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  1. Stonewall boss defends new strategy amid criticism https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-57281448 Highlights from the article: Stonewall head Nancy Kelley has defended the organisation's position amid a freedom of speech row and criticism from a founder. Matthew Parris said in the Times that Stonewall had become "tangled up in the trans issue" and "cornered into an extremist stance". But Ms Kelley told the BBC she was "really comfortable" with the direction the charity was going in. She likened so-called "gender critical" beliefs to anti-Semitism. [...] Journalist and former Tory MP Matthew Parris, one of Stonewall's 14 founders, recently suggested the charity had "lost its way". In an article for the Times, he said: "The organisation is tangled up in the trans issue, cornered into an extremist stance on a debate that a charity formed to help gay men, lesbian women and bisexual people should never have got itself into." Ms Kelley said while Mr Parris was entitled to his views, being trans-inclusive was the "absolute norm" for LGBT organisations.
  2. Yes, they persecute different groups and then get them to turn on and blame each other. In addition they co-opt causes, like black rights and gay rights, which are all basically a good thing, and then they start manipulating those groups to take bizarre extreme positions, so that other groups end up hating them.... They basically want everyone fighting and hating each other.
  3. That's their present focus, yes. In the past they persecuted black people, gays and all sorts of groups. They have a long term strategy that affects different peoples at different times. At one time they may build one group up and further down the line they'll knock them down, as they reshape and remould society as they want it. Ultimately, they won't succeed.
  4. Thanks for explaining that. You were exasperated with GR, made a comment you might not otherwise have made in such a manner and then it was taken the wrong way. This is obviously something that should be taken into account.
  5. It's not always about finding disagreements, it's about clarifying things too.
  6. The Catholic Church was already rotten and corrupted by the Pagan Ancient Babylonian Mystery religion before it was infiltrated by the Cabal.
  7. Of course they are after all the things you mention but in previous times they were after different kinds of people. All these things are like skittles they knock off one after the other. At the moment, the main skittle they want to knock of is the straight, white male, then they'll see who is left that is strong, and then they'll start finding ways of attacking those, etc....
  8. If that's what you're doing why do you self-importantly say, "I'm the one posting information is this thread"?
  9. I agree real men wouldn't mask up, etc. but there are men resisting and not complying.
  10. The worst thing you can do in their eyes is be yourself. They want you to be anything other than who you really are, and you don't need to be a straight, white, male who is proud of their western identity to be that.
  11. Just post and let people make up their own minds.
  12. The Catholic Church has always sought to control people. One method is to prevent people finding their own sexuality and their own spirituality at a higher level. People who are sexually repressed and spiritually ignorant are easier to control. Regarding infiltration, the book of Revelation gives a very profound insight into how the Catholic Church is infiltrated and destroyed from within by the Cabal.
  13. You should really let other people decide about that. David Icke never blows his own trumpet like that and if he did, he wouldn't have half as many people listening to him. let people make up their own minds. Take it or leave it.
  14. I agree, there is a velvet mafia in the RC Church that's up to no good, but ordinary people who went to church were badly damaged by guilt complexes. Public schools did the same thing.
  15. I think this is a very interesting thread, don't you?
  16. No, he is not okay because he is gay. He's a bad gay, the Prince of Darkness. Not all gays are like that, of course!
  17. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing and I don't think has an effect on young people in and of itself. Institutional religion, like the Roman Catholic Church, did a good job destroying peoples' self-esteem and making them feel guilty about their sexuality. We don't want all that again.
  18. They might be able to turn frogs gay but if they were able to turn a proper heterosexual man gay, he would never be a proper gay man, which could actually explain why there are so many travesties of gay men. This could explain why these travesties have become so prevalent in these times.
  19. Yes, I agree that children can be indoctrinated to be gay, but I don't think adults can so easily, but children can also be indoctrinated to be straight, when they may not actually be heterosexual by nature. The Catholic Church was very good at doing that for so long.
  20. I'm not sure where you're looking but I still see lots of real men around, but I'm not doubting "they" have the ability to corrupt and subvert.
  21. You can't socially engineer gay people. A man is either gay or he is not. Black magicians cannot create anything original. They can only take what already is by co-opting it and then subverting it.
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