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  1. There was a pandemic of masturbation!
  2. Yes, it's crowd psychology and the same thing happens at football matches and even at protest demonstrations. It only takes a subsection to start causing trouble and then the media tarnishes the whole protest, and the same thing happened with the skinhead scene. A minority gave the majority a bad name. There was an incident in Harlow, Essex where skinheads brought a gig to an end and they smashed up the pub. That was in the mid-1980's. When a lot of skinheads heard about what happened, there was a realisation that it was over and the lunatics had taken over the asylum, but in the preceding years, the naff elements weren't that many, and they weren't a problem. The scene grew too big and a lot of people jumped on the bandwagon who didn't understand what it was originally all about.
  3. You got things wrong and you weren't there. I'm explaining what the scene was originally about, so don't do what the mainstream media tried to do, and don't do what left wing intellectuals tried to and "intellectualise" it. The skinhead culture got corrupted by politics as more and more extreme right wing thugs infiltrated and took over the scene. They caused trouble at concerts so that venues refused bands to play.
  4. @Gjergj Skënderbeu Some were into forming gangs and going out and causing trouble, but they tended to be associated with the extreme right and I'm not taking sides as if it were a sports game because, as I pointed out, for a lot of us, it wasn't about the left or right wing of politics because we weren't interested in politics. It was about having fun, going to lots of gigs and enjoying the music, so please don't try to politicise it. That's what the mainstream media tried to do because a lot of people hate it when people break out from the system to have fun without politics.
  5. A lot of the people I knew, had fathers, came from happy, stable families, and weren't in gangs. I didn't see much evidence of group think. If anything, it was an exploration of individualism and a rebellion against the hive mind of society and the establishment. It was about breaking out, having fun, and enjoying music.
  6. For most of us, it wasn't anything to do with "gang culture". It was basically actually about just having fun and enjoying the music. You weren't there, so it's not surprising you don't understand what it was really about. Of course some were into forming gangs and going out and causing trouble, but they tended to be associated with the extreme right. A lot of skins weren't interested in politics and had nothing to do with it.
  7. Two universities question hundreds of people to find that Brits masturbated 25% more often during lockdown to cope with boredom and kill free time: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-10093137/Brits-masturbated-25-lockdown-study-suggests.html
  8. Things are "normal" in the sense that people I see round here are getting on with their lives as usual. Even what the powers that be are doing is "normal" by their standards, in other words they're doing what they always did, which is putting their interests before anyone else's. So that's normal, but it doesn't make it right, of course. If you're afraid of naming some of perpetrators, ultimately it's people in the secret Lucifarian religion that's an inversion of Judaism. So things are carrying on as normal and it's business as usual. When the lockdowns were fist announced back in March 2020, the first thing I realised was that the powers that be were going to use the pandemic as an excuse to commit the greatest theft from the public in world history. Two years later and we're still haven't experienced the full impact of that theft. I see that the UK FTSE 100 is back at almost the highest ever levels in history. We haven't seen anything yet, relatively speaking.
  9. This is how I remember a lot of the laughs we had, and this was as late as 1994!
  10. A round up of what's now going on... As countries declare endemicity and drop restrictions, how does a battered and bruised society embrace a sudden return to normality? https://www.wired.co.uk/article/living-with-covid-new-normal Quote: "Since January 27, England has dropped pretty much all its measures against Covid-19. Any person can saunter into any shop without a mask; work-from-home guidance has been scrapped; and all needs for a vaccine passport have been squashed. England will be the “most open country in Europe,” proclaimed health and social care secretary Sajid Javid. And other European countries are following suit. Ireland has dropped almost all its restrictions, bar mask requirements. Denmark is also eliminating all measures beginning February 1, except for testing on arrival from abroad. Other Nordic countries have signaled they will also do the same in the coming weeks. The Spanish government is urging European countries to consider the possibility that Covid-19 can now be treated as an endemic disease—a permanent fixture in our lives."
  11. Back to the issues... "Appearing during a White House press briefing Wednesday, Anthony Fauci decreed that children under the age of four will eventually be subjected to a “three-dose regimen” of COVID vaccines." https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/watch-fauci-decrees-kids-under-four-will-get-three-covid-vaccines
  12. Some thought it was about violence, but a lot of us were in it just for the music and music was a huge part of the scene. On any given night of the week, we were spoilt for choice as to which gigs we could go to. A lot of the photographs i took from that period were at gigs.
  13. Thanks for the apology but I don't need the tissues. I'll still continue to discuss and talk about the Jews in connection with Kundry, the wandering Jewess, and Richard Wagner's last music drama, as that's a subject I cannot not discuss, and it helps to throw light on why the world is in such a mess, cheers.
  14. I've never denied there are bad players, and don't swear at me. I've never sworn at you.
  15. I'm trying to move on but now you've brought it up. Just let it rest.
  16. I can discuss what I want within the confines of decency, so please don't tell me to "shut the fuck up". Thanks.
  17. Thanks for the apology. It wasn't about you, so let's move on, and no, I don't go on about racism "at any bloody given chance". I've already shown that the vast majority of my posts are absolutely nothing to do with that.
  18. I've never denied there is a problem with some Jews, but there are bad apples in most barrels, and no I don't like it, but then again, who does?
  19. I just want to forget about the whole damn thing. The issue of race I just want to forget about. It ruins lives. Race relations in London have never been better, so I'd like to accentuate the positive, and eliminate the negative and if some want to be obsessed about the Jews that's their prerogative. I'd like to move on and discuss other things.
  20. In the following quote, from Astrid Varnay's autobiography, "Fifty-five Years in Five Acts", (pp. 116-117), the singer/actress discusses the character of Kundry and gives some interesting insight into Kundry's innermost being, which was one of her many roles on the world's international opera stages: "Kundry's sexuality, without love or even a modicum of affection, is like a narcotic. The more Kundry indulges, the more she desires. Parsifal's unexpected rejection drives her to frenzy, to the extent that her mental processes become incoherent. Finally, she confuses feelings and remembrances, and even goes so far as to believe that Parsifal is the One she had laughed at. She begs and pleads with him to "unite" with her for her salvation. Parsifal's denial drives her to form of madness. The effect is like drug withdrawal. The person goes through hell until he or she is healed. To make matters even more complicated, Kundry has become a kind of schizophrenic, unaware of one manifestation of her personality while she is locked in the other. In act 1, despite her not realizing she had been at fault in seducing Amfortas, she also has an inner compulsion to atone, like someone on a pilgrimage to a scared shrine, moving up and down the stairs on her knees. And for all the services she renders, she insists on being spared any form of gratitude. "Ich helfe nie," is her response to the thanks of others, "I never help." The reason for this is her belief that gratitude will nullify the validity of the help she has given, and this would mar the selflessness of her acts. It's a very life-negating attitude toward what are basically simple virtues." Astrid Varnay as Kundry
  21. I was referring to a different poster but that wasn't the main point. The main point was that most of my posts are not about the issue of race. The reason why it stands out and puts other things in the shade is because it's an issue that's caused a lot of problems so whenever it's mentioned it stands out, but you were wrong to say that's all i post about.
  22. We all make mistakes but no, I wasn't referring to skitzorat so he made a mistake too. Rob
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