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  1. Can't believe this thread's a year old already. The post feels like a 100 years ago! There's no place to escape to. The only place to go is within to find your own uniqueness and creativity and then share that with others, otherwise you just end up complaining and blaming everyone else all the time, which is very corrosive for the soul in the medium to long-term.
  2. RobSS

    The Titanic

    I knew this thread would sink...
  3. Portobello Road Market, late 1970s, early 1980s West London In 1979, I had a stall with a mate and we used to sell artist paints - gouache and oils, etc., on Saturday mornings. Surprised no punks are in the video, as the market was a punk mecca, but mainly Saturday afternoon's. In the vid, People look generally happy and relaxed as they potter round exploring what's on offer. Some even show delight in their eyes. A very peaceful atmosphere, and no mobile phones! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5RTaz1d1C8
  4. Filmed at The Acklam Hall, Portobello Rd, under the Westway, Ladbroke Grove, West London, 1979
  5. I can assure you, it wasn't meant as an insult as I said a couple good things about you and I wasn't resting all the blame on you for when things go pear-shaped. It's not my intention to disrupt, so I'll let you be.
  6. You raise interesting questions and make some good points but things go pear shaped very quickly and just get ridiculous. The subject is very emotive, and I don't want to get involved in nonsense talk as I've got better things to do.
  7. You should really start a blog rather than get involved in a discussion forum because you clearly don't want discussion, so I'll happily leave you to it!
  8. I wasn't sure in what context you meant but in the context I replied to, yes that is the case. Ideally, everyone should be messengers of the Divine. It's important to clarify things. Having patience isn't always bad thing. I can't guarantee to answer every question, but I'm sure there are things you won't answer also, so it works both ways. Yes you are. Accusing me of supporting genocide is childish. I've never said I'm God's messenger and accusing me of somehow supporting Antifa is just nonsense!
  9. I hope so! If you see flaws, just ask questions. You're making false accusations though.
  10. I did say originally that I was looking for a portal and when I said you were making things up - you said I thought it was "my portal", but I've never said that. How many times would you like me to state that mass immigration is being used as a weapon? If you can't comprehend what I say, don't blame me!
  11. I'm glad you thought I was being "coy". I don't like to come across as being to bold.
  12. I have said I'm looking for the portal, but looking for the portal is just another way of finding a way to Christ, which a lot of people are doing. Nothing wrong with that and I'm not the only one saying we're approaching a spiritual vortex. Some will see it some thing good. Others will see it with terror. Even C. S Lewis stated the same thing!
  13. Do you think adventures are always easy and comfortable? Why don't you look in the mirror? I haven't put all my eggs in one basket, if that's what your implying. Why shouldn't there be any white people? What a bizarre thing to say!
  14. Yesm you have made things up. You said, "you are supporting this: Billionaire EU supporter tells Europe to take in 'at least a MILLION' refugees every year" Poppycock! I don't see myself as a Divine messenger... more like an explorer of ideas and my message includes things like let go of the system, and be your unique and creative self.
  15. Only because you of the way you make things up. I thought you were a thinking person who like to explore ideas and reason, but it's as if you need someone to rail against, but if that's your modus operandi, I feel sorry for you and will leave you to it!
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