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  1. It's not good, but thankfully, not all opera companies and orchestras are like that. What the world's going through at the moment is just liminal. "All these are the beginning of birth pains." (Matthew 24:8)
  2. The voice and vagina are intimately connected. The vagina and vocal cords are remarkably similar structures... they're made of the same kind of tissue and they even look similar! https://www.hhhomebirth.com/midwife-monday/vaginas-and-vocal-cords-there-is-a-v-in-team
  3. You're a singer? I'm a singer too! What do you sing? These are very interesting times for a real singer to sing in... !
  4. The gays and Jews you're referring to don't reflect the views or opinions of all gays and Jews. Do you agree?
  5. It all happened with the Fall. All of humanity has been wounded for a long time.
  6. More sweeping generalisations. I just don't understand this frame of mind... it's so necessary.
  7. Norman Lebrecht's latest post on the ETO fiasco: Let's end all racism: https://slippedisc.com/2021/09/english-touring-opera-has-lost-its-voice/ Interesting comments in the comments section worth browsing...
  8. It's obvious it's a movie, but what's your point?
  9. Oh, you mean the ESTABLISHMENT. Of course, the Jewish part if just a front - a convenient smokescreen. Rauch und Spiegel
  10. Of course it's just a movie, but it asks relevant questions about how people see reality. Is that all you have to say?
  11. What has their ethnic background got to do with their political beliefs? Do you accept that some Jews are not interested in Zionism, or any political ideology, or anything to do with the occult or organised religion?
  12. EST? What's that stand for? Is there anything with being Jewish by birth?
  13. When I was at school, I had an English teacher who I really liked. She always used to tell people off for using the word "they" where it wasn't stated who they were actually talking about. I'm not telling you off but I politely ask who do you mean by "they"? Do mean the bankers, the politicians? Who exactly?
  14. What's money got to do with it. You made a claim, so back it up, or it is you who is a liar.
  15. Instead of looking for distractions, why don't you be reasonable and address what he actually said in the quote I posted?
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