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  1. Good point. not I don't want to get into the stupid petty argument over who gets abused more because the fact is both girls and boys are abused by both men and women of all sexual orientations. The reality is that this actually all comes from other dimensional beings that don't have any human sexuality or empathy for human feelings. They just want to control the human race. They must laugh at humans when they look for gays to blame, or this or that group or the other.
  2. So why is it that of all those that come forwards to report Satanic ritual abuse, which is at the heart of it all, it's usually women that come forwards as having been abused?
  3. So that is the issue, and not sexuality in and of itself.
  4. What the cabal wants is people to subvert their sexual energy because people are then easier to control, which is why they go from so many extremes. At one time, they may want as many people to have gay sex as possible, but at other times in human development, they go to the other extreme and they try to starve people of having sex, and the force celibacy and demonise gay people. They never want a happy medium, a good balance because humans are at their most powerful when there is no one telling them what to do sexually. That's why in the past, the powers that be only wanted men and women in heterosexual relationships because it created an underclass that they could manipulate and control through fear. Now, they've turned the tables and the opposite is becoming the case, and in the future, the pendulum may swing back the other way, but I don't think so because they''re heading for self-destruction at Armageddon. It's actually reptilian forces that are orchestrating all of this, and they're facing the end game that's actually under the control of God, but people don't see the full picture because they're only focusing on labels and superficial reality.
  5. It could be because girls are more reluctant to come forwards, but in cases of Satanic sexual abuse, it's usually women that report the abuse by men rather than men reporting the abuse.
  6. They dimensioned gay men all across Europe, whilst at the same time they promoted heterosexuality and family values, but it didn't create a utopia. It just made things worse because of the methods they used, like forced celibacy, public shaming, etc...
  7. Sometimes it may be a gay mafia controlling the church, but at other times in history, it may be heterosexuals, but it's a smokescreen and a diversion from what's really going on. The cabal wants people to focus on peoples' sexual orientation because it's a good way to distract people from what's really going on. It's quite possible that at the very top of the Vatican pyramid of power, or most likely near the top, those with most power and control could be heterosexual... a group of heterosexuals controlling and manipulating a group of patsy gay men they can hide behind whilst gullible people point the finger at this 'gay mafia', and the real mafia controlling them gets complete anonymity.
  8. And I'm asserting the reason for that is context and the prevailing social conditions. Sex in and of itself is not evil. As soon as you go down that route, you're taking part in the same game of occult manipulation that comes from the cabal.
  9. That could be because men, gay or straight, are more likely to be sexually promiscuous than women? When stories do appear where a mother has sexually abused a baby, it's the worst and most horrific thing.
  10. In the past, they did demonise gay men. They control the Church and the churches taught that homosexuality was evil and that heterosexuality was good, which underlines my main point that sex itself isn't evil but what is evil is when sexuality is used to manipulate people either this way that way, or whatever way.
  11. A lot may have chosen under peer pressure or pressure from their religious parents, and at the time they made the choice, it's very possible they didn't fully understand the psychological pressure they would face after several years of forced celibacy. Sometimes, people only learn by experience and they don't understand the consequences of their choices.
  12. Then why is it that most homosexuals have no interest whatsoever in abusing children? Why is it that heterosexuals can also abuse children?
  13. I'm against all subversion. You talk about subversion, but it's subversion that's the problem and not a person#t sexual orientation. It's just as wrong to force and coerce a heterosexual man to be homosexual, as it is to coerce a homosexual man to become heterosexual. There have been many examples in history where the elders of a society tried to force everyone to be heterosexual or at least only to honour the family paradigm. That's what Roman Catholicism did throughout Europe in the Middle Ages, but did that achieve any kind of utopia? No it didn't. One by-product was a class of clergy who went in on themselves and started abusing children, male and female in secret on huge scale.
  14. There is no connection between homosexuality and paedophilia. One reason why paedophilia was so rampant amongst priests is ironically because they were forced into celibacy, which is a recipe for creating all kinds of pathological conditions. If sex becomes a taboo, and society treats people with different sexualities as outcasts, then people who are unnecessarily made to be outcasts will become traumatised and this may manifest itself in all manner of sexual perversions.
  15. I haven't heard of Mantak Chia, but there's a vast amount of information available on the Internet now. I did a lot of research 7 years ago, but forgotten most of it now. It's really a very simple thing, but that's not to say the subject isn't fascinating. There was once a big discussion about the topic on this forum, or i should say a few forum versions ago. There was a forum member called 'farros'. He made this video, when he was researching the subject back in 2014:
  16. Maybe it depends on which period, this kind of research in history, is carried out in? In other ages, perhaps the opposite was the case? We also don't even know how accurate what you say is, but in any event, sex in and of itself is not evil, and that's the key thing to remember. It's how sex is used that determines whether it's good or bad.
  17. T'spoon brought up the subject of my sexuality, so if you want to blame anyone for detailing this thread, blame him, but as you asked... I find it beneficial because I can channel my sexual energy into my creativity. the more you practise it, the easier and more rewarding it becomes.
  18. It's not just white people they are against because many of the people involved in these groups are white themselves. They hate all humanity. They want power and control over all humanity, and then more.
  19. It may be what the higher ups what, but what they want is wrong, and they are misusing sexual energy.
  20. And, why does that make sexuality bad in and of itself? You still haven't been able to say.
  21. Yes, they are misusing a gift of creation, but the gift, sexuality, is not evil in and of itself.
  22. It's to do with intent. The abuse of children is also carried out by heterosexuals.
  23. Crowley was Crawley. He clearly misused homosexuality to do whatever he wanted to do.
  24. I've practised sexual sublimation for the past 7 years, so I see no need to adopt a label, but in former times, I had relationships with both sexes, so before I came to deeper understanding of the yearning of the soul, I was bisexual. Regarding the Bible, for every passage that appears to condemn homosexuality, there's a case that these passages have been either misunderstood or incorrectly translated, and the reason I defend gays is the same reason why I would defend Jews who are attacked in the street, for example, by extreme right-wing activists. Bigotry and misestimation feeds the mindset that commit those kinds of acts and it's all based on fear and ignorance. I would also defend a white person if they were attacked by an extreme left wing activist. There's intolerance, bigotry and hatred on both sides and it's fed by fear and ignorance. You say that you're not racist and that you don't hate gays, but then why do say such hateful things about these people. Why refer to gays as "faggots", as you did earlier in this threads? Answer that question if you want to be seen as being a reasonable person. Homosexuality is no more a tool for the Mystery School Religion than heterosexuality. Sexuality in itself is not evil or bad, it's the use to which it's put that determines whether it's bad or not. Same with machines. Machines aren't bad, in and of themselves... they're merely inanimate objects. Whether they're good or bad depends on why and how they're used.
  25. Why pick on gays or blacks when some whites also do these things?
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