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  1. I would tell people who feel uprooted to start being creative and create their own reality, which is why immigrants often do better than indigenous people, because out of struggles can come great survival skills. Of course it's not always the case but learning to survive on one's own inner resources leads to a more wholesome life than on that is always told what to do, or someone who just does what their ancestors expect of them without question. Would you describe this quote from David Icke as "wishy washy"?
  2. Can you elaborate on "nation building"? Are they developing free and open societies. In the case of the Chinese, they have a totalitarian regime - a good example of hive mind building if ever I saw one.
  3. Why is it New Age? The topic of this thread is a question? I think it's a valid question but it's also a question that should make us examine who we are and how we're connected to each other.
  4. How do you define natural? Is natural only dependent on the instincts. IMO, it's also natural to want to go beyond 5 sense reality and join dots that might not otherwise have been joined. So natural doesn't have to be defined strictly within what the 5 senses can experience.
  5. What New Age stuff are you referring to? Why is wanting to be part of something bigger than yourself not part of the hive mindset? Some people chose religion or a political party, others chose ancestors and their racial tribe. These are all outside choices, but if that's the choice you want to make, then that will be your journey. Personally, I choose to rely on my own inner resources. It's not easy but the greater the struggle, the greater the reward of inner strength and understanding of who I am, and not living up to expectations of what other people, who are outside of myself, think I should be.
  6. Everything that you are is already within you. You don't have to look outside of yourself to define who you are, but if that's what you want to do, then that's your journey.
  7. I am a biological product of my ancestors, yes, and that's as far as it goes for me. Apart from that, I am my inner being, which is timeless and does not originate from the material world... the world of the 5 senses. The world is a just a place to pass through. If people want to believe they are actually what the tribe says they are or be part of the hive mind, that's okay, but I've long since gone beyond that illusory reality.
  8. Are you defined by your ancestors and your race, or are you defined by your own unique thoughts and creativity? I agree there are nefarious powers that want to uproot and disorientate us, but if you are well grounded in your inner being, labels are really meaningless.
  9. I haven't watched the MSM since 5th August, 2010. Never looked back!
  10. You are infinite consciousness... see through the labels... they are illusions that can result in spiritual sleep... be awake!
  11. Discussing things and debating are not the same as getting sucked in!
  12. Which is why it's important not to neglect seeing things from a spiritual perspective. The battle between good and evil is first won in prime reality. What's happening here on earth is the fall-out of that victorious battle. Don't get sucked into the wetiko vortexes. Don't get sucked into the "Nothing":
  13. More people seem to be waking up though...
  14. I agree it doesn't stop all these terrible things that are going on and no one is free until we are all free.
  15. They are the rebellious spiritual beings that hate humanity and they've already lost because evil has no power of it's own, which is why, in every final battle, good will always be the victor. Evil can only succeed if you surrender your power and give into fear, which is False Evidence Appearing Real! It's all elementary stuff, really. Should be taught in schools, but "they" don't want everyone to know that.
  16. I've already discovered the truth and you can too! Don't worry, the cabal won't succeed. They've already lost.
  17. You raise good questions. It's not easy giving up the material world and walk the walk. I am trying to do that. It's no good living in a hole in the desert.
  18. I'm here to discover the truth, which is that five sense reality is an illusion. Why are you here?
  19. I would say I am an infinite being having a human experience. That is the reality and with that, I agree with David Icke. Would you agree with that?
  20. Intelligent people will be recognise it for what it is.
  21. She trying to associate the kind of people who post on this forum as white suprematists, but there are no white supremacists on this forum, so she's talking nonsense. Don't let her wind you up so much. FYI, I don't know who "weedo" is.
  22. She was actually talking nonsense.
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