I was exploring the role. I could be wrong, but I feel a calling to explore the possibility. So the 14 words, for example, very popular words on the far right, aren't about skin colour? You said -: "i have a far more compassionate view then you" That was in reply to: "people appear to blame "the Jews" or refer to immigrants like animals, or deny that racism exists against black people..." Do you have compassion for people like Jason Köhne, who's says, "we're going to have to make efforts to recoup what has been lost by way of war"? I ask because people like Jason Köhne are being promoted by people who use extreme language, which you try to defend by saying you're being "more compassionate". They're undoing any positive work you're trying to achieve. You seem torn between moderation and extremism.
  7. Of course it's extremist but by becoming extreme in retaliation runs the risk of becoming what you hate, which is why a lot of people regard the extreme left with the same suspicion as the extreme right.
  8. Just need to clarify, the difference between term "The Great Work", as used by Freemason Albert Pike and the its use in science to drive the transhumanist agenda, and the common use of the term in Alchemy, that is to say of turning lead into gold as a metaphor for turning lower consciousness into higher consciousness, which is the essence of Christian belief that's in the service of Jesus Christ.
  9. I can't say what you should say. I'm just commenting that it's brain that creates the past, present and future aspects of time. If the brain isn't involved, then time is what it is, which is infinite, having no beginning, end or middle. All is one.
  10. You asked me my views about the future. I was just presenting general things from the Bible. What I presented was noting to do with Parsifal, but regarding Wagner's drama, the return of the Holy Spear to the Grail opens a way to Jesus Christ. It's drama does not say Parsifal is the redeemer, it says that Jesus Christ is the Redeemer. What will put people off from taking you seriously is making it about skin colour. You have a far more patronising view, that's for sure!
  11. Then you have to win them over to your side of thinking, but it won't be done using extremist language.
  12. There's nothing in the work of Wagner where Parsifal choses anyone, and I've never said Parsifal is about judging anyone... it's definitely not. It's not just white people being replaced, it's anyone one who wants to retain their humanity they want to replace. I'm all for stopping mass immigration so it can't be used as a weapon, but at the same time, I care about how the problem is tackled, and when people appear to blame "the Jews" or refer to immigrants like animals, or deny that racism exists against black people, then yes, I will highlight the problems with those arguments because it puts those trying to stop the cabal in a very bad light.
  13. No, I've been saying mass immigration should be stopped since the 1980's.
  14. It's not a question of "interpretation". It's what the text says if you read the context. Isaiah is reporting what God said as per the text. I personally don't care where people come from. It was you who started talking about natives. Which is why we need Divine intervention. Yes, I do argue against Antifa and BLM too. The extreme left and right are different sides of the same coin, IMO.
  15. It doesn't help when people on your side refer to immigrants in really derogatory terms. A lot of that kind of talk only feeds the divide and conquer agenda of the cabal.
  16. No, it wasn't according to me. It's according to what it states in the Bible. I'm just question what it means to be actually native. I don't take part in or vote for the political system, but like I said, I think stopping mass immigration is a good idea, but I disagree with sending the immigrants back and referring to immigrants in derogatory terms. There you go using very emotive language, like "a despised minority" that puts a lot of people off. Language like that will only divide rather than heal. As I said above, I'm not against stopping mass immigration. Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in the country that they live in.
  17. I think there may be a sizeable number of people, even possibly a majority of people who'd like to end mass immigration, but I've got no problems with that. But most people don't want to send the immigrants back and most people don't want leaders associated with those that refer to immigrants in derogatory terms.
  18. The guy in that video became friends with a man who he thought was just like himself. He looked like himself in terms of racial origin and he acted and sounded the same, but it was only when he learned that he was Jewish, he refused to acknowledge that he was white. Go figure!
  19. I know you didn't mention God but you said I was choosing, but I'm not. It's God that choses. I was just making the point about what it means to be native. White people colonised many parts of the world, like America were they weren't native. I don't have a problem with ending mass immigration. I also disagree about "sending people back". We'll have to agree to disagree about that, then.
  20. But it does illustrate that many white Jews and white people who are not Jews, look and act the same.
  21. It's not a majority view that white people are being "genocided". Not saying people with that view don't exist, but it's not a majority.
  22. I've never claimed to speak for God, but you don't speak for God either. But you were talking about indigenous people having the right to be where they are, but they weren't originally always indigenous. A lot of people dislike politics based on skin colour and discrimination and the idea of "sending the immigrants back", especially when immigrants are referred to in the most awful terms by some people that you associate with.
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