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  1. What Scruton was concerned about was fanaticism and the will to power. Roger's solution was art, creativity and music. If more people did that, the world would be a much happier place. In the interview, there was a quote from William Blake's "The Grey Monk": The hand of Vengeance found the Bed To which the Purple Tyrant fled The iron hand crushd the Tyrants head And became a Tyrant in his stead They said in the conversation that that tends to be a pattern that we see again and again.
  2. You say I don't listen to you, but you don't listen to what I say. I've said this several times in this thread alone... "As I said, I'm not claiming anyone shouldn't advocate against highlighting things that are wrong, or that people should ignore nefarious agendas, but I try to keep a balance between posting positive and negative things."
  3. Then what is it you're trying to say? What light are you showing, for example?
  4. You have to do the shadow work, I agree but unless you turn it into light, something's not right.
  5. You're only labouring the negative with respect to what Roger Scruton talks about. What about all the interviews he's done that celebrate creativity, art and music?
  6. That's not the subject of this thread and there's more to life than "the labour of the negative".
  7. The problem with the pre-hack posts is another issue, but you answered the question, so that's fine.
  8. It's just a figure of speech, but the dam is breaking...
  9. Sometimes it's two steps forwards and one step back for the powers that be, and no doubt they'll take two steps forwards again in the future, and the pandemic is just one aspect of that but ultimately, I think Leviathan will be destroyed because, just as there are demons, there are also angels who are far more powerful.
  10. The blunders around his governments handling of the pandemic... haven't you seen how his government is being laughed at lately?
  11. I did mention further up... the Cabal.
  12. They obviously have achieved total power yet and their experiencing opposition because of Boris's blunders.
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