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  1. If you don't make the disclaimer, then take responsibility for giving out a false impression of yourself, otherwise, how is anyone to know? I made one post on the subject!
  2. Not all Jews though... this is where you come across as someone who is scapegoating, can't you see that? As Alex Thompson pointed out, not all Jews have the same religious beliefs or have the same political views. They are actually quite a diverse group of people. Alex Thompson: "You know [the Jews are a] famously intellectually diverse as a group. You know, we could go any number of ways there, but I'll happily talk to a modern ethno-nationalist. In fact, in both Britain, and the Netherlands, I've spent many happy semi-underground hours talking with them because they're some of the very few men left that will have their own opinion and actually want the best for their future, but if you want to talk the “Jewish question”, then you'd better know something about the Jews, preferably know some Jews... preferably know some Hebrew... know some biblical theology... know some Haskalah ideas – the Jewish Enlightenment – know something about Kabbalah, knowing something about the proportions of Jews who were in each, compared with the proportion of Jews who are simply secular and want to get on with life... you know that's a sine qua non for any discussion of the matter. "
  3. Then put your money where your mouth is and prove it.
  4. Still trying to work out what that really means. All sounds very vague and wishy washy airy fairy so far.
  5. So you agree that not all Jews are bad? Please clarify. This is an opportunity to put things straight, if there's been a misunderstanding. Have I said a lot of things about money? Where and what? I'm not saying you're wrong but I can't recall anything I've said about money. Please remind me and if I have, I'll thank you for refreshing my memory. Nothing wrong posting about money of coarse! Called a bigot for what?
  6. Thanks for saying that there's nothing wrong with not liking people stirring up racial hatred, but in that thread that's what I was complaining about, in particular, comments by TS about brown people and bigamy.
  7. I disagree, all it means is that more people are breaking out of the mind control that everyone must be a breeder! LOL This is a huge subject, ask Danny Shine, and he is a heterosexual, but procreation is not important to me because our sexual organs are only part of the world of matter. Being on earth is just a process... it's not meant to be our home forever. From a Christian perspective, the aim is to return to the Kingdom of God, even if we may have sinned along the Way. Jesus was a Jew, but the Jews who murdered him were not real Jews. He said so himself!
  8. But you're not sharing truth. You're looking for scapegoats. If you were genuine, you'd justify your beliefs and comments but you know you can't.
  9. So you don't have anything specific, just vague claims. You're the one not highlighting the root of the problem. The root of the problem is Satanism, which you're trying to smokescreen by focusing on some gays or Jews. I know you're deliberately covering up for Satan and the root of the problem, but that's what you're doing. You are vague, and again there's nothing substantial in your replay, just ad hominem and baseless claims!
  10. Gay is just a label... everyone is different. My fist sexual experience was as a teenager with a girl, and not long after after that with a male teenager my age. So how about addressing other points, like why you associate brown people with bigamy? You've been very quiet about that since you posted that on the forum a few days ago, despite polite requests for an explanation.
  11. But not everyone is homosexual, besides, the main purpose of life is not procreation. Jesus never pro-created.
  12. LOL, Stephen Fry and Peter tatchell are certainly not representative of many gay men! You wrote, "Gays have been sexually 'initiated' by an older man at an early age ". No where in your original post did you write there is an exception to that particular statement, only the one you conveniently added in your reply. In any case, I disagree that it's a trend... and on this matter, I've far more knowledge and experience than you and I can say that's not the case. The first sexual experience of many if not most gay men is with another male of a similar age, often at school or in their teenage years. Neither do I get tied up with political correctness. I say things as they are, even if it offends people who may have a different opinion, but at least I'm prepared to debate things and defend a position, which is more than what you've done on two occasions recently! Btw, why do you use the royal "we"? Are you two or more persons in one? Do you have to amplify yourself in order to make yourself sound more important? Yes, Jesus was the way and the truth, but this has nothing to do with people debating and having an opinion. Just because one has a view, it doesn't mean one is a policeman! Perhaps you have a guilty conscience about something?
  13. This is painting things with way too much of a broad brush. Not every gay has been sexually initiated by an older man. Some have... some haven't. This sweeping generalisation is not a fact!
  14. When Clif High talks about bugs that look like mantises controlling humanity, what he describes is set out in the 1998 film, "A Bug's Life"... (spoiler alert) three very short clips that tidily give a general summary of the story:
  15. RobSS said: Would it include their political leader or king or Queen? If one believes in Nationalism, along with the political system of government and monarchy it comes with, then one is believing in the matrix that has one captive. If one believes only in ethnonationalism, without a political system of government and monarchy, then the question arises, what holds and binds that all together? How can it be organised? How can it survive collectively in a world that's ruled by spiritual wickedness in high places? What long-term vision does ethnonationalism have?
  16. Please give an example of where I've ignored those doing the abusing, and where I've pointed at those that are abused for complaining. Unless you give something specific, I can't respond. What exactly have I written that you don't like? Again, there's no substance to anything you've just written. It's just a lot of hot air. It's all rather vague. But I know very well why you're angry with me. It's because of what else I posted in the post that you replied to, but which you conveniently ignored, which was: I'd also add: "I know your affliction and distress and pressing trouble and your poverty — but you are rich! and how you are abused and reviled and slandered by those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan." (Revelation 2:9) Please address the issues, thanks.
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